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  1. Aya wont tell you without now paying to join their "club" There is a date chart online cant remember where so you can use your serial number to date....roughly... Google "aya serial number age"....
  2. The gravel in the tank is gunked up,prob never been changed,assuming it's done this way,,,ie you've got 4 walls and a filterbed,
  3. Assuming these can be cut (170mm)? Will take the 210 please
  4. Who cares.....who would actually know what your doing and why would they be on your land to see what your doing,crack on ....!! And yes know men who use pigeons for this very purpose...
  5. Rehab/private 1 to 1 physio to aid recovery,, pay for a coarse of treatment/assistance that cant be sold by others...rather than ipad which can disappear....
  6. Hmrc wont clarify...its up to you to decide then argue your way of interpreting their vat rules,then hope they dont read it differently......lol
  7. Honestly take the easy money and move on happy with your profits.... A new build is easy,an extension to existing even easier,converting totally different best way to explain it is new build,,,dig trench pour concrete build walls fit roof simple,,,, Conversions....chip plaster look at wall realize it has no foundation and its holding a roof and theres a crack you didnt know was there,,,,now what do you do...you wont know because your not a builder so now you have to trust what your being told with no way of knowing if the costs are right or if there are alternatives.... Not meaning to be smart or put you off,,the way I see it anybody and everybody probably can do my job when all is good,,, but heres the thing,,when theres a problem I've got the experience to get round it and that's where a proper builder/contractor comes into his own....to me it's not a problem just a solution I've got to find.....
  8. If it's of any help,I've 3 here 8 wks old,, these are solid pups,,weighed at vets friday,,,3.3 girl, 3.6..girl 3.7...dog...so yours came to you I'd guess at roughly same weight as I have now,,so ceems fine to me,,as they grow they are quite gangly it takes I'd say 18mths for cockers to fill out and look proportioned as such.....
  9. Try on slip lead,,shorten you grip so as your hand is straight above his head,and then tuck the lead up behind his ears as such and keep hold tight not choking tight,,,maybee others can explain it better but something about the lead round back of ears stops them pulling forward as such..... almost think how they pounce round crufts with silly little dogs with bows,,,lead straight up from head no slack......lol
  10. There is a simple rule that has stood me well over the years... "If it's got more than 2 legs and crawls,stand on it and ask what it was later".....serves me well,,, I feel you pain fatchap!!
  11. The problem is 1 man's trained dog that does what "he" wants can be seen by others as poorly trained,equally I've been along side fabulously trained dogs who never went more than a few feet from their owners,,,would I want a dog like that no,would they want my dog no so each to their own as long as it does what you need it to do!!..
  12. This may be extreme,but have done it in past,, if up against a stud wall cut square off room opposite go in through back as such....I know,,sounds daft,, but if it means taking tiled in fittings panels etc off or just bit of plaster board and lick of paint,,,may be easier than tiles you cannot get if they break chip etc...
  13. My cockers are always family first,, but,, put on boots or go to gun cabinet the switch goes,, the tail goes and there at front door before me!!! Absolutely no issues with being a pet and working,they will do what you train them to do,,for me that's lying on top of the sofa looking out the window for 6 mths of year then up and out when the season permits....enjoy the dog for what it is..... an extended member of your family!!!
  14. millrace

    Repairing render

    Wouldnt call that rough cast,,,looks like a scratch pulled out finish.... try using a sponge and 4" stiffish bristle brush Trowel on smooth,,,put old sponge flat on surface and almost pull it out so as suction pulls cement outwards then dab back in with brush,, worth a try
  15. My own vet refuses to dock,,my shooting vet no issue....its a very pc thing as the vet who wont is into politics and all that,,,tbh now just use the shooting vet only kept going to the other as it was closer with nice staff but as there all gone so has my buisness...
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