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  1. millrace

    Work boots, but in half sizes?

    "NO RISK" Got a pair of these last week...Not bad boots half size waterproof and safety and fairly wide fitting....
  2. millrace

    Trialing dog's that also work

    Ahh but remember it's not about having a shooting dog but more of a ftch to breed and make money from..........cynical but true......
  3. millrace

    Rifle torch

    Looking torch for scope mounting something to clearly see from 150 to 200 yds preferably using 18650 batteries as I have these and even better if 25mm tube save changing mount...anything about??
  4. millrace

    Six nations

    Agree about ringrose....just dont get all the hype...championed as B,od mark 2....but hes to light build wise and whenever i see him even at ulster matches i just dont get it.... Think the ire pack still way ahead omahony will annoy the life out of the english and in stockdale we have the match winner.....roll on kick off.....
  5. millrace

    closing self employed business & capital gains tax

    Rite off...obselete
  6. millrace

    Six nations

    I think from englands team selection the plan B is to try and rough it up to ireland....oh dear eddie how we hope you try.........!!!!!!!!
  7. millrace

    What gun .204 cal

    No 1...had to google that...so its a single shot limited edition if im right...
  8. millrace

    What gun .204 cal

    Interested,,does no one go for a "ruger" in this callibre as this is who developed the round....
  9. millrace

    Construction apprenticeship

    Only my view....avoid the citb for all you are worth complete shower of money grabbing #####!!!!!!...........
  10. millrace

    Scaffolding question

  11. millrace

    Smart home

    Recently built a house for an "it manager" who worked his way up.....what did he do....nouwt.... said no point as everything is going to be wireless so why waste the money....only cat 6 for tv and even this will be obselete soon sky is currently altering tech to suit so as all homes can stream/watch all channels not just new builds..... And lets face it when it goes wrong it aint much good.....its just more to go wrong in time.....
  12. millrace

    Positive input ventilation

    Bang in a dri master....problem sorted full mvhr unless in a new build is overkill £3/4k your never seeing again....and as for the "oh it heats cold air with warm stale air"for £4k it needs to.....lol Have a look at "bpc ventilation" they are usually doing good price for dri master etc and ship to mainland no problems and also easy to chat to if you need proper advice....
  13. Total length of belt is 44 inches .



    1. millrace

      12g leather cartridge belt

      Well looking for 12g proper leather belt with proper buckle and big enough to go over coat so xl or more....fat boy size...lol Must be well made as its for someone else so nothing on its last legs....many thanks
    2. millrace

      Cost of employing someone?

      Day rates should not be counted in your tender....if thats what your describing so dont cut them .....you should be costing the works and then im fairly sure what they are asking for is treated an an item....so not part of works package but its what you will be payed if something occurs so go with fair rate or else they can just give you work at your cut price day rate as per your tender and then your royally up said creek.....