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  1. besty57

    Barrel blowups

    Hi guys, Thanks for the replys, I too hope the shooter isn't to badly hurt,there's a boxing day shoot, so I'll ask if anyone knows how he is,and let you know. Alan
  2. besty57

    Barrel blowups

    Hi ,the muzzle end was fine ,no damage at all
  3. besty57

    Barrel blowups

    Yeah could be mud or earth,I'm sure he was doing the 60 bird sporting,
  4. besty57

    Barrel blowups

    What's left of the beretta
  5. besty57

    Barrel blowups

    Yeah that's what most were saying,wad stuck in barrel, I'm not sure if the guy loads his own,but would it be possible to double charge a 20g shotgun cartridge,I reload for 308 &6.5.so,know its possible for metallic cartridge, But no I know very little of shotgun shell reloading. Alan
  6. besty57

    Barrel blowups

    Hi guys, Was at my usual twice monthly clay shoot today,when a guy came into the container, he was obviously injured, his mates were with him too, asking the guy who runs the shoot to ring for an ambulance anyway the nearest a&e is only 10 minutes away so a couple of lads took him to hospital we haven't heard how he is, but one guy saw the injury before he went to hospital and said his left index finger was in a bad way..only afterwards did we see his gun,a 20g baretta o/u,the bottom barrel had exploded just in front of the chamber causing a 2" split in it, and had blown the fore end and bottom metal to bits and the empty case was still wedged in the chamber ,no one has any idea how it happened, apart from maybe a blockage ,so could anyone she'd some light as to what,might have caused it, Some guys took some pics of the barrel afterwards I'll see if I can get one and post it Alan,
  7. besty57

    Citroen Berlingo Recommendations.

    I've had 2 ,over six years The only problem I had was a injector pipe split while on a trip down south,it was repaired under warrenty, with no trouble,
  8. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Good speech,shame it will fall on deaf ears,
  9. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    You forgot to mention Gordon Brown,
  10. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

  11. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    On referendum day I was in two minds which way to vote,but after thinking about it I had to go with my heart,and I voted leave , Now if there's another referendum, which I don't agree with, I will with all the so called facts out there, still be voting leave, But this time my head & my heart are telling me that is the right decision,
  12. besty57

    Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union

    So why reply then,seeing your no lefty, And this ,just makes me want to weep.
  13. besty57

    Fury vs Wilder

    I was talking to a guy in a bar while I was on holiday who said he knows fury personally, and assured me that fury will beat wilder and joshua, Even though I can't stand fury it will be interesting to see what happens,
  14. besty57

    Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union

    I notice our lefty contingent, are conspicuous by there absence on this one ,I wonder why,