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  1. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    As usual on the money rewulf, Al
  2. besty57

    Are blackberries early?

    Yeah a few starting to show up here, What there has been for at least 5weeks, are bumper crops of wild cherries which I have been gorging on
  3. besty57

    Clay Shooting Caps

    Me 2
  4. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Bit of a cheek you lot have spent over two years moaning about the result,
  5. besty57

    Clay Shooting Caps

    Cheers Andy Al
  6. besty57

    Clay Shooting Caps

    Hull cap please.also red k 80 cap .if you've still got them. Pm sent. Sorry scrap that there sold😯
  7. As usual rewulf I totally egree,
  8. besty57

    Brexit.......more remainer deceit!

    Well said,totally agree 👍
  9. besty57

    pelican case for full length rifle

    Has the foam been cut,
  10. besty57

    The EU Conspiracy Theory

    Exactly. over 17 million of us 👍,who are never mentioned, it's all about the minority, if the vote had gone the other way, I wonder how many would be bleating like sheep,just accept it and move on,
  11. besty57

    pelican case for full length rifle

    As above dimensions, model number .pics.
  12. besty57

    The EU Conspiracy Theory

    Yes asset stripped since we joined,hoping to make the UK like greece/italy/Spain. And so afraid that we cant/won't leave, Only one of the reasons I want out asap. The only saving grace is we didn't join the euro,
  13. besty57

    Tier One 30mm High Scope Mounts

    Pm sent
  14. besty57

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    Maybe putting a stop to the billions we give in so called international aid .would help, Just a thought,
  15. besty57

    Newbie totally confused by sight mounting

    Well said,