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  1. We have recently moved house, dealing with bt has been a nightmare. Numerous telephone calls, hours waiting on the phone, promised call backs never materialise. I can't believe how poor their customer care is.
  2. Hello, looking for any information about local clay pigeon shoots in Lichfield, south staffs area. Recently moved to the area and looking for any local clubs, nothing too grand, just any small local shoots in the area, Hope you can help. Ta.
  3. garjo

    Bird sightings

    Lapwing Robin Skylark Dunnock Wren
  4. I get fed up of people who let dog off the lead without hardly any recall. The favourite line being from owners is 'it's okay they only want to play'. Yes, lockdown, has led to more people having dogs who simply haven't got a clue.
  5. Can't be have a Christmas jumper, can or Brut and soap on a rope instead?
  6. Use a long lead rather than retractable. There are plenty on the market. They can be a bit of a pain, constantly reeling and letting them out, some get heavy when wet. However they are much better than retractable ones and help with recall training.
  7. I may be wrong but is it important to know if they are tenants in common or joint tenants? Doesn't this effect any claims that can be made against the property and his share?
  8. We are in the process of buying a house with a soakaway for surface water drainage. Surveyor has reported that the garden Is drenched, admittedly after heavy rain. This is the first time I've come across soakaways and would appreciate any advice - pros v cons. What to look out for. Hope you can help, ta.
  9. Tories now 19% ahead according to most recent poll
  10. Horse tail or sometimes called maretail, it's a weed and difficult to get rid of
  11. We have a next box near the house, covered by virginia creeper. Anyway noticed about a month ago a wren going in the box regularly, then noticed another bird which now identified as coal tits going in the same box. This has been going on for last few weeks, which thought was strange. The frequency of visits increased when it became obvious there were chicks in the box. Initially thought there must be two nests - one in the box and another in the creeper. Tried looking for another next and could not find one. Got home last Thursday and found there were two chicks which had fledged from the nest
  12. Thought this was interesting obituary about an English gunmaker http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/12062188/William-Roper-gunmaker-obituary.html
  13. He [david byrne] and fatboy slim have just made a musical based on the life of Imelda Marcos -not sure if its in the uk yer. Understand its got good reviews .
  14. My brother died in March - died of alcholism -tried to get help but in the end came too late. Agree the person has to want to change themselves -seeing someone die from alcholism is absolutely heartbreaking - feel so sorry for his family
  15. Kes - Barry Hines, also if you can find it The Gamekeeper by same author - year in the life of Gamekeeper Saturday Night, Sunday Morning Again + for Catch 22
  16. This is in local press: www.borehamwoodtimes.co.uk/news/11209347.Appeal_for_shooting_ground_to_become_a_graveyard/
  17. Might be worth googling this. We have had some houses near us done - look fine at first until now after cple of years there are rust spots - also understand coudl create problems with condensation.
  18. Its strange how you can along thinking life ain't too bad and then bump. For me: it all started a year tomorrow when my brother pulled bloke off tree - who had committed suicide; brother in hospital - seroiusly ill; shortly after I end up in hospital - one opreation later and loss of 4st in weight I`m now recovering; Dad ill throughout the year and dies in September; brothers wife leaves him. Year ended better - brother loses £20 note in the street - after searching bloke pulls up in van asks him if he's lost anything and hands back his £20 he had found - sort of restores your faith in people.
  19. Gave up alcohol just over 6 months ago for medical reasons - feel much better and don't miss at all. I`ve also seen the effects of alcohol abuse on close family members - so good luck mate
  20. garjo


    From drinking weekends - beer, wine etc - now given up completely. Some of it because of medical reasons mostly because seen the damage its done to members of family. Result - lost 3 stone, feeling healthier and bit better off money wise.
  21. garjo


    Gimlet -agree - I know a lot about alcoholism from personal experience - yes it can be fatal - so is acute pancreatitis - it depends what type it is and how bad the attack - mortality rates vary between 10 - 20% (% depends which doctor you speak and as I say type of pancreatitis)
  22. garjo


    Had acute pancreatitis myself - very painful - most common causes are gall stones - leading to removal of gall bladder or alcohol (not necessarily excessive alcohol use). I`ve just had gall bladder removed - now recovering. Wouldn't be related to the weather - just coincidence. Can be a very nasty illness - depending on degree of the acuteness.
  23. Hello mate- sorry to hear about illness. I had acute pancreatitis in March and just had operation to remove gall bladder removed - so think I know what your going through. The pain from the pancreatitis was incredible - triggered by gallstones. Early days and touch wood - I`m hopefully getting there. Best wishes and feel free to pm if you want any further info. Ta. Gary
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