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  1. Benelli m2 stock drop shims

    Try Gunmark GMK... I am sure these are the importers and distributors for Benelli...part of the Beretta group..
  2. steel shotgun cartriges

    Taken from the Remington help center https://www.remington.com/support/help-center Can I use steel shot in my shotgun barrel? We do not recommend the use of steel shot through any barrel manufactured before 1963 or through any barrel having a fixed Full choke. Anything larger would not perform well out of a fixed full choke and could open up your muzzle over time. If you have barrels manufactured after 1963, with fixed Modified or Improved Cylinder chokes, you may shoot up to size #2 steel shot. The use of steel shot larger than size #2 is only recommended in modern barrels with the Rem Choke system. If you have the Rem Choke system, you may shoot any size steel through the Improved Cylinder and Modified choke tubes. The Full choke tube must state "For Steel or Lead" to be capable of handling steel shot.
  3. Water supply setup- Spring on hill to house.

    Sorry...Wrong info
  4. Barbour Northumbria wax jacket

    Too small for me as well , its the wifes Still has a lot of wear left in it Suit somebody of a slighter build i.e lady or youth Good beating or rough shooting coat for the money
  5. As per title...Barbour Northumbria wax jacket Size 36" / 91cm All poppers and zip ok No rips or tears...lining ok Small bit of fraying on cuffs...small crease hole on right sleeve Small hole on right pocket flap Has been hanging in my shed for a couple of years and a bit musty smelling Could probably do with a gentle re-wax .....£25 posted...Prefer bank transfer
  6. new Browser suggestions.

    Waterfox for me..stripped down 64bit version of Firefox...faster to load Cyberfox is good also
  7. Winchester 9410 Traditional

    There is one on guntrader https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/winchester/lever-action/410-gauge/9410-170815195944417
  8. choke identification

    Beretta USA skeet choke is tighter than EU skeet choke https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/chokes-beretta-skeet-usa-vs-skeet.618410/ http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=208586
  9. Savage Arms 30 E 12 gauge

    .719" is the nominal bore , not the choke size Choke size is most likely marked on the underside of the barrel I would be very surprised if it was not choked half or full
  10. Photo resizing and hosting

    Just use windows " Paint " which is in Start > All programs > accessories , on your pc Very simple to use...resize your photo , save to where you want...upload when needed
  11. Remington 11-87 problem!!

    Thats just it , the gun was not broken , the staking is there to aid reassembly but not necessary.. I have seen primers jammed in the trigger unit only last week on an ATA semi...home loads were the culprit
  12. Remington 11-87 problem!!

    That is the shell stop and has become unstaked from its slot inside the receiver...no great problem Put it in its slot with the holes lined up and put the tip of an electrical screwdriver only just through hole.. Guide the trigger unit in gently and if you can use the screwdriver to roughly locate it..jiggle the holes into place and tap the pins in.. Dont waste money having it restaked...not cheap, and you can marr the receiver if you try other methods A common fix is clean it up and degrease, and its slot, and then superglue it in place while clamped flat and left to dry..you must clamp as the shell stop is slightly curved My 1100 stop has been loose since i first stripped it , bought in 1978...the first time i had to reassemble it nearly sent me mad, hence i said earlier you need three hands...now i have the hang of it , it flies in...
  13. Remington 11-87 problem!!

    If the link is broken it is a simple replacement...just need to hold the ends of the legs together so that it enters the spring tube...i use needle pliers
  14. Remington 11-87 problem!!

    I could be wrong , but from experience , if the link comes out of the spring tube the bolt is locked forward and jams I would go with a fault with the trigger unit...again , could be wrong , but it would be the first thing i would look at Simple to remove , push out the two pins and pull down from the rear...you will soon see if the link is broken Reassembly , feed latch in first and pull up at rear ...only fiddly problem you may have is if the shell stop has become unstaked , then you need three hands