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    Used to do competitive 4x4 trials but the body complains about the bumping and banging about now.

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  1. rodp

    Male mums

    Don't think I know to any now, did know one but I'm sure he died of aids or something similar that they catch. He was ok to speak to, quite a sense of humour if I remember correctly (long time ago)
  2. rodp

    Pointless jobs

    Agree with this ^^ . . . . . . Oh by the way Mel, found you a better place to hide the council truck out of sight so next time you fancy another days shooting do the usual. Just go to depot and clock on, come out to the shoot in your truck and hide it round the back again, when we've finished you can take the truck back to the council depot and clock off. Jobs a good un again Wouldn't tell anyone on here though, they may get the wrong idea
  3. No no no, it was a thank you from GB, it's now redundant, finished, deceased, gone and snuffed it. Now it's just to make you laugh at the vanity of the jerks who like to be called Lord or some such. I'll bet you wouldn't know nowadays whether anyone you meet is a Lord or not unless you were told. And then I'd still call him "mate"
  4. rodp

    Male mums

    Quite simple, having children isn't a legal right, it's natures privilege, and to say otherwise just shows how selfish some folk are. To say it's a legal right is just the me me me mind set coming out again.
  5. Yep, dare say you could just keep spraying it with wd40.
  6. Who's being patronising ? If you are muslim I don't really care, and I'm certainly not bigoted, realist yes, bigoted no. If you have to resort to the usual labour replies of patronising bigoted racist because you know I'm right then so be it, carry on. As I said in the post, give it twelve months or so then I'll believe it, until then it's just show. As for bataris box (whatever it is), really not bothered to even google it.
  7. :lol: Don't they just da daaa, Medallion man rides out :lol: You just have to laugh at the lycra clad twerps :lol:
  8. I'm not absolutely convinced which side the majority of moderate muslims are on to be honest. I know they aren't terrorists, I know they probably wouldn't slit a non believers throat, but I don't know as they'll be any help in catching terrorists. Yep, there's a few which help the intelligence services, but just what percentage I don't know. Having them as law abiding citizens is one thing, getting them to go against their own religion and grass others up is quite a different story.
  9. Yep, my feet are firmly on this one. I'll believe it in twelve months or so when (if) it starts to make any difference what so ever. Don't be taken in quite so easily.
  10. True, but these will be moderate muslims, how about the thousands that DIDN'T attend mass? Don't be taken in by this show, it alters nothing, long long way to go yet.
  11. The trick with a fast running chop saw is light pressure, just enough to cut but not enough to build up enough heat up the ally.
  12. Angle grinder discs don't really like ally, may do better with a circular saw with a blade that can cut through nails. We used to jigsaw it years ago using brake fluid as a lubricant and to stop the blade clogging.
  13. Mel, you wouldn't half be shifting after 25,000 feet. I wouldn't want to be under the net :lol:
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