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  1. We use Pears, nothing like opening a new bar and putting it on top of the sink . I was also thinking of getting some Vosene, not sure if they sell it anymore.
  2. In my experience the quickest way to get this resolved is to contact your local MP, it does seem to speed up any delays.
  3. Thanks for feedback. I think for me it's worth paying the £800. When I reach retirement age it should pay itself back after a few years (assuming I don't die before) and as others have said if it's linked with triple lock increases I should benefit by the annual increases. As I see it, it's better than having £800 in a bank a/c earning very little interest.
  4. There's been publicity around paying voluntary contributions for those years where you have a shortfall. The scheme allows you to pay voluntary contributions which then helps to boost your state pension up to £185 (current rates). Looking at the pros and cons of this, okay so you pay around £800 (one off payment) for each year there is shortfall but you can get up to £250 year back ongoing. Has any pw members done this? https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/savings/voluntary-national-insurance-contributions/
  5. There's a case currently in the news about this: https://metro.co.uk/2022/06/11/london-cycling-tycoon-sues-neighbours-over-japanese-knotweed-16810223/
  6. If Starker resigns on a point of principle it would put Johnson in an impossible position. That combined with Nandy as leader would be a nightmare scenario for the Tories especially red wall tories.
  7. As per above, Ridgeline do some really nice ones, warm and hard wearing.
  8. It's getting to the point where some dog owners will not walk their dogs in these areas for fear of their dog being attacked. It's a real shame for those owners who are older and more vulnerable.
  9. As per title. Looking for advice about these dogs. We have had problems with these dogs off lead charging and running up to other dogs. I've never heard about these dogs until recently, are they legal? It's just a matter of time before they attack another dog. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  10. Yes , you're right the property is disregarded where it is occupied by a spouse, partner etc and/or in some circumstances a close relative
  11. Council tax increases to pay for social care, it won't just be funded via increased NI.
  12. The reality is that the vast majority of people will continue to pay for care even with the £86k cap. Those with long term are needs are more likely to reach the cap, the average length of time people stay in a residential care home is around 2 years.
  13. Just wait for council tax rises next April, some forecasts up to 5-6% increase.
  14. I had pancreatitis caused by gall stones, it's so painful. The mortality rate for acute pancreatitis is about 20%. After having gall bladder removed its now sorted. Diet has been modified including giving up alcohol.
  15. We are in the process of looking for a kitchen, as someone knows very little about this it's a bit of a nightmare. We want something which will last and can repaint etc. At the moment looking at a company called kitchen stori, does anyone know anything about this company? Would appreciate any advice on what to look out for. Ta
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