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  1. Thanks both, that worked a treat. I put some grease behind the head, as advised, then kept screwing into the micro core section, which then hid the screw heads in the pad. Perfect. Thank you very much. Snipe.
  2. Hi, does anyone have experience of fitting a Beretta micro core recoil pad please? I have got one along with the correct screws and am fitting it to a new stock that I'm working on. However, I am uncertain as to how deep the screws should be fitted. Specifically whether I should still see the head of the screws or if they should be screwed in to a point where the essentially vanish into the pad? Thanks, Snipe.
  3. Thanks Panoma1, but found them through a Beretta retailer. Thanks for your time and offer anyway. Snipe.
  4. Hi. I have recently purchased a Beretta micro core recoil pad for a silver pigeon 20g. However, no screws supplied and Beretta store showing out of stock. Does anyone have a couple I can purchase please?
  5. Good shout. Thank you and thanks for your help and insight. Searched retailers for them, no one showing stock. Typical.
  6. I did and have. They are out of stock and they cannot tell me when they will be back in stock. Not great. Crazy that they don’t come supplied with suitable screws.
  7. Hi, hoping someone can help please. I have just replaced the stock on my beretta silver pigeon 20g. I purchased a Beretta micro core recoil pad for it, but it does not come supplied with screws. Beretta sell them, but they’re out of stock. Any idea what I need as I just have an image to work from, so no idea of length, screw size etc. And can probably source something off the shelf. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot. Snipe.
  8. Hi, I am picking up this air rifle tonight (very excited), but it does not come supplied with a moderator/silencer. Could anyone recommend a suitable one for me please? Perhaps someone with experience of this air rifle in particular. It's a .22 model. Thanks a lot, Snipe.
  9. Exactly, Fortune. I would have preferred if 'Tricka' had been honest and said he could no longer continue with the purchase, at least then I could have sold it others that were waiting. Anyway, let's hope that karma works wonders in return... On a more positive note the gun has now been sold and funds received from a very genuine seller who could not have been any easier to deal with Snipe.
  10. Gun still for sale if any further interest. All those previously interested have now been contacted without commitment. I am willing to cover RFD postage costs my side, which may help some of you. Thanks, Snipe.
  11. Sadly I have been totally messed around by forum member 'Tricka', so gun now back for sale! He gave me a 100% guarantee on the sale but then no payment, no response and just rejects my calls when it came to finalising the deal... Will respond to next in line and keep interested parties updated Snipe
  12. Thanks a lot DaveWH100 As a further note to sale; I am willing to RFD to RFD. Snipe.
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