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  1. I haven't seen or heard from Mattheius for a few days (due to collect today) so back available if anyone wants them
  2. For Sale: 17HMR Ammunition 140 rounds of Hornady 17gn Vmax (2 sealed boxes, 1 opened box) 30 rounds of CCI 20gn Gamepoint £20 collected from CW5. FAC face to face only. I also work across parts of Chester, North and Mid Wales so may be able to meet up. Will not split and comes as one lot (I don't want to be left with any!)
  3. Just wondering if anyone has a Savage Model 16 Accustalker in 223Rem that they may be looking to sell. May also consider scope, mounts, mod and reloading bits. Slot on FAC ready to be filled. Thanks, Oly
  4. Wanted :Lee breech lock hand pressLee safety scales223Rem collet die setSeparately or together to save postage.
  5. Thanks Brno but would be after a one piece rod
  6. That had crossed my mind, but was hoping someone (like me!) might be out there who kept their proshot rod in the plastic travel tube it comes in.
  7. Wanted: 17 cal (hmr) cleaning kit. Ideally looking for: Single piece rod Phosphor bronze brush Nylon brush Brass jag Bore guide
  8. Wanted: Sirocco SM11 moderator baffles for the 17HMR version - specifically the stainless ones.
  9. NTTF - Many thanks for all the advice posted so far. One further point though; When do you recommend introducing the whistle, how do you incorporate it within this 8 week programme, and what combination of pips do you recommend for the various commands? Cheers, Oly
  10. Many thanks for all the ideas! Sounds like I'll need to find a local cartridge reloader nearer the time as well as sound out the clay ground!
  11. Can anyone advise of any good wind ups we can give the Stag on his Stag Do? Whilst he had shot before he isn't a shooter. The weekend incorporates a session for us all on the clays so was wondering what we could do to liven it up? I'm wondering if it's possible to get tracer cartridges, clays with firebirds attached etc? Or just blanks?! Cheers, Oly Whilst remaining safe obviously!
  12. Definitely louder. A lot depends in the quality of the mods compared. Irrespective of the noise from the mod, the bullet is larger and therefore makes more supersonic disturbance therefore creating a louder crack.
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