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  1. It does get tricky finding time! I’ve missed many opportunities for work only really just getting back into shooting tbh hopefully you’ll be out fishing them some lead soon mate! Thanks for the comment Thank you ditchman years of practice missing with the first has cured any hesitation on the second barrel 😂 I have thought about it but I try to use the one gun for absolutely everything probably me being daft. I do desperately want to change my gun however the one I want is requiring some saving up for (whilst doing the house it only ever seems more distant haha) one day 🙄 thanks for the comment and for watching
  2. Bright sunshine, a stiff breeze and a job to control some corvids or at least that was the plan. My latest video. Possibly some of my worst shooting but I set out to show it how it is (for myself at least) and bad days happen! Some comical misses but I did manage a few and the rest well some may find it entertaining! Have a watch and let me know your thoughts as always. Apologies in advance for the dodgy camera angle- first time using the new gear and overly eager I didn’t set it up quite right but lesson learnt! https://youtu.be/0JB3DsEROkg
  3. Butterfly shooter haha that's a new one to me! but I know the frustration. Someone got permission to shoot over a drilling this year that would've been a 100+bird day almost for sure but they spoilt it for a couple dozen 🙄 only thing is I know they wont stay around for long-they never do. just hope they get bored before the harvest when all us regulars who protect the crops get paid by having some relatively reliable good sport! good luck.
  4. watched the squirrel shooting nice video mate nice gun too.
  5. good video of an overlooked subject, well done and good idea.
  6. Sounds like an interesting test to be done at some point. 👍🏼 Leave it with me
  7. Just a bit of fun on a Sunday with my old man. We have an old manual trap a box of clays and away we go some half decent breaks and some horrific misses 🙈😂
  8. Thanks I shall have a look good idea
  9. Hi guys don’t suppose anyone knows of any good fair game dealers that’d buy pigeons (not necessarily atm during covid lockdown etc I’m meaning longer term for the future) based in Buckinghamshire Aylesbury/Mk areas if anyone sells to a decent one round either of those areas or within a reasonable distance or if one collects from the areas even better! Thanks
  10. By the way guys and especially moderators if I am posting too much on here please let me know as not my intention to spam up the forum just thought there may be folk on here that might not be on youtube but that may appreciate some footage.
  11. Hope you enjoy this video, had a few issues whilst filming such as the first setup being in a no fly zone 🤬 and the fact we had glaring sunlight and a strengthening wind to deal with but made the most of the opportunity I think and have tried to bring to you guys a pigeons view as it approaches and comes into a couple different decoy setups- ive not seen it done before please have a watch and hopefully most will like it and any newbies it might help the learning curve as to a few different approaches to decoy patterns you could try for yourselves. Hope everyone is staying safe. As ever feel free to let me know how you get on viewing this one much appreciated
  12. nice video guys birds were decoying brilliantly on that wind by the looks of it! well done👍
  13. I did think the same actually! not by much for an adult pigeon as I found they still sat on the body of the cradle but just had the neck extended a bit like they would when you see them reaching for aah buds so not necessarily unnatural but not what we would expect to see on a field. However, I haven’t yet cut them down purely because I thought the way they display the neck may show the white flash around the neck of the bird a little more prominently and that this may be the thought behind the design? I also thought about putting a point on them the reason I didn’t is that when pushing the birds onto it I know I’m going to end up being heavy handed on a busy day in a rush and push too hard and end up skewering my hand on it- or at least that’s all I could think of when I was going to do it so I left it! Would be easier for sure and the reduction in height that you’ve done may well be something I do to at least a percentage of the cradles as that would look more like how we see a pigeon on a field for sure (will keep some at full height for the bigger crows). I do like your idea for storing them though! I will get myself a suitable bit of tune for sure👍🏼
  14. Appreciate the comment as ever thanks and I will take note- and as soon as I can get the lockdown hair back to the barbers and under control I shall indeed lose the hat for when I talk to the camera 🙈😂 thanks for watching and taking the time to comment 🙂
  15. Thanks for watching! Glad it could help a little hopefully and all the best for your new sport!
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