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  1. Shot a laid patch last week, worly to the front edge with the decoys each side a little back leaving a flight path through the middle. Ment to say decoys ,shells just thrown on barly had 139 worked on the day
  2. Yes mate told him your trying to contact him
  3. Just had a couple of days working in woods, loads of horse flys landing and taking off not one bite Avon skin so soft the clay ground I shoot on loads of little biters still no problems every one I now is buying avon not much help I now something for the future
  4. John knibbs 12 month so asked sportsman was told 12months. your bloke probably gave a little extra out of good faith
  5. It's only 12 months one question I didn't ask when I bought mine
  6. Looking at the review sounds good plenty sold Thought with the amount sold who else has one on here, any problems occurring, be good to here from other buyers
  7. bought one ove these to satisfy an itch for a 28gauge, had it less than a month so to soon to say how good they are what I can say is the build quality looks ok, it's knot a beretta or browning and it won't hold its price Bought for a walk round gun, good points comes up nice, really light ,shoots where I want it to. at the end of the day I am knot going to be using it for clays at the price of 28g carts. Time will tell how good it is
  8. Don't read the shooting time how bad did they discribe said shotgun could only fined shooting time describe it as an entry level shotgun
  9. I would try the back pockets of what you were warring , once searched for me car keys for 2 hours one time ,got a right kob on muttering some ****ers had them, only to fined you can guess the rest
  10. That impressed ended buying one in 28g, ended up today at wedgenock 70 bird, trigger is a bit heavy, other than that still impressed only bought as a nice lightweight walk round gun
  11. Lad I know has been shooting pheasants with one in 410 he loves it, he leaves is exspensive guns indoors had a fox today
  12. Well skeetfreak think you have about answerd every thing, thanks for that sounds like your there a lot
  13. Cheers tpd 1309, had they changed the sporting round each time you visited
  14. Who shoots cosford clay shooting ground, looking for a new place to shoot and keep hearing different opinions on the layout, I mainly shoot compac and sporting.
  15. Your local gun shop they can order it from gmk
  16. If it's the one on school lane its next weekend it's a 50 bird cup handicap
  17. My youngest and her daughter has taken over, blackberry and apple pies
  18. From that era as well,just watched a coal tit darting of the fat balls and an old cock sparrow feeding is 5 kids from the seed feeder
  19. Shame there so destructive, one farm I used to shoot on, I was told to leave the fox as it had no interest in the lambs or chickens Kill this one and the next one could have a different taste
  20. Nice to se one standing, some back garden there mate
  21. My old grandad used to catch them with bird lime, used for breeding with canaries, other finches, for showing He was in cage and avery often with champion birds
  22. Got a few wood pigeon in the garden that get fed with the other birds, one cheeky sod will let you get within a foot away from him
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