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  1. they made a much smaller version in the sixties, 350 cc ish a guy called alan millyard who's on faceache has just built a replica of the original there's also talk of making another vf1000r
  2. trade secret mate, don't tell em! in all honesty though, I rarely come across a perfect 90 degree corner in a house, they're usually a bit splayed as well thanks to the plasterer leaving a nice bell drip at the foot of the board, I've got a large clamping mitre block that takes up to 8" board which helps, but if it's a nice piece that's just being oiled or stained then the chop saw comes out
  3. see loads in social houses, just replaced a bathroom door, the previous tenant had hung a fire door in a 35mm rebated frame with the hinges about 50mm from top and bottom, hanging by the threads of 2 screws, one of my co workers wanted to replace caberfloor parallel with the joists on a job I was helping with, I had to tell him to go home and i'd finish it, another one spent all day hanging one door, then got it the wrong way round so it was hung on the lock side, had to bolt the handle through to keep it in place.
  4. I think it's part of a motorcycle lift
  5. had one done, but it went milky. I heard that it's caused by moisture reacting with the resin.
  6. does it have to be a fordson? my father is selling his collection in the autumn, mostly massey harris, there's a few early sawyer masseys in there, some have been fully restored, others have just had a coat of linseed, but all of them are mechanically sound. varying sizes too from the pony, which will fit in your pocket almost, to a double doe style pair of 55's which definitely won't. Its one of the largest private collections this side of the pond and worth a look if you're seriously interested and can wait a few months, drop me a pm if you want any more info
  7. thanks dude, I checked the coolant when I gave it a service so the levels should be ok, i'll double check that first though, then start stripping back the plastic. much appreciated, gram
  8. we had air fed masks when I was at the foundry, had a filter in the helmet, air was fed through a pump at the back of the helmet with a battery pack that clipped to a belt. this was only introduced within the last year I was there, regular blood tests showed we were all getting lead poisoning
  9. hi gents, need expert opinions please. I've just got the bike back on the road, gave it a service and new battery a couple of weeks back and it all seemed fine. only thing now is I had it standing and idling last week and now the fans won't come on, the temp gauge needle moves slightly when I turn the ignition on but doesn't move as the bike warms up, radiator warms up nicely but no fan, checked fuses and all are ok. this brings me to the thermo switch in the rad, only a single wire to it so how do I test it to see if it works? I had a similar thing on my vf1000 but that had 2 wires so just put the multi meter across those terminals. I don't want to buy one just to try because Honda want 60 bills for it so i'd rather test first to make sure if possible. I doubt it matters but the bike is a 1995 vfr750. cheers for any help, gram
  10. that's a nice saw, I was giving that some serious thought until dewalt brought out their new big flex volt saw so I got that instead, the only thing wrong with the bosch is the weight, it's one of the heaviest on the market, the new dewalt is lighter than the old dewalt, plus the added advantage of using either 110v, or 240v transformer packs, or batteries. the only company I know of that ever had difficulties producing a 110v tool of any design was festool, I was in the market for a new 9" circular saw, took a look at the festool hk85 and the mafell k85, but both are only 240v, I tried the mafell saw just to see why it carried a 4 figure price tag and wasn't impressed, I have a 20+ year old 110v hilti that leaves both the other saws eating its dust. back to the plot though, ive always picked 110v over 240v, whether it be a large or small site, 110v still seems to be the norm. if you're only using it at home then park up your tranny near a plug and leave it there, just use a 110v lead if you need to move the saw about.
  11. that's why some of us have arthritis in the wrists I had the hilti rep out not so long back, their new 22v combi drill has a cut out safety system if the drill snags and twists now, all I can say is I wish someone had invented that 30 yrs ago. i'm known to be a bit of a tart when it comes to tools, so I wont comment on the likes of erbauer, but I picked up a bosch twin pack in a kit bag for a friends birthday present from screwfix for £150 last year.
  12. I likee, although the earlier Japanese stuff does tend to rust, i'm just generalising there but be aware and give it a serious looking at underneath
  13. yes you will, it's butter first, then cream, then the jam and to hell with the calories! it's comfort food... and it takes my mind off these crippling chest pains I've been getting recently..
  14. just snapped a drive shaft today, didn't look that old compared to the rest of the workings when I was under there doing the brakes etc, I wonder if that was an ebay special once upon a time. it's only a civic so hardly a performance car.
  15. I did that with my steam cleaner, lovely little tool for cleaning crank cases
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