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  1. Paddy Galore!

    Are there any plasterers on here?

    how many windows and door ways? all the stuff like sockets, rads, and 2nd fix timber off the walls?
  2. Paddy Galore!

    Electric hand saw.

    they're easy enough to use as long as you're careful, I've made a few bits with a carving disc, just don't be tempted to use one without the extra handle, you need two hands on the machine. another recommendation is one of those multi cutters, aldi had some for about £30
  3. Paddy Galore!


    Ive got one i'm not using much, nice little sako vixen, i'll even leave the moderator on it for you, but you're not having the glass in that price.
  4. Paddy Galore!

    Plasterers...HELP PLEASE!

    hi dekers, blue and brown asbestos were banned in '85, white or crysotile was banned in 1999/2000. it's not as dangerous as the blue and brown as they have a different structure, but it can still do you some damage. luckily the white asbestos isn't hydrophobic and it can be dampened down to help clean it up, the only problem is now you've de nibbed the ceiling it's probably all through your house.
  5. Paddy Galore!

    Plasterers...HELP PLEASE!

    has that got asbestos in it? if it's pre 2000 then it probably has. i'd re board over the top of that and skim.
  6. Paddy Galore!

    Hoxne Suffolk

    where's the "like" button? if I can get there I will, can cartridges be bought there on the day? I don't have any fibre wads.
  7. Paddy Galore!

    Road Bike

    buy my old vfr 750 Jay, and go on holiday with the other grand,
  8. Paddy Galore!

    Roof madness or genius

    vaulted ceiling, big steel for ridge. 9"rafters with 150mm celotex inbetween rafters plus 50mm over the rafters, you can put your mezzanine in the bedrooms . as far as i'm aware as long as it's open plan then it doesn't need extra fire regs like door closers as it's not technically a three floor dwelling, you may want to extend the dividing walls between the rooms up to the new ceiling though
  9. Paddy Galore!

    any bee keepers here?

  10. Paddy Galore!

    any bee keepers here?

    Hi gents, we've got bees! they've nested in a bird box tucked away at the back of the garden. I think I might struggle to get any honey out of it though.
  11. Paddy Galore!

    New project GSX 750 ES

    I like, race ya mono shock links can wear, but with anything 30+ yrs old, they're gonna need something or other. I had the little brother to that, very buzzy little 550 motor, the 750 has more grunt
  12. Paddy Galore!

    Re-plastering house estimate

    blinkin heck! i'm under charging, mind you i'm not very good
  13. Paddy Galore!

    Labour and specifically Dianne Abbott

    it seems I am, i'm vaguely socialist, but I still have brains enough to recognise a fool, I won't tow the party line regardless. I just want what's best for me, my family, and my fellow man, I don't mind paying more tax to ensure that, but I won't tolerate it being slashed up an out house wall on Dianne abbots pie eating fetish.
  14. Paddy Galore!

    Labour and specifically Dianne Abbott

    but while the expenses system allows her to do it she will. she claims to be a socialist but if that's the case, then why can't she be more frugal with her spending, it hardly looks like she's struggling to feed herself, unlike some of the poor down trodden she claims to represent. I pointed this out on a facebook group and got called every rude word under the sun, seems they love their dianne abbot and are very protective of her. my political view point is mainly left of centre, but I can't vote for this shower, she'd have us under a police state within a year.
  15. Paddy Galore!

    Re-plastering house estimate

    depending on the work involved, is it timber lathes and lime plaster? bloody messy job and not going to be cheap. for example, to knock off lime plaster from brickwork, dot and dab new boards, then skim is nearly a weeks work for me, plus disposal of the waste and materials cost i'd estimate £1000 a room while your at it, maybe strip the heating system out and re wire