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  1. ernyha

    hunting dvds

    Will someone please put the lot number up or better still a link as I don't even know which section to look in.
  2. ernyha

    hunting dvds

    Why not put a link up to the Ebay advert? then we can see for ourselves.
  3. Grandad I pick him up from Birmingham airport next Saturday 15th. They are here for 2 weeks but several days are already planned for shooting,sight seeing,visiting etc. Still a few vacancies on his dance card though. :thumbs:
  4. Well said YP, couldn't agree more. Who here would like to live on Rusks every day of their life?
  5. My "best" experience of wet weather shooting was about 4 years ago when my mate and myself set up on a rape field that was being hammered. After about 10 minutes and a few shots, the heavens opened up and it poured for the best part of an hour with no sign of a pigeon. For all our expensive gear, we both got soaked to the skin and decided to give it up as a bad job. While trying our best to dry off under the shelter of a barn, the rain stopped as suddenly as it had started but we were that miserable and wet that we started loading the gear into the car to head for a hot shower at home
  6. :thumbs: Two good beer bellies in that pic.
  7. High pressure with little or no wind makes the birds lethargic and they don't see the need to fly far for their food whereas low pressure with clouds and winds tends to make them panic a bit and they fly around looking for food. As Cranfield says, it is better for us to bask in the sun in our hides but the pigeons don't usually come out to join us. :<
  8. :< Not if the damm thing wont even switch on you can't. :<
  9. :< Had mine refuse to start up a couple of years ago and got a friend in to look at it. Despite his best efforts (and he knows his stuff) he had to completely re-install the Windows XP programme leaving me to start from scratch. Believe me Cranfield I know how you felt at losing it all, it's just as if you have been broken into and they have stolen everything. Now then you experts, I still don't do any back up, so in simple layman's words, what's this memory stick and how do i go about using one? :thumbs:
  10. Marc the main differance with a game gun is that it is lighter in weight so that it can be carried around for long times. Trouble is the lighter weight increases the noticeable recoil so it is not a good gun if you do a lot of clay shooting. I know, I have one. :thumbs:
  11. I agree Cranfield and after reducing the posts but leaving in the gist of the thread, I think it's time to end it. I am not taking sides with Deako or anyone else but can only describe the two dealings I have had with his business. The first item I bought failed on its first outing and was replaced promptly without any fuss and the other item continues to give trouble free sevice. I believe in voicing any complaints or troubles any member has with suppliers of the equipment we buy to use in our sport but let's not go overboard about it especially when that supplier has the decency
  12. You also have a lost a lot of the quality.
  13. ernyha

    Watch this

    Got one but she couldn't work it out either. :<
  14. ernyha

    Watch this

    No, spent all night working out my new oven to do my tea. :<
  15. Vegetable oil in Somerfields where I shop is 42p a litre not that I pour it into my Pajero making it smell like a chip shop and having all the dogs in the street following me mind you.
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