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  1. morning ladies and gents, I have a spare scope I bought back in January, fitted it to my air rifle but its too big for an under lever rifle hence the sale. c/w the box, registration docs, and the covers, in as new condition. bushnell banner 3-9x50 duplex reticle £120 buys it, prefer f2f so you can see what you're getting, but will post if necessary best regards gram
  2. Hi ladies and gents, I've got a spare telly, it's a 42"LG in good condition, c/w a wall mounting bracket and the original stand, £80ovno Located in Norwich Norfolk
  3. haven't seen a rabbit on my dad's field in over two year, horses on there now. not sure but I think the farmer who owns the neighbouring fields is gassing them
  4. hi ladies and gents, this is probably of no use to many on here but I have a paddock stand for a vfr 750 rc36, single sided swing arm version, it might fit other models, the pin is interchangeable for different diameter spindles. If it's of any use to anyone it's free to take away before I take it to the dump. cheers Paddy
  5. Hi ladies and gents, during the lock down I've been busy in the man cave and I now have some fairly heavy duty metal racking going spare, dimensions of the shelves are 1200mm x 300mm, there's 8 in total, with 3 connecting uprights giving an overall dimension of H 1800mm x W 2400 x D300. it's a little rough and ready but it's free and perfectly useable, bolts included. cheers, Paddy
  6. shame you're in sussex, I've got a nice piece of American black walnut big enough to get 2 stock blanks out of, that I never did anything with, only cost me £100
  7. there are a 1001 different types of upvc door hinge out there, if it latches ok and sits in the frame ok then leave the hinges alone, check the latch keeps is my advice, they're usually the culprit. check alignment, then check depth adjustment
  8. is it a vw engine? it happened o my caddy, it turned out to be an injector
  9. that's lush mate, I've got a hankering for something like this, now my old vf is up and running I don't need the ktm 1090, it's a tad too big and heavy for me to go off roading on
  10. well, I did it, and it looks pretty good in my opinion, I've got to ask though, why put the blade in the oven? I've got some thick cut proof gloves which helped a lot
  11. no it isn't, , it's proven that the structure of white asbestos is different to that of brown or blue asbestos, also, the roofing sheets are outside, so he won't be in a confined space with any potential particles, therefore he won't be breathing any of the stuff in.
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