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  1. Paddy Galore!

    Mitsubishi Outlander

    I likee, although the earlier Japanese stuff does tend to rust, i'm just generalising there but be aware and give it a serious looking at underneath
  2. Paddy Galore!

    Too Close For Comfort

    yes you will, it's butter first, then cream, then the jam and to hell with the calories! it's comfort food... and it takes my mind off these crippling chest pains I've been getting recently..
  3. Paddy Galore!

    Beware cheap parts

    just snapped a drive shaft today, didn't look that old compared to the rest of the workings when I was under there doing the brakes etc, I wonder if that was an ebay special once upon a time. it's only a civic so hardly a performance car.
  4. Paddy Galore!

    For single men

    I did that with my steam cleaner, lovely little tool for cleaning crank cases
  5. Paddy Galore!

    Makita 4" belt sander

    that bosch is the same as the metabo version, which I believe is made by mafell, I bought a metabo after my festool blew up for the third and final time, I liked the fez but for a machine designed to make a lot of dust it seems strange that it was so adversely affected by it. in my opinion the belt sander was never designed as a finishing sander, but an excellent tool for levelling timber ready for a final sanding with something like a random orbital sander. something the metabo /bosch has is the ability to change the size of the orbit from large orbits to small for finer work makes the machine far more useful.
  6. Paddy Galore!

    Charities CEO Salaries

    the one thing that bothers me is why are there so many of them? multiple cancer charities, multiple childrens charities, etc etc, for every illness or disfigurement thinkable there's at least one charity set up, what good can they all do individually? crowd funding on the likes of face ache is the latest scam, some of them are unbelievable. rather than just hand out my spare hard earned cash to these organisations i'm more akin to just help people directly.
  7. Paddy Galore!

    Chinese inverter welder

    for the benefits of us eejits, what's the difference between a bog standard mma arc welder, an inverter welder, and a DC welder? ta, gram
  8. Paddy Galore!

    Chinese inverter welder

    I remember back when I worked in the foundry we had a big old oil cooled DC welder, I spent weeks weld filling cast iron panels for the albert memorial thingmajig. for some reason I thought inverter welders were DC i'll go through the destructions of my little £25 aldi bargain this weekend, do need a face mask though, so probably shopping first cheers for your help gents
  9. Paddy Galore!

    Chinese inverter welder

    just been looking at fronius website, they even do a cordless welder now
  10. Paddy Galore!

    Chinese inverter welder

    it's garden furniture so not the best quality iron, I haven't got any iron rod yet so don't know the core size, I think the amps run upto 120A, i'll have a look about for the rods, might be able to get some slim ones, cheers for the reply. gram
  11. Paddy Galore!

    Chinese inverter welder

    do you guys reckon these cheap welder would work ok with cast iron rods?
  12. Paddy Galore!

    Positive input ventilation

    we've got a unit, it helps quite a bit but we still use an aero360 on the bedroom window cill, we don't get problems with mould but we do clean the windows regularly, quality paint helps too.
  13. Paddy Galore!

    Chinese inverter welder

    I know where there's one of them, I tried to borrow it from my old man but he's having none of it, to be fair he rarely gets anything back that I borrow, so I bought a cheap one from aldi of all places for £25, I can ask if anyone is interested
  14. Paddy Galore!

    Are there any plasterers on here?

    how many windows and door ways? all the stuff like sockets, rads, and 2nd fix timber off the walls?
  15. Paddy Galore!

    Electric hand saw.

    they're easy enough to use as long as you're careful, I've made a few bits with a carving disc, just don't be tempted to use one without the extra handle, you need two hands on the machine. another recommendation is one of those multi cutters, aldi had some for about £30