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  1. Thanks folks. The gun really is lovely, I bought it about 15 yrs ago from the MGR at Woodhall Spa and picked up the fill/silencer about 8 years ago on eBay. It’s a lovely handling gun. id considered selling it in the past but for what they fetch I may as well leave it in the cupboard
  2. Thanks Matt....and thanks to you it doesn’t hiss at me 😀👍
  3. A big thanks to Matt (Strimmer_13) for helping me out with a cylinder O ring seal for my Falcon FN12 Lighthunter. He refused to accept any payment and posted it out to me 1st class Gun up and running again many thanks @strimmer_13
  4. ,have a good holiday
  5. The pad face where it would mate with the stock measures 125mm top to bottom and 40mm at its widest part. I am presuming as with most aftermarket pads you would shape it down to the stock profile if it is oversize i hope that helps
  6. I bought this as new a while ago but never fitted it. I don’t know whether they are one size fits all but if anyone wants dimensions I can measure it looking for £20 plus a bit towards postage
  7. quite like those Thanks folks. Certainly all the usual brands, deer hunter and the like don’t seem to do what I’m looking for but a couple of options there
  8. It used to be possible to buy a nice pair of smart looking shooting trousers. Now every pair you look at unless you buy mole skins has the statutory combat style side patch pockets half way down the leg. Irrespective of whether you are paying £50 or £250 they all look the same....I hate them. Does anyone know of a manufacturer who supplies good quality shooting trousers with conventional smart pockets in a “technical” material
  9. These are used but in good condition long socks with garters. I’m a size 9 Id like £13 posted , as they are quite heavy, does that sound reasonable ?
  10. Collected today, thanks Jason.......looking forward to the eggs and wine 😀
  11. This may not be permitted on here but I’ve got a Rino Galesi single barrel folding 12 bore I want rid of. I’m not selling it, it’s free to a good home to anyone who can collect with necessary licence. Please delete if not allowed
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