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  1. manfriday

    For Free

    HI all, I am clearing my collection and I have a 12 gauge Baikal single barrel shotgun to give away. It will be handy if you have a young lad who wants to start shooting. If you are interested please you need your certificate for the exchange. I am based in the East Midlands so please ensure you are following all COVID-19 restriction, PM then are well give you further instructions.
  2. Please Note The reason I am asking to see your Shotgun Certificate is to verify if you I allowed to keep or buy primers and gunpowder. If you feel like it's too much to ask then I suggest you buy from somewhere else. I will not be complacent and let my guard down just for a feel pennys. Out there are people who prepared to hurt others in anyway they can. Only a fool who thinks is jack the lad would do things without thinking. If you were someone I am acquainted to and I have the full knowledge that you are licenced I wouldn't both. And if you keep on writing negative comments I will trea
  3. panoma1 I wouldn't mind selling to any punter, but who would I be selling to is the big question and what I they going to do with them components. Showing me the SGC is not that difficult and it levels the playing field. Now then are you interested in commenting or buying? I prefer the latter.
  4. Hi all I am selling my cartridge reloading bits as a whole for £250 Lee load all 2 used to load 25 test loads GM3 400g powder opened only used to load 25 cartridges CSB5 500g open unused 300 primers 475 plastic wad for 24 gram 10kg bag #71/2 lead shot 5kg x 2 bags #6 lead shot I would prefer a cash transaction which means you have to collect in person and I would need to see your SGC as usual. Pm me for a speedy response on
  5. Hi I am looking to reload some 24 grams in 71/2 shot backed by GM3 powder however shotshell is a new territory and I'm not quiet sure which Lee load all 2 powder bushing to use. I have done loads of metallic reloading and I am aware of the pressure aspect. If anyone could kindly tell me how the measure or convert the powder bushing to grains or............? Cheers
  6. Hi any chance would you pass through Newark on Trent?
  7. PM sent for item 22. Response alarm home alarm system
  8. Hi I am still waiting for an answer about the alarm system please? Thanks
  9. Hi do you have the alarm system if please can you send more info please
  10. manfriday

    For Sale

    Hi I am selling a mint condition (only used once) Lyman Gen 5 powder dispenser for £270.00 collection will be great or but you could arrange postage. It is a fantastic piece of kept accurate to -+0.1 grain. I am selling because it is too much machine for my small reloading requirements. Thanks
  11. manfriday


    Hi Do you still have the Lee loaders for sale could send pictures and list the prices if you are willing to split the gear? Kind Regards, Jonathan
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