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  1. Bin the windows 50mm insulated plasterboard on all external walls 25mm insulated board to ceilings and internal walls if you can you now have wrap around insulated rooms keep heat inside the building is the most important thing to achieve to keep cost down... I've done this on new builds for customers so it works.... Heating can be achieved with the new electric rads running cost are nothing like the old E7 the are smart controlled even know if you leave a door open....they design and cost a system to suit your property....then you have electric shower and instant water heater
  2. Blowtorch and hammer!!....
  3. The problem with refs is not the referee but they rules from world rugby that have to enforce!! They keep blaming the teams discipline but get real its killing the game you now get a penalty if your on the ground for a second and dong let go of the ball.....you cant roll away with an 18stone player plonked on top of you .....theve gone to far to much interfering is ruining the spectacle but this summer they will change more rules and more penalties will ensue you cant have flowing rugby when the refs constantly blowing a whistle.....
  4. Why not just raise it by 1 board and get the soil in raising you growing depth that way???
  5. God this is hard to watch..... Penalties are given for to little to quick the star of the game is now the refs whistle!!
  6. Tidy up get rid of the main stock,, keep a garden paddock for veg and plant all in trees when the grant's for this come out dig ponds and leave your family many acres of tranquility to enjoy.....easy life!! Do I sound jealous......lol Good health to enjoy!!
  7. If you know that little about machinery and farming,,What you actually need is a "for sale" sign......😂
  8. No...they are doing their job.... like many many others who have continued working providing valuable services that others rely upon....and who dont have unions threatening strikes if they dont get their way!!!!
  9. Financially you will be worse off.... Higher accounts fees More paper work to be in on time You will be excluded from all covid support...... You may protect your house tho the rules on this are not what they used to be Ltd companys are first on the list for tax rises to pay the debts we were excluded from receiving any help Loans are harder to get.....banks want more guaranteed.... Hope this helps....
  10. Fly over to belfast or even derry hire van car bike and set off for the west coast and from the ferry over the foyle to the bottom of the island you will be wowed in a good way....we have some amazing views drives nooks and hollows and people/characters who will entertain you..... But one warning.....dont expect sunshine.......!!!!
  11. Tell yous what....the refs/new rules are making rugby impossible to watch.....
  12. Not to hijack a sale but where are you using for parts nowadays....needing few bits and Bob's last time I used slewman Hawkins but there ceems very little on the web site.....
  13. Get a concrete shuttering company to cast one on site.
  14. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for farrel and co.....never should have been given the job as part of the last turgid coaching structure ireland going backwards or should I say sideways as that is all there plan ceems to involve oh yea that and box kicking back to the opposition!! The shakeup never happened and now needs to......tho I doubt the irfu will see it!!
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