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  1. besty57

    Drag bag

    I've an aim 60" if your interested, hardly used,I'm in gateshead
  2. Skirting board ladders, Also box of1" holes, lead nails,glass hammer.were one's used up here along with many I can't remember
  3. Those of us who voted leave ,probably knew we would get shafted but thought democracy would be the winner,but as we have seen for more than 2 years the remoaners have tried every trick in the book and look like sabotaging brexit,as I have said betore if the traitors in parliament had wanted to leave ,we would have left the eu house of thieves, straight away,
  4. Back up for sale due to time waster,reduced to £240 posted Al
  5. besty57

    For sale

    Hi I have 150 ELEY super game 32g no 6 ,70 mm cartridges for sale £35 collection only ,from gateshead, Pm if interested Al
  6. besty57

    For sale

    34mm high picatiny rings unused in original box with torx bits and built in bubble. £75 posted Advertised elsewhere Pm if interested Al
  7. Used to be a plumbing /heating business up here called R.U.COLD,
  8. I fancied 3 ,laurina still running ☺ Altior won Paisley park won, Only up about £10
  9. So true,they the remoaners will come to rue the day,and when they whinge about democracy, I hope they cast their mind back,to these times,and what could have been, I'm disgusted by our so called politicians,
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