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  1. never really liked them much, but you carry on chap
  2. I do try but im a tad clumsy and usually end up making it worse. I am ever enthusiastic though
  3. really like that, I've made a bit of room in the shed so I might finally get round to making one
  4. I think they've gotten progressively worse over the years, with not much hope of the situation getting any better, who is left that we can have faith in to restore some sanity, a bit of common sense at least..
  5. just paint it again, those pads aren't worth buying, the industry standard is a mist coat plus two full coats, darker colours can take an extra coat to obliterate entirely, if the darker colour is bleeding through then use something to seal it, either a stabilizing solution or an oil based undercoat to form a barrier
  6. yeah, too much stuff and not enough room ha ha! I have no idea what model it is but it has a 6" wheel and was around 60 bills new so not really a professional tool, i'll chuck in a tub of tile adhesive to sweeten the deal
  7. hello chaps, i'm having a tidy up in my shed and there's a few tools I don't need or use anymore.. firstly I have 2x dust extractors, a festool ctl midi dust extractor in 110v that I've used once so it's still like new, £275 and a metabo L class 25 litre in 240v which has seen a bit more use but still in vg condition, £150 a metabo ks305 compound mitre saw, hardly used in 240v, £200 a bosch GBH multi function SDS drill with chisel function in 110v, £150 a vitrex 6" ceramic tile cutter in 240v, £25 3x 25m 110v leads £10 each i'm finding more stuff as I slowly work through the tubs and boxes so there'll probably be a few more bits n bobs to go on the ad later there's no posting these as they're too big or heavy so collection in person only please cheers, gram
  8. I've yet to discover what good a pigeon or a corvid (especially magpies) actually does to help the environment that warrants a general ban on shooting them. I regularly see mobs of magpies raiding the nests in hedgerows this time of year., so that's tits, blackbirds and thrushes paying the ultimate price for packham's stupidity
  9. I wish you well chap, I was in papworth back in march having the leak plugged, there were several guys in there waiting for that to be done. it's a big op and the consequences even if it goes a little wrong are scary, keep your chin up, give it time, and I hope you feel better soon, all the very best, gram
  10. it was banned 1999 harnser, but a lot of textured coating was assy free by the 90's, doesn't mean to say it's all safe though, I've just done a ceiling in a house built in 2003 that had assy in the artex. I've scraped off old artex using ready mixed wall paper paste and a big floor scraper before, as long as you sheet up the floor and bag it properly all you need to pay for is pick up and dump charges.
  11. you can have it chap, it's just taking up room in the shed, i'll drop you a line over the weekend once I've found it
  12. how heavy is the artex pattern? I did my kitchen a couple of years back, that was thicker than Dianne abbott, I ended up putting a tight bonding coat on first, I only pva'd the lid and it held well, although if you do want some thistle bondit ive got a tub left over if it'll help
  13. they're all a shower of poo, my political tendencies have always leaned a little to the left, but not to the point of stupidity, i'd never vote for the likes of abbot. the only row I've ever had politically was with a bunch of left wing loonies, got quite nasty very quickly, and they have the brass neck to call the tories the nasty party! loathsome bunch of halfwits, full of hate
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