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  1. Another + for kindle Got a fire 10 .....for £48 20% discount and £15 off for trading in a broken 1 thats no use.... So cant be bad to that!!
  2. Tapo 15quid ish Amazon....
  3. ....my cocker hates fireworks...jumps up onto me trembling and panting....her mother couldn't have cared less and her daughter has no issues either so certainly affects them all differently....
  4. No "eco" heating system will be an upgrade as such....listen to almost every pusher of it.....its a lifestyle choice that we will all have to buy into....it certainly will not be cost effective compared to what we have now......think of your low cost heating at the minute as the "Concorde" moment for our current lifestyle!!
  5. Ring rac 900 Not for cigarette lighter you clip to your battery....if you want 80psi this is what you will need..... £80 amazon Keep 1 in the van....used on everything from wheelbarrow to 3t dumper!!
  6. Simples.... i dont know the gist of it but...there is not enough hydrogen as the goverment want to use it in some carbon capture process or something like that to get to carbon neutral.....then if there is additional it will then be mixed with natural gas and used for heating...... Basically crucify us for their look at us saving the world stance which will make no difference when the rest of the world just carries on regardless..... All of the air/ water pumps rely on immersion heaters to boost temp high enough for washing etc....you will not save any money on your existing bills with these systems!!!!
  7. If youd be willing to post at my cost....my 7yr old would make good use of it.....?
  8. You "can" do what ever you want.....!!....lol Years ago we used to kinda of do it that way but always put a screed on top.... So... hardcore /insulation /subfloor dpm/ screed Resulting in poor uvalves and potential cold bridge... But heres the thing....if your in an old poorly insulated building doing this small floor to new regs aint going to make any odds to the house!!
  9. Sorry scully wasnt even trying to quote you... To answer floor make up is as follows Take out existing If no hardcore you need prob 100mm compacted Then 100/150 subfloor concrete then damproof membrane then 50/100mm of polyiso insulation then say 75/100 cement screed Now your tile buildup of 35/40mm So basically your looking at removing 400 mm + below existing floor height!! Or of coarse you can just fire in bit of concrete tile over and then scratch your head as to why you have damp/ cold bridge problems a year down the line!!
  10. No not really!! (Cant remove the quote box)
  11. You want to trust your life to a 15quid ladder........!!!!!! All because it is cheap!! Really?
  12. Just watched most of it..... Wilder looked out of it and ref/corner let the man take a beating just cause hes a 1 punch trick pony.....will be very surprised if there was no damage done to him....
  13. Any shop/trader with card machine can accept it.....
  14. You obviously have not heard of the "covid" boat tax......
  15. Hydrogen is interesting.....we have wrightbus now jcb....just sold 4 buses to roi for 800 k each using fuel cell technology......now jcb son challenged his dad to do hydrogen digger.....1 yr later and he now has an new engine running on hydrogen that fills from pump not a cell and working machines He explains that this is the future not electric and many were scared by emissions scandals and just went to battery as safe option....he explains it way better than me.....think additional 8 tonnes of battery to power 20t digger never mind trying to recharge.... He has the engine sorted now just needs hydrogen infrastructure to come on board which surley is only a natural shift for trad petrol stations.... So this area may be the next to explode!!!...... who knows....
  16. Top tip before you disconnect any light fitting.... Take a picture!! Your new light will connect to exactly the same point as such ( its only live neutral and poss earth)and any additional wires can be left ignored joined up....your camera fone really is your friend here!!
  17. Just remember 1 wago for each colour of wire....!!
  18. Thats not grumpy its just the ..." im a cocker look.....i never chewed that!!"........😂
  19. This is the thing now,, they know the products arnt good,, so specify a tolerance that a workman could never achieve in the real world!!
  20. Clients picked a vinyll plank floor for an extension last year cant rem brand...the manufacturer recommended that the floor must be level to within 1mm for the guarantee to be valid....needless to say i took no part with this to the point even as main contractor i refused to laytex the floor ....my rule is if your supplying and fitting it your doing your own prep for it....floor to a mm is impossible!! And they know that!!
  21. Try to get wall/floor tiles the are straight and not bowed....they are awfull now never mind get 2 same size....its getting beyond a tradesmans capability to sort them!!...
  22. millrace

    ENG v GER.

    And other than winning which yes i get was the point....the match was rubbish some of the play at the beginning of 2nd half was 2 teams looking for a penalty shoot out.....and i recon denmark could be where it goes wrong.....
  23. Its whole crop.....feed crop Usually when reseeding a field for new grass....cereal crop then undersow with grass seed common practice.....
  24. There going to get stuffed.....down to a blindsided coach picking his favourites!!!!!.....
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