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  1. By cranking i presume you mean the anti bear trap? Hold the button/lever "in"whilst you cock it with the other hand, be sure to keep hold of the underleaver as you load a pellet just to be on the safe side. cheers Sutty
  2. Scroll down there page Markio and click on decoying equiptment, £58 mate. I wont go out without one!!!!!!!!!!!! CheersSutty
  3. sutty

    foxes on c4

    I would agree that the capture of the injured Fox from under the decking looked staged. It made no attempt to struggle free even days later when it was "on the mend" even as the rescuer cuddled it?. When it was eventually released it was off like a rocket. A good program though, that ,imho, high lighted the need for Fox control and i would bet that 90%of those that veiwed it had no idea they killed for the sake of it. As for Colin and Reg, Would you eat cake if they offered it (I was under the impression that returning Vermin into the wild is an offence??) didn't they star as extras in
  4. Eley subs in my 10/22, she dosen't like winnies, far to many jam ups ? cheers Sutty
  5. I have a timer on mine and since buying the flapper the whirly stays in the garage gathering dust. Just my oppinion but it works for me, light to carry, movement in the pattern and runs forever on a small battery cheers Sutty
  6. Scaffy you bad lad you!! 19.20 and still gone unoticed?? regards Sutty
  7. Darebear, That one just made me smile as well, thanks regards Sutty
  8. I have one Shotgun...willy Before you Flea-bay it, try this. Take out the hoop that holds the material in front of you, then push the material backwards onto the seat. That leaves you with an open fronted Bush hide. Then use a piece of camo net and two poles out at the front, fasten the net back to the hide about 3/4 of the way up. The net and two poles add a bit to the weight overall but you still keep out of the weather,and you can stand up and stepforward to shoot. Try it, if iyou dont like it ,replace the Hoop and flea-bay here it comes. Regards Sutty
  9. Tragic news, a fellow sportsman who will be sadly missed on this forum. My respect and condolences go out to his family and friends at this time. Regards Sutty.
  10. I should have sussed something was amiss when you showed me the "curtains"you had put up in its kennel and the matching "Duvet". Sutty
  11. If its still for sale i will have it, PMsent
  12. I thought it was next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only kidding, Jon and i will be there, so dont forget, Hawkeye ,Full english x2 for 10am (ish). see you then cheers Sutty
  13. My thoughts and best wishes go out to you and your family at this sad time. Regards Sutty.
  14. sutty


    Hi DB. He will probrably find his way home and be curled up under his hutch when the owner goes out to feed him. As a lad (many years ago) i had this happen a few times untill chicken wire was outdone by weld mesh. Scaffy has the right idea cheers Sutty
  15. Hesky mate, Before you sell up, do me a favour, ring or call and see the farmer and ask him to re consider. It maybe that he's cooled down a bit, its worth a try. cheers Sutty
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