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  1. Thanks for the reassurance I thought it’d probably be ok but was worth checking in case I should do something differently but I will just carry on as we were and forget it happened lol thanks all 👍🏼
  2. So just had a bit of a nightmare. My pup was left wondering about the garden (which is all normal) but she’s somehow got hold of a live pigeon! She’s 6months old but yet to move onto cold game retrieves. The pigeon can’t of been in her control for more than a minute or two and was still very much alive when taken off the dog but she had definitely “played” with it. What do you guys think? Will this have done her any harm longterm? Probably panicking over nothing but you know what it’s like! Thanks
  3. Never knew fieldfare were red list! I’m well covered with residential lapwing, skylark, fieldfare, starling, both sparrows and a few more 👌🏼But handy to have the applicable species clear in your minds in case it ever got questioned 👍🏼
  4. The red dot you see is on the camera i use to show point of aim- it is not visible in "real world" to me or anyone/thing whilst im out shooting- purely on the recording and can be changed to a crosshair picture or a couple others.
  5. Thanks for watching and the feedback. I really need to get back into the swing of them its just finding the time! ive got some footage by me so hopefully not too ling to wait til the next one 👍
  6. thanks, I am indeed using both-it gets a bit cluttered in the hide on a busy day with batteries and cables and remembering to press record 🙄 but i think the different viewpoints achievable are worth the hassle. chokes are 3/4 in both cartridges (let me get my tin hat) are lyalvale pigeon power 29g 6 and gamebore velocity 28g 7 1/2s Ah awesome! let me see what i can get on the next one mate 👍
  7. appreciate mate. I laughed at the comment- nearly every video I've put up (all with music) received comments not liking it so tried it without just to see I think it really is a 50/50 audience so cant please everyone all the time. thanks for watching and if you haven't already check out my others (music aplenty in them haha)
  8. Hi all, another short video from me of a nice modest mornings work making a start on the corvids. Some actually decoyed brilliantly in the early morning light which made for a cold (-1) but enjoyable hours shooting but more importantly a few corvids that wont be multiplying this year. Have a watch and please do subscribe to my channel for more. Stay safe and good shooting.
  9. nice shooting and video buddy- again id love to see the dog work too all part of the day! good job👍
  10. Something to remind us of the good warm days we enjoyed even in this year! Shot a day over wheat stubble in the sunshine and heat of summer where it all came together for a cracking day. The flightlines stayed busy-hectic at times and i even managed to hit a few! also meet my new team member at the end of the video! hope you are all keeping well and enjoy the video!
  11. oh brilliant that's a lot easier (and a hell of a lot cheaper - £55 for 25 bismuth!!!!) my gun is old but pretty sure and ill check that its newer than 1990 then. thanks very much
  12. As per title I am looking for a decent goose load to be used on Canadas and greys on inland reservoirs/gravel pit but I shoot a non fleur de lys beretta 686 so from my research I would be ok with standard steel loads but not high performance steel. Could anyone in the know point me in the direction of any decent loads that will still allow decent range etc as I currently have no idea on what I can or cannot use and what steel loads id need to do the job. Thanks
  13. Went on down to my local clay club for first time since lockdown and had a go at their 50bird practice shoot to get some shooting as the pigeons aren’t playing ball with me at all just atm! My gun was off having work done which left me with only my spare gun -an old browning medalist- which it appears doesn’t really fit me at all but it still went bang and well it misses just the same as my gun 😂. Anyway hope you can still Enjoy the featherless video!
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