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  1. Yes please to BKL mounts.
  2. I'll take the lot Mate.Can collect no probs.
  3. Disturbance and shouldn't be shooting stubbles as not protecting crops.
  4. Yes mate that rings a bell I think he was called Bob Johnston and the lad he sold it to was called Jim King.He could of been from Hull.He used to say that when he sold all his big bore stuff he bought his own woodland.I know they didn't make many.I was after one for years, I've got plenty of 3" chambered guns Midland, TBland (Brent), Tolley Altro, 2 xLewis.
  5. Lincoln jeffries made a 31/4" chambered wildflower.I have been after one for years.There was a lad from up Cumbria way, I think his name was Bob he had a lot of big bore stuff pass through his hands years ago.If I remember right he sold it to a mate of his called Jim something and he had boxes of carts for it.Very plain guns with 32" barrels tight choked.
  6. Yes please for the trigger.
  7. Cock it then try filling it.They get to a certain low pressure then dump the air from cylinder, to fill it again you have to cock it the fill .
  8. Yes Mate he is Rancid Tom.He has repaired,serviced a number of Super 10's for me.He does R10's as well pretty much anything.
  9. Tom Nelson in Manchester at airgunclinic is your man with BSA's.
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