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  1. Hi, I am picking up this air rifle tonight (very excited), but it does not come supplied with a moderator/silencer. Could anyone recommend a suitable one for me please? Perhaps someone with experience of this air rifle in particular. It's a .22 model. Thanks a lot, Snipe.
  2. Exactly, Fortune. I would have preferred if 'Tricka' had been honest and said he could no longer continue with the purchase, at least then I could have sold it others that were waiting. Anyway, let's hope that karma works wonders in return... On a more positive note the gun has now been sold and funds received from a very genuine seller who could not have been any easier to deal with Snipe.
  3. Gun still for sale if any further interest. All those previously interested have now been contacted without commitment. I am willing to cover RFD postage costs my side, which may help some of you. Thanks, Snipe.
  4. Sadly I have been totally messed around by forum member 'Tricka', so gun now back for sale! He gave me a 100% guarantee on the sale but then no payment, no response and just rejects my calls when it came to finalising the deal... Will respond to next in line and keep interested parties updated Snipe
  5. Thanks a lot DaveWH100 As a further note to sale; I am willing to RFD to RFD. Snipe.
  6. John Partridge Blake Tweed Jacket / Coat. Brand new and never worn . RRP £525. Asking £180 + postage (£12.50). No offers. Payment by cheque, bank transfer or paypal (buyer to cover costs). Fantastic looking coat, extremely well made - quality that will last for years. Further details to be found here: http://www.countryattire.com/john-partridge-men-s-blake-tweed-jacket-brown-twm100.html Made from lambswool. Main colour is brown. Actual sizes: Armpit to armpit; 24 inches, Armpit to cuff; 20 inches, Armpit to bottom of coat; 22 inches. No size on the coat, but I am a medium and would say that it is that; a medium. However, please use these sizes as the most accurate measure. Zip fastening then button on top. Moleskin lined pockets for comfort. Zip pocket next to main zip opening. A further x2 internal zipped pockets along with internal mesh pocket and smaller pocket. Hood stored in zip section in collar. Images of coat:
  7. Sorry to hijack, but this is happening with my Beretta Xtrema. I bought some 'hunting' extended chokes, which seem to pattern very well and I'm very happy with them. However, I do have to keep checking them and from time to time I will find that between a few shots it has loosened up a bit. What's the score? any remedies beyond superglue?! Snipe
  8. Well, it turned out pretty good. Got to the field for around 11am on Saturday. I was a bit late so didn't get a chance to pick up a dead lamb for the pattern. Found a load of sheeps wool instead and clumped that into the middle of the decoy pattern, which seemed to work a treat. Shot until 4pm, but they really started to wise up by then. Tried changing the decoy pattern a few times, took down the bouncer etc. but nothing really worked. Anyway, got 31 for 56 shots by this time so decided to call it a day. Took a drive around and found some more patches of corvids on neighbouring fields, so decided to go back up yestderday for a few hours. Got 15 for 22 shots from the first field then 9 for 14 shots on the second field. Not bad for around 3 hours shooting. Ended the weekend with 55 corvids (mainly carrions), which the farmer was over the moon about - he lost some 30+ lambs to them last year!! :o Will get back on them over the next 10 days or so with a little luck. Snipe.
  9. Was wondering about the amount of decoys, and that does make sense, as it's more of a confined feeding pattern, basically. Thanks for that. Diolch 'bardd trwm o dan bridd tramor'. Snipe.
  10. Mine was £1,750. Second hand, but mint - as/new. Snipe.
  11. Thanks, much appreciated. Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that the SPV does take steel shot and the Guerini doesn't then I would almost certainly sell it for anther Guerini, I really am that impressed. Seems pretty stupid that they didn't make them steel shot proof nowadays though. Thanks RFB. Good to have someone in the same mindset. Good luck with yours. Snipe.
  12. Thought I'd tag on a similar question rather than starting a new thread. I've been asked be a local farmer to go blast some crows that are doing huge damage to his lambs - went to check it out last night and there is a 'good' amount of crows around, along with occasional dead lamb. I've done a fair bit of crow decoying before, but mainly over crops. What's the score with this scenario please? any tips? I've asked the farmer to keep any dead lambs for me to include in the pattern. Will that work? Where should I place it? I want to get rid of as many as I can, for obvious reasons, and the farmer has fantastic winter rough shooting, so want to keep in his good books. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Snipe.
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