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  1. Wanted: Bullet Comparator ideally for 308 but willing to buy another insert if needed. Sinclair hex nut also considered. What have you got?
  2. I bought a set of 3x Teal flush Mobil chokes which arrived today. I got to pattern the 1/4 choke this afternoon and am happy to report a good even spread across the plate. I'm happy with the build quality, service provided at a good price.
  3. Haha! Do you not keep guns for long then?! 😄
  4. Gemini have confirmed that they are the same as Beretta Mobil chokes 👍
  5. Have you managed to pattern these yet? Otherwise you seen happy with them?
  6. Yes, but I suspect I need to know what type it is first? I'm guessing that they are all different lengths and threads?
  7. It seems that these days aftermarket chokes are available for most guns. This is a choke from my Franchi Affinity 3.5 Elite. Can anyone please identify it and let me know what aftermarket chokes would fit (if any)? Thanks
  8. Great looking guns. Excuse the ignorance, but what makes them "double" autos?
  9. Double auto? I think photos may be required!
  10. Oly

    Premium Bonds

    Premium Bonds are ok (much better than the lottery! or banks presently) but will always reflect the interest rates of the day. Everything else is a risk, but if you say hold the maximum value of bonds you could remove a small proportion and invest in a stocks & shares isa and earn far more than the majority of the rest of your cash can in bonds winnings...whilst also protecting the majority of your funds (in bonds). Given the way the world is going in the face of the climate crisis shares funds in renewables like Blackrock offer, and stocks of new electric car companies are providing great returns. Take a look at the charts for the likes of Rivian, Lucid, Fisker, Nio & of course Tesla. Of course it's all at your own risk and it's worth doing a little Internet research, but only using a proportion of your capital (so less of a risk), and investing in only a couple of funds or companies makes it easier to manage/keep an eye on.
  11. Glad to hear you bought one in the end and are enjoying it! Which version did you go for the timber or marsh?
  12. Oly

    Benelli SBE3 26"

    Granted the SBE's action is easier cleaned from its 2 part action construction, but the Franchi's spring is easier to access to lube. I found the stock feel identical, but the Franchi is bigger. It seems that Benellis generally suit those of a smaller build and Franchi the more suited to larger. I prefer the oversized bolt and release of the Franchi, but it's a minor point anyway as easily swapped out for custom jobs. Overall I think there's very little in it features/performance wise to be fair.
  13. https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/r1t-2021/first-drive
  14. Oly

    Benelli SBE3 26"

    Geez, the more I look at that the more I struggle to see the difference between it and the Franchi Affinity (other than the doubled price tag!) https://images.app.goo.gl/LVZgH5s4PEZAvogh8
  15. It was all on the Navitron forum but its closed now. Nissan Leaf Plyontech batteries Sofar ME3000SP battery invertor Trannergy solar invertor (if installing in one go one hybrid invertor would suffice) Solarworld panels Best place for solar is SolarBimble and for batteries is Triple Solar. Ignore overpriced Tesla powerwalls. I have double the capacity at less than half the price with 90% of the performance. Return on investment was 7years, but with all my renewables, given the constant increases in fuel etc that easily drops to sub 5 years over time
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