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  1. Yea if theres still any put me down for 1,let me have payment details thanks....
  2. millrace


    Perhaps in your day not now in my opinion and I fit both on a regular basis.... 1 example ,,,the electric kit on the velux,,, if your unfortunate enough to have the plastic connecting rod which attaches to the opening sash break ,,,guess what customers services will tell you,,, Oh no we do not supply just that part it's a whole new electric system.....solution buy the cheapest velux you can find and rob the part from there it actually saves you money!!
  3. millrace


    Keylite everytime if you can get them anywhere close,better finish and glazing as standard,velux all options cost more......
  4. Thing is its 1 of our local elected politicians who is behind it......
  5. What distance can you see stuff clearly at?
  6. I think we are all missing something.....lol
  7. So how is he holding it,,the second finger should be nowhere near anything.....I shoot aya no2 this way,,3 fingers behind guard thumb over stock ,,trigger finger on side of triggers not inside trigger guard.... Imagine grabbing bottle by neck to break over something......
  8. Why dont you just use 1 finger to shoot both triggers,,,,or am I missing something??
  9. no 6 shot thru what ever gun you lift,,,its a woodcock just shoot the thing,,,,i Why all the fuss over choke/ shot/ /blah blah blah/......... When every person on this forum started shooting you lifted a gun off you went enjoyed whatever results you had, when did it become so complicated,,,,,the birds haven't changed!!!!!!!
  10. Its a clip that should be shown to every young sports person as it shows, Authority from the person in charge but more so "Total" respect from the player towards the person in charge.... Something sadly lacking in most other sport....
  11. "CHRISTOPHER"............. Without doubt the best ref out there!!.....
  12. The answer is yes,,, but your going to get an awful lots of people telling you no......lol
  13. Is there any point to this competition,,,or is just because of covid and travelling teams?
  14. There were interesting comments from ex footballer's yesterday along the line of, if you do not support agree respect the taking of the knee then you are a racist!!.....quite a sweeping statement I thought!!....
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