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  1. besty57

    Conspiracy Theory Question...

    Just because it's not happening where u are ,doesn't mean it's not happening, Give it time⏳
  2. besty57

    Conspiracy Theory Question...

    Or take the blinkers off,and use your eyes.
  3. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

  4. besty57

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    How right you are
  5. besty57

    Panorama (Merged threads)

    I'll be surprised if the bbc dont push their anti gun agenda,
  6. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    As usual on the money rewulf, Al
  7. besty57

    Are blackberries early?

    Yeah a few starting to show up here, What there has been for at least 5weeks, are bumper crops of wild cherries which I have been gorging on
  8. besty57

    Clay Shooting Caps

    Me 2
  9. besty57

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Bit of a cheek you lot have spent over two years moaning about the result,
  10. besty57

    Clay Shooting Caps

    Cheers Andy Al
  11. besty57

    Clay Shooting Caps

    Hull cap please.also red k 80 cap .if you've still got them. Pm sent. Sorry scrap that there sold😯
  12. As usual rewulf I totally egree,
  13. besty57

    Brexit.......more remainer deceit!

    Well said,totally agree 👍