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    Rough shooting, pigeon decoying, deer stalking and occasional clays

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  1. steve d

    Which oil

    Worktop offcuts from my son in law that im planning on turning into chopping boards/butchers blocks. Question is which oil is suitable for use with food, ive got boiled linseed, danish oil, tung oil, teak oil etc for my sticks but im guessing these arent suitable?
  2. steve d

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    Why not just hide the key?
  3. steve d


    Gonna give these a try with one of the chemical hot pads in each on the back of my hands. Anyone used the under armour cold gear gloves, theyre quite thin with good feel?
  4. steve d


    Anyone solved the clay shooting glove conundrum yet? Macwets are great unless its cold, but my hands really feel the cold now or is it just buy a bulky pair and take them off when in the cage?
  5. Has anyone tried making their own cheese? My only problem would be the same as the homebrew...leaving it long enough to mature!
  6. steve d


    Dunno, but it does naff all for your natural night vision!
  7. steve d


    '******* hel Theyre ok for lamping as long as you keep the doors shut if its a Barbarian!
  8. steve d


    3hr drive to Dover, 99% motorways and dual carriageways, sticking to speed limits
  9. steve d

    Imani the Ridgeback

    Sorry for your loss. I have one that is entering into "that" age. As sad as it is, I would much rather this than coming home from the vets with just a collar
  10. steve d


    Is your 2016 an auto?
  11. steve d


    He's right and im just glad i dont pay for my fuel. I have a work colleague in another part of the country that has the same vehicle, he reckons he gets 38-40mpg...I think hes full of ****!
  12. steve d


    Ive got an 18 plate auto Barbarian and have NEVER seen over 30mpg, even driving like an oap! I always have the aircon on 24/7 but even with it off for a day, it only makes 0.5mpg difference on the trip computer. I love it for shooting, but as it doubles as a work vehicle too, its a PITA filling it up every other day!
  13. steve d

    Stick making

    If you do feel the need to cut off the points, they make great dog whistles for little work
  14. steve d

    I really don’t get it

    Anyone on Faceache? have a search a group called "Giving up the Game". No need for anything to go to waste, even if its for raw fed dogs
  15. steve d


    Arrived safely....cheers