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  1. millrace

    Plasterers...HELP PLEASE!

    The asbestos is in the artex....crysiolite or something like that its very small trace element but its still there surprisingly your toilet cystern if of same date will also contain it along with any vinyl/pvc floor tiles......
  2. millrace

    Plasterers...HELP PLEASE!

    Anything pre 2000 and some after contains asbestos .....we now ONLY board over no scraping and skimimg over..... On bright side saves worrying about skim onto artex onto paint thats peeling......for which there is no cure other than overboarding..........no matter what anyone else tells you on here.....!!!!
  3. millrace

    Bathroom shower drainage

    Right what am i missing....why cant you use the existing waste pipe?
  4. millrace

    BASC reloading course

    Possibly if thats your outlook on things...my point was its not hard to do as its a really basic process there is more info online than you ever could need and there is very accurate round specific loads out there so within cpl grains the average reloader has no need to tweek and experiment or overcook something.....thats already been done by others...lol
  5. millrace

    BASC reloading course

    Funny thing is once youve done it....its actually shockingly easy...........
  6. millrace

    Bathroom shower drainage

    Nope...its dirty soapy water foul drainage.... But yes of coarse you can if you like tho not sure id want to water the plants with it.....
  7. millrace

    RC hyper fast hfp3 no 5 32 gram

    Where abouts you at...?
  8. millrace

    Corner downpipe for corner shed?

    Picture of said shed may help....
  9. millrace

    System boiler questions

    Is there a red tank near the boiler with a guage on it or small black plastic tank beside your large water storage tank in loft.... In your hotpress is the cylinder copper with green foam around it or a tall cylinder steel type prob around 6ft tall give or take...
  10. millrace

    Help, What Glue!

    "Low modulas" silicone is what your after....
  11. millrace

    Fixing potholes

    Funny have mixed planing and type 1 with good success here find if tracked in well it provides a good base for gravelling over but thats using 13t machine to pack in......
  12. millrace

    Motorbike restart

    Well got her fired up......basically drained all i could new oil, filters carb cleaner(why not i thought) plugs out oil poured in and left to soak....... Now for the fun part....battery in plugs out some tissue over ports....now i have to say i expected oil to come out everywhere when turning over but no just a put put across the cylinders and 4 bits of tissue moving so me thinks thats all good 4 pistons must be moving.....lol So next plugs in all hooked up check everything tight and here we go....3 short turns umm choke on and longer turn smoke but nothing ...ok next turn put put splutter smoke everywhere shes alive ........ Let her tick over for prob an hr sitting nicely at 1000 revs and sounds fairly good....need to book mot and i know will need to gently ride and check brakes etc but all in all many thanks for all the tips and help...... Oh yea my neighbour came out....thought there was a fire with all the smoke.....lol
  13. millrace

    One for you plumbers

    You need a reducung kit to suit your tap....guessing 25mm to 13mm umless your using some kind if bath 3/4 tap you may also need 6" of copper to join said reducer to flexi hose....take tap to plumbing yard they will sort.....
  14. millrace


    Point out your not using your no claims but getting a discount because of it....ie proving your a safe driver.....if you get my drift.....
  15. millrace

    06 Shogun Sport Warrior

    Now wanting to hijack a sales thread....had a rav4 last week with exactly same fuel problem turned out to be leak in the filler pipe only when full tank the leak was on the bend of the filler pipe....easy £30 scrap yard fix 4bolts 1 clip and im no mechanic......info may help someone....