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  1. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Soubry said much the same today,bloody hypocrites,
  2. besty57

    Pw page loading

    Thanks guys, I've found if I Google pw first it's ok,instead of using bookmarked page, Don't know why tho
  3. besty57

    Room at the Circus for any more Elephants?

    Sounds good,but the eu probably wouldn't let us,imagine all those job losses in Germany etc etc
  4. besty57

    My 1/6 scale RC Challenger 2 tank

    Just been on their website the king tiger's an awesome piece of kit, +1👍
  5. besty57

    North East newbie

    ,from gateshead.
  6. besty57

    Gordon Banks

    RIP.a legend of the game,
  7. besty57

    Pw page loading

    Is anyone else having to wait what seems like ages for pages to load,all the other forums I go on that are shooting related load within a couple of seconds,this started a couple of week's ago, Any help appreciated, Or am a doing something wrong,I'm a bit of a dinosaur with computers.
  8. besty57

    FAC Variation Times

    Fac received back today,4 working days,👍 Thank you northumbria, flo,
  9. besty57

    Magnetic fix, 12mm high rib.

    Hi Rob Glad it was of use,which gun did you go for Atb Al
  10. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    EU lapdog,the guys probably never had an original thought of his own,
  11. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    BBC already making up excuses for him,
  12. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    As has been posted,we've had 40 years of HELL,we deserve better than this crock of ****,
  13. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Wouldn't expect anything else ,what a bunch of Muppets they are,and to think some want to stay in the EU,it beggars belief,
  14. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    😁😁😁,excellent post as usual rewulf,
  15. besty57

    FAC Variation Times

    I'm putting in a variation on Monday,for a mod for a 6.5, I'm in Northumbria, it doesn't take long usually, will report back when I've received it, Al