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  1. blasterjudd

    Huglu .410

    It will be full and full choke we've got 2 of these guns there not cylinder choked !!!!
  2. blasterjudd

    6amo.Phox .22 PCP Any Good?

    Hi All Looking for advice on the Gamp Phox .22 pcp airguns Any Good it looks like the action is a BSA Ultra ? What's the shot count in. .22 ? Appreciate any owners advice please and what pellets are you using ? Thankyou
  3. blasterjudd

    Kral Jump Puncher

    Bruno fair comments but perhaps you could advise us in your profession what guns you now own/shoot and recommend over the RM8 ? Am certain this could be good advice for all of us guys looking into pcps
  4. blasterjudd

    Kral Jump Puncher

    If a gun plays up you usually take it back under warranty so am surprised someone has criticised in that manner ... Anyone else had trouble with a RM8 ? How much does an RM8 weigh then as most pcp guns are 3.5kg plus ? Bit surprised with your complaint surely you should take it back under warranty ....? I would guess the Mags are common to another Gun manufacturer so should be fine ? Do you lnow who makes them ? How much does yours weigh with scope and silencer ?
  5. blasterjudd

    Kral Jump Puncher

    Anybody had any experience with one of these pcps it seems the Airgun mags highly rate them ? Also is the Walther RM8 a much similar gun ? Await some feedback guys ......
  6. I have for sale a Kammo finish homemade rotary machine which is lightweight and adjustable. It is made with a linear motor so its less than half the weight of car wiper motors and has fully adjustable arms etc Plus inc in price are 2 flocked rotary decoys and 1 flapping pigeon shown in photo below £55 No offers as all is in very good condition this will certainly get taken by first to see .... Can supply pics of rotary if required. Buyer collects from North Essex please Thankyou for looking ...
  7. blasterjudd

    Daystate X2

    Brilliant guns my friend I both have one his is the X2R and mine is an X2 there both pellet on pellet at 45 yards mine is a Prestige Model with a Gary Cane walnut thumbhole stock both are .177 and had no trouble at all they are real quality pcps in fact better made than most new pcps imo Only negative if you call it that is there is no gauge on the gun but who needs one you know how many shots you have taken mine does at least 90 shots before needing a top up.... Buy one you won' regret it !
  8. blasterjudd

    Daystate leaking again

    Try a long welding rod and some wd40 ? Be sure to remove all the oil out of the barrel after you get the pellets out
  9. blasterjudd

    Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50S

    Whats the reason for selling ? I question as am told these are difficult to zero ?
  10. blasterjudd

    Fenland Country Fair any good ?

    Anyone go to the fenland country fair at Stow *** Quay Cambs yesterday and wondered if it was any good ? may take a look today .......
  11. blasterjudd


    Linseed can be good but its hit and miss pending weather conditions If we had a drought it can be good I shot over a field one year and it regularly attracted a lot of birds but the next year the crop was useless Can be good over stubble though and if they don't shred it makes good hides ....
  12. As the heading is it possible to retrofit an air gauge on an older airgun Daystate X2 Or are there any companies offering such upgrades ? It would be handy to see how much air I have in the gun ......... Thankyou for your assistance ladies and gents ......
  13. blasterjudd

    BSA Scorpion se .22

    Hi just wondered Is the regulated version ?
  14. blasterjudd

    Pigeons in Essex?

    I'm near to you getthegat Stebbing and roosting this year over Terling area not much about we shoot for 4 weeks in February had about 60 total some big flocks at times but all very wary and country mile high. Lack of rape seems to be the main problem for good old Essex and gets worse year by year. Roll on the drilling of peas beans and wheat perhaps that will change things for us guys ? Come on pigeons come out to play ... . .
  15. blasterjudd

    Lofting Poles

    As the title does anybody have any Lofting poles they would like to sell ? Thanks (Not Eastern European related ! Lol )