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  1. Hi top people most knowledgeable , has any body used & had any success or heard from people of trust, if there is any relevant fuel saving or are they glossing it up to encourage one to part with ones brass thanks in advance.
  2. Corvids will be on the feeders from 1st light etc when not looking & emptying thas feeders
  3. Look brill some of those well done. I have tried a lot over the years and theirs probly 3 that stand out & two are still being sold one at a butchers & the other at a bakery in the same town. They are sweet so to me that says swede & carrot but am no baker, i work with animals.
  4. I have been out with a couple ladys in the past that were known as Domperion knickers .If thats any good lol.
  5. I would take the other flapper, Posted thanks.
  6. Turnips pigeon love em . Grow a few here in the back woods lol
  7. I use to whatch a magpie on top of the neighbours bird box trying to snatch blue tits coming back to the box
  8. Hi mate do you still have the hush power 20b for sale. If so what is it. Cheers

  9. They have valuers that come & cast an eye over. Some can be corrupt 3r
  10. Man with yr exsperience they should leave you to it more or less.... Crop protection
  11. I have one in derbyshire
  12. Ladybower for still water all the way, plenty of chalk streams near as well
  13. Jeyes fluid or male urine
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