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  1. Perhaps yes, I don't bite, just looking for some shooting opportunities around Milton Keynes, shame, seemed a great offer.
  2. I like to shoot, been a keen Wildfowler and Clay shooter for years but would like to improve my scores on the clay ground. Its easy to read articles in magazines but to put those theories in to practise is difficult. Whats peoples thoughts, do I need a coach or an instructor? I'd like to enter some comps but feel I need to improve first before I embarrass myself. I'm a member of Sporting Targets, Riseley and like to shoot at least couple times a week, AGL and Oxford gun company grounds are also within easy reach if needs be.
  3. No, nothing yet, just presumed they pm'd telephone number and contacted outside of this message thread.
  4. What a great little shoot you have, I was down on 29th Sept, car park was full but met up with a mate and had a great round of clays. The banter from the other groups as we walked around was excellent, the sun was shining and the weather was outstanding. Thanks for a couple hours of entertainment, always nice to get a free cup of tea as well.
  5. Like I said my first dog ever, in at the deep end training him, does what I need, retrieves shot game for me, may not be stylish or lightening quick, but saves me swimming out for it, ?. Patience is the key, and if one approach doesn't work, try something different.
  6. I've since moved to Milton Keynes, about 4 years ago, I was a member of Gloucester Wildfowlers for 3-4 years, shot mainly frampton side, just for ease as lived in woottton bassett. Now member of Fenland WA but not been out much. Hence trying my hand at pigeon shooting nearer home, no permissions as yet.
  7. Just read back what I'd written, yeah, contradicting myself, I can depend on him to make the retrieve, its the daft owner that send him one way, thinking thats the better option only for him to sit then do it his way, which is normally the right way, think they call that intelligence.
  8. Never found my Chessie to be aggresive (think its all in the breeding) far from it, if anything a little too soft, but I'd rather have that than the other. Not that he's a push over at 40kg, he'll guard the house and myself if needs be. When he was younger, he'd swim way out on the severn on what I thought would be impossible retrieves, only for him to drift down with the current and run back up to me on the bank, having never really taught him that. He seems to have natural retriever instinct in him. Being my first dog, I've also heard the head strong and aggressive nature of them, yes struggled a little in training but he turned out ok, BUT if he doesn't want to go he'll sit his **** right down, comical to watch really. Would I have another? of course, with out a shadow of doubt, loyal, funny and totally dependable.
  9. Chessie's rule, my first, he's 9 years old now.
  10. Thanks for sharing, nicely done.
  11. Who do you book through A1 decoy or the external link(shooting uk)?
  12. I started a course with them about 4 weeks ago. The instructor has been very good up till now, and all things are going well with my chessie training. Can't fault them as yet.
  13. Wow what a welcome cheers guys. nice to see.
  14. Hi all, thought I'd finally register as been lurking for a while in the background. Interests are anything shooting, mainly Wildfowling on the Severn but any shooting opportunities most welcome. Not been pigeon shooting for long, mainly walked up stuff in woods etc. Looking forward to meeting you all for friendly banter and tips/info. Bought a lovely chessie recently to accompany me on my shooting exploits, so his training is in full swing all good so far, hopefully ready for next season. One again nice to meet you all. Stu Grant.
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