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  1. millrace

    Motorbike restart

    Well got her fired up......basically drained all i could new oil, filters carb cleaner(why not i thought) plugs out oil poured in and left to soak....... Now for the fun part....battery in plugs out some tissue over ports....now i have to say i expected oil to come out everywhere when turning over but no just a put put across the cylinders and 4 bits of tissue moving so me thinks thats all good 4 pistons must be moving.....lol So next plugs in all hooked up check everything tight and here we go....3 short turns umm choke on and longer turn smoke but nothing ...ok next turn put put splutter smoke everywhere shes alive ........ Let her tick over for prob an hr sitting nicely at 1000 revs and sounds fairly good....need to book mot and i know will need to gently ride and check brakes etc but all in all many thanks for all the tips and help...... Oh yea my neighbour came out....thought there was a fire with all the smoke.....lol
  2. millrace

    One for you plumbers

    You need a reducung kit to suit your tap....guessing 25mm to 13mm umless your using some kind if bath 3/4 tap you may also need 6" of copper to join said reducer to flexi hose....take tap to plumbing yard they will sort.....
  3. millrace


    Point out your not using your no claims but getting a discount because of it....ie proving your a safe driver.....if you get my drift.....
  4. millrace

    06 Shogun Sport Warrior

    Now wanting to hijack a sales thread....had a rav4 last week with exactly same fuel problem turned out to be leak in the filler pipe only when full tank the leak was on the bend of the filler pipe....easy £30 scrap yard fix 4bolts 1 clip and im no mechanic......info may help someone....
  5. millrace

    pattern plate /gunfit

    There was a guy at gamefair at shanes beside mcloys stand was doing gun fit no idea where he was from tho......
  6. millrace

    Motorbike restart

    So im just pluging spark ports and turning key for few turns?,,,,,
  7. millrace

    Salmon rod /reel combo

    Stick to worming for the beggers.....13ft will be fine the rest is over my head nowadays ive a rod/reel an intermediate line and box of flys if there there, fresh,and runnin they take anything if not in mood get ready for severe depression.....salmon fishing is like takin drugs except if your on drugs you get councilling and help....salmon you just go back for more.......be warned there is no cure......lol Personally im a worm man for my sins i can do flys would love to cast like some of the proper fly men but hey ho till it banned completely ill stick to what i know....
  8. millrace

    Motorbike restart

    So this i take it i just plug spark holes with cloth and turn engine over even stupider question do i need to have fuel tank back on or am i just literely turning starter and powering pump etc.....thanks all for info so far.....
  9. millrace

    William Dunlop

    Bloody **ll....awfull....heres me trying to get a bike going with excited kids looking out window.....he was always singing pics and meeting ppl at nw200 pits on friday evenings racing or not.....thought he had had enough with the misses and kids by his side now.....how will md take this.....???
  10. millrace

    Motorbike restart

    Im not that mechanical minded would pushing bike around on clutch not turn engine and move oil around....?
  11. millrace

    world cup

    To much realiant on set plays and falling over...and sterling is to wastefull might be good to watch but other teams would drop him for someone who can score it will cost them...they ceem to lack the invention needed to beat a top side in open play.....even tho im glad to see any home nation doing well....
  12. millrace

    Motorbike restart

    Going for oil and filters in nxt hour....hoping so its only done 6k ive had it from new and was serviced prob cpl hundred miles before being parked up.... kept in the dry and still looks like new after some soap and water.....lol
  13. millrace

    Motorbike restart

    So heres a question for the spanner monkeys on here........... Wheeled me bike out after recon 10yrs in garage with plans to restart heres where im at so far.... Fuel out tank off drained Air filter cleaned Brakes working clutch working gears engage able to put in 3rd with clutch in push around yard Going to pull plugs and add little oil down to lubricate So what else to consider before adding battery and trying to spark up.... Just to add its 02 bandit.....
  14. millrace


    Got mine today....small pocket size let me look over a field.....good job.... Are they as good as expensive alternatives prob not will they do my job yes what more could you want for £20..... Many thanks guys.....
  15. millrace

    Gamo Knock Down Target SOLD!

    Why not ....how u want payed...