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  1. millrace

    New drive

    Be different!! Reclaimed granite cobbles!!!!
  2. So I take it on looking for a mineral 2 stroke oil....? Not sure what the motor factors have till later,but quick look on halfords and they do a garden mineral 2 stroke so this can be a back up if no 5lts at parts shop....
  3. I'm open to all advice,,the fuel mix was from the 10d manual the only 2stroke I use is in a still saw.....lol
  4. Project.....ummmmm not quite sure yet.....lol I'm picking up a vintage bike tomorrow 1952 125cc villiers engined little thing.... spur of moment buy,,,lol know nothing about them,,so I know it was started in july and idled for while,, so after initial check ie oil ,,clean tank filter,gear selection etc any other things before we try the big fire up.... Am I right its 1,20 oil mix so 250ml per gallon just any tips much appreciated
  5. Has anyone ever worked at one of these,,tinkered or have any knowledge.....?
  6. H&S rules do not apply when you as the owner carry out maintenance at your own property,,you are not at "work" so theres nothing for them to rule on......
  7. Funny enough the main reason I'm not going to try is that Ive no need of a knife,,neither carry/own/need one.....lol As for another project.....unless its getting more hours in a day it would never get finished/even started.....lol
  8. You may have misunderstood,,,I'm offering someone something for nothing as not everyone has a few of these laying in the crud pile!!.....
  9. Cheers,thought I read somewhere recently not sure if on here or somewhere else about using saw blades for knife making... Now heres the thing.....theres no way on earth I'm about to start trying to make a knife....but.... I've got few old blades knocking round and always end up skipping used blades so if anyone who bothers to read this fancys them shout and I'll see what's gathering dust in the corners of Van's/stores etc.....
  10. Can you use concrete cutting blades to make knives?
  11. Turn off house breakers so everything off then try workshop....
  12. As above power off "Breakers" off, then 1 by 1 back on,five mins will find problem!!
  13. Aya wont tell you without now paying to join their "club" There is a date chart online cant remember where so you can use your serial number to date....roughly... Google "aya serial number age"....
  14. The gravel in the tank is gunked up,prob never been changed,assuming it's done this way,,,ie you've got 4 walls and a filterbed,
  15. Assuming these can be cut (170mm)? Will take the 210 please
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