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  1. As per title For sale TransK9/B10 in excellent condition for sale due to soon to be changing vehicle this realy is a quality bit of kit, comes with two keys 4 locks & centre divider paid £550+ for this new, its a excellent box, really good for leaving kit in secure and out of site with added security of locks will add better pics when I get chance Will fit Discovery 3-4 Poor pic but shows the actual box http://www.transk9.com/index.php/dog_cage/discovery_3_2004_-_2009/ 39" W x 39" D x 35" H 990 W x 990 D x 889 H £380 ovno Located in the Newca
  2. Some guide lines on the bag are way over for some dogs Feed to the eye but mak sure it's getting enough good quality food in its early years Try a google search for other opinions Congrats on the new pup
  3. Do you want another dog ? Being kicked out of a shoot would not make me want another even if you get one very soon what's to say it will be any good our ready for next season don't be rushed into taking it shooting or you will ruin it There are hundreds of gun dogs/pets housed indoors its the training that goes into them that makes the difference I would get lots of books and DVDs on the subject prior to making any decisions David lisset DVDs and Simon tyres are two must DVDs I would highly recommend you look up
  4. Great pics love the last one those pics speak volumes looks like a fair bit of work has went into the dogs
  5. Personal choice I personally wouldent buy one There are plenty quality labs bred with good proven lines and all the tests done Its hard enough getting a good dog give yourself the best chance buy picking from a well though out, planned and tested breeding
  6. Pics are no problem If you pm or post your email I will send some over Cheers
  7. Its 6 months old dog am sure it will manage Mine was on RC excellent food put it on Skinners Crunchy at 6 Months Feed her on Raw meat bones veg etc one in every 4 meals now Both dogs get this and skinners Duck and Rice or maintainance
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