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    Rough shooting, pigeon decoying, deer stalking and occasional clays

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  1. Its a Pajaro....brilliant jackets
  2. Yep, photo done on phone and uploaded straight away
  3. Credit where credit is due. FAC renewal with request for an additional calibre+mod. 6 days-including a weekend! All done online in 20mins with a glass of cider in my hand. Happy days
  4. steve d

    petrol strimmer

    Keep an eye on fleabay, I picked up a 2014 Stihl FS410c for £50 two years back as a non runner, all it cost me was a carb kit....about £10. Theres a glut of numptys who dont know how a 2 stroke works and leave it full of fuel all winter dormant! Its an absolute beast at full chat, that clears anything in its path
  5. Nice wood too, strange choking for one of these though isnt it? Wish I was working down that way this week instead of last week though
  6. Chemical anchors definitely, rawl bolts will pop the blocks
  7. Do you have any pics of the condensing unit?
  8. Worktop offcuts from my son in law that im planning on turning into chopping boards/butchers blocks. Question is which oil is suitable for use with food, ive got boiled linseed, danish oil, tung oil, teak oil etc for my sticks but im guessing these arent suitable?
  9. steve d


    Gonna give these a try with one of the chemical hot pads in each on the back of my hands. Anyone used the under armour cold gear gloves, theyre quite thin with good feel?
  10. steve d


    Anyone solved the clay shooting glove conundrum yet? Macwets are great unless its cold, but my hands really feel the cold now or is it just buy a bulky pair and take them off when in the cage?
  11. Has anyone tried making their own cheese? My only problem would be the same as the homebrew...leaving it long enough to mature!
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