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  1. Just wondering about 9s and their ability to break the longer stuff
  2. Anyone have any experience with the above? They’re on offer at the moment and wondering if it’s worth trying a thousand
  3. Not that I know of mate. There’s one betweenBarrow and Ulverston though
  4. I haven’t heard anything Scully. But that may just be me. There’s one every week on the Coast Road near Barrow
  5. I think I will be able to use it in terms of shooting targets I struggle with. Say shoot ten of them. Go and review footage. See where I’m going wrong and then go shoot another ten and see if I improve
  6. Footage from my new shotkam of 100 sporting clays at Cumbria Clay Ground near Southwaite Services on Sunday https://youtu.be/ycJcFn0Hae8
  7. Started to shoot clays this year after only ever really shooting game over my spaniels. Am really enjoying it and the missus treat me to a shotkam. I went up to Cumbria Clay Ground bear southwaite services at the weekend and shot their sporting layout competition. Really enjoyed it. Never going to win but it was a good day out with good craic. Heres a link to the footage: https://youtu.be/ycJcFn0Hae8
  8. PM me mate. There’s one on the coast road
  9. Not this one Lee I've retired her. Got a youngster who is just about ready to go
  10. Need to get her to ignore the controller in my hand but here's some first time footage
  11. No idea pal. Just one of the stock ones on imovie No I filmed the whole retrieve as one mate and then did I second take just filming the stream part
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