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  1. You cannot shoot pigeons for sport. Simple. Semantics. I thought this was about game shooting. Never mind, bored now.
  2. What are you smoking? Pigeon shooting is pest control, not sport. Don't shoot pheasants etc, only wildfowl. Full time beat keeper on large estate with mix of let and family days. Turkey voting for Christmas for the industry. Industry being the operative word. Big day for us is about 200
  3. That is being disingenuous. He obviously was not referring to your size shoot. I agree and hope the day of big bags [200 up] are numbered. Fire away anyone who disagrees.
  4. If it is your job that will be fine. If not it will not be essential travel.
  5. Can almost guarantee there will be no shooting covenants attached.
  6. Tadorna


    At least they are not ****ting in the road outside your house
  7. Tadorna


    Covered zip up hide seat for photography/ twitching. Never been used. Taken out of bag and thats it. Collection only Suffolk, between Wickham Market and Campsea Ashe. £ free plus donation to a cancer charity.
  8. NZ venison is halal. Until we know the words to the prayer to say when the trigger is pulled the situation will remain.
  9. Whats your problem? Fact, we are being scrutinized. If you think the GL fiasco is behind us you are a bigger fool than you initially appear.
  10. That is by the by. I presume you put that point down in the GL consultation.
  11. Why would it matter. Cannot shoot pigeons for sport so if shooting crows keeps pigeons off then crop/drill is safe.
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