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  1. Home and hardware shops ......so is a tradesman now classed as we all know essential???..
  2. Have a look at "fountain direct" mx minerals trays,,,loads of size options this was just a quick google search,,you need to check door sizes the large doors are very expensive....extra 100mm may be cpl hundred quid more than say a 1200 door you may find 2 stage walk in type using glass panels more cost effective,,thing about doors always buy known brand and always ask if spare parts are available.....
  3. I've had a 1400x1.0 in the past you get 2 stage trays up to 2 mtrs+....the size is governed by the door as such...2 stage with glass panels go larger....
  4. millrace

    Red Diesel

    It's funny,,,they announce massive infrastructure projects all using massive machinery all running red diesel......now when all these works suddenly go way up in price will any of the boffins put 2 and 2 together!!!!!!
  5. Unless you watch 24hrs a day your just assuming they will tie,,she may chew the face off him if he tries to soon or she isn't ready...... Part them,, ...then mate them twice 2 days apart and keep watch make sure neither harms each other.....your looking days 11/13 but you need to check her daily or vet check for best time..good luck....
  6. millrace

    Red Diesel

    "So I as a legitimate user" you wont mind paying more for the goods/services you receive as I have to pass on increased fuel cost to you .....ie the end consumer,,like you say win win!!! ....
  7. millrace

    Six Nations

    I'm just hoping to see it.....lol Honestly england could put 40 past us but dont how we could do the same,,so it will prob be Ireland groundhog rugby and hope for the best....
  8. millrace

    Six Nations

    Well just waiting in kingston,,,heading for Waterloo and the build up begins!!!!!!!!!..........its going to be long nite /morning till kick off tomorrow!!!!!!
  9. Google psni banded system it's all there(I was mostly correct!...lol)
  10. Doubt it,,,it classed as a rifle,so would doubt if it's in same band as shotgun,,,remember being told shotguns simple on/off,, then rifles were to be banded,,ie you couldn't swap a rimmy for centrefire so they were placed in groups otherwise everyone would put in for air rifle then swap to .223,,but this being over here nothing would surprise me if I'm completely wrong!!!!!!
  11. Put a liquid fiberglass covering over crete,at junction of wall put 45* bevel cut 2x2 batten fibre mesh and glass over to form lip and your existing counter flashing will dress down,,roof sealed and easy DIY task,if your up for that kinda thing
  12. millrace

    Six Nations

    Well just in from the aviva,,and got to say great match,,both teams got what they deserved if that makes cence very equal for most of it ireland vastly improved from last match which would not be hard,no idea how they saw the ball for Ireland try even us in ground couldn't see it,we knew it was in there somewhere....but a good day was had by all, Now off to Twickenham will be interesting.......
  13. millrace

    Six Nations

    Phew,,,,thank the lord for that,, hoping it's ok for a england ireland match.....lol
  14. millrace

    Six Nations

    Ok for those in know ,,,is west middle block 14 a decent view at Twickenham...cant seem to find where it is,,,,
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