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  1. Hope you have permission to drill the walls most landlords dont give this.....sounds like basically you want to be payed of....being northern ireland ive yet to meet anyone bothered by legal guns....!!!!!!! If house is going on open market your most likely out on your ear....if there looking at someone else to be your landlord surley you would be looking to impress them before they put you out on your ear for being a knob(as you put it) also just to make you aware if i buy the property for my own home or i intend to refurbish it your just entltled to 1mths notice to get you gone So your easy to move on reguardless of contract given certain circumstances.....i get elect inspection done showing serious faults give you 4 wks notice for complete refurb bye bye tennent house on open market.......ive ceen this done!!!!
  2. millrace

    Metal fabricators

    Go to local builders yard or online galvanised joist hangers various sizes just nail/screw on and wrap tails round post if bothered spay black......
  3. millrace

    Double Glazing Unit HELP Required PLEASE

    Are your sure there not pressure glazed.. .ie the rubber seal on outside of glass pulls out (not part of pvc frame) if this is case slips wont tap back on..... if so you need to take rubber out first then re slip and then put rubber back in packing glass to slips.....
  4. millrace


    Go for any reasonable outside system you fancy.......but.....get yourself one of the nest style indoor camera that you just set on shelf they are often ornament like they link to your internet and send you whatever they pick up to your fone etc.....this means you have evidance even if system gets tampered with.....and if they cover up to gain entry they almost always take it of when inside feeling safe......the quality of image will surprise you....
  5. millrace

    Electrical help

    Crack on your fine,,, take 2.5 t+e in a loop from the old socket to the new position (if its a ring circuit) and if possible cut a hole in the back of the unit to allow access to the join point.....
  6. millrace

    six nations

    Dear sir i counter your 2 flukes by saying the players with the passion to win and the will to follow up scored 2 fantasticc trys,, stockdales was a fine example of its not out till its over the line only 1 team played with this mindset.......
  7. millrace

    six nations

    Eddie you just got paxo'ed....................
  8. millrace

    six nations

    Apparently theres an english chariot blocking a side street in paris....local reports are the wheels are well and truly off..............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll on next saturday!!
  9. millrace

    Gun Related Number Plates

    Dont make it look personal,,plain font proper spacing etc....most plates get altered to look like a word...may not be as obvious as you think...and if theres nothing shooting related on the jeep..stickers etc why would anyone know you shoot......keep it plain.....
  10. millrace

    Help for the decorators on here...

    Simply it wont stick to grp....think car bumper that is colour coded and someone just sprays it,,it just peels of again....
  11. millrace

    Help for the decorators on here...

    Etch primer then spray finish for best results....assuming that its a grp composite door....
  12. millrace

    Some Carpentry jobs

    Glad i gave somethin to pointlessy post a reply to......now off you go and have a nice day.......
  13. millrace

    Some Carpentry jobs

    Get over it...he fitted a floor and treads big deal....as a time served joiner (30yrs) myself i see it as basic skill hence not impressed like i said if treads had been made on site then yes fair play but they wernt....i did not at any point say it was poor work.....skill sets have changed nowadays the ability to do things truly bespoke on site is almost a thing of the past....young tradesmen(i use this term losely) dont know how and mostly dont want to be bothered thinking on there feet its either im to busy or wont turn up...they think working on pre-made houses makes them a tradesman....a 60yr old workshop man has a true skill set thats now being lost to the flatpack generation....
  14. millrace

    Some Carpentry jobs

    Not harsh the op stated pics of his work,,the flooring is just fitting some one else's work...yea you still need to know what your at but its still just fitting pre made bits....sorry like the decking steps not impressed.....but each to their own...lol (im sure most ppl who have commented also thought he made it not fitted it).....big difference!!!
  15. millrace

    Some Carpentry jobs

    Would have been impressed if you made them on site (templates jigsaw router table) but as you just basically fitted a wooden floor the skill lies with the supplying workshop......(sorry just my view)