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  1. oh brilliant that's a lot easier (and a hell of a lot cheaper - £55 for 25 bismuth!!!!) my gun is old but pretty sure and ill check that its newer than 1990 then. thanks very much
  2. As per title I am looking for a decent goose load to be used on Canadas and greys on inland reservoirs/gravel pit but I shoot a non fleur de lys beretta 686 so from my research I would be ok with standard steel loads but not high performance steel. Could anyone in the know point me in the direction of any decent loads that will still allow decent range etc as I currently have no idea on what I can or cannot use and what steel loads id need to do the job. Thanks
  3. Went on down to my local clay club for first time since lockdown and had a go at their 50bird practice shoot to get some shooting as the pigeons aren’t playing ball with me at all just atm! My gun was off having work done which left me with only my spare gun -an old browning medalist- which it appears doesn’t really fit me at all but it still went bang and well it misses just the same as my gun 😂. Anyway hope you can still Enjoy the featherless video!
  4. Tbh I think most regular shooters have probably got a tale or two about having been reported for carrying out perfectly legal and indeed vital pest control. Nowadays any time I think there is any sort of likelihood of a complaint (which with the sorry state the countryside is in with the people that seem to live in it now is more often than not) I contact the police to log in with them and that stops the daft complaints going any further. So far I have only been received well by the police when I do this and in fact years ago when they’ve been out to me shooting pigeons and crows (armed response units) they were very civil and polite and had no issue with me carrying on. Pity that people have nothing better to do than ring in complaints!
  5. I recently knocked on a farmers door having seen crows hitting his roadside land. I got the go ahead from him to shoot...I also got the number of the lad that already shoots it so as I thought anyone would do I sent a message to the existing shooter introducing myself and telling him I had permission and my intended day to shoot etc......would he like to (socially distanced) join me as I’m sure we can share the sport 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’ve since shot with him on his own ground and made a good contact as well as meeting a decent chap into shooting. There will be days when I can’t get there and he can and gets a good bag and vice versa but I’ve never understood all the land “poaching” had it done to me but such a shame that it happens when it’s entirely unnecessary. Some cracking bags there mate looks like you’re getting plenty of sport still. well done 👍🏼
  6. It is a nice perspective and they do give a great picture I can’t see what you’ve cut and pasted mate?!
  7. A revisit trip for me up to the yard where the farmer stores his wrapped silage bales and the crows just love pecking holes in them spoiling the bales! A late set up due to prior commitments but manage another 30 down and as of yet no crows back up there so a happy farmer! The birds decoyed well in a stiff breeze and I actually managed to shoot fairly well which is a rare occurrence indeed! As always hope you all enjoy the video footage and let me know your thoughts. Apologies for the intro the gloomy light of the barn is apparently NOT conducive to good film but lesson learnt on that one until I can get a better camera at least! If you like the footage don't be shy subscribe to my channel as there'll be plenty more videos going up!
  8. I’m no agricultural mechanic so in simplest terms I understand- it was a new drill first time he’d used it and there’s a flap on it that became dislodged blocking off the chutes the seed goes down into the ground through with the farmer unaware until the crop actually came up. But the ground was too wet after rain to get back out onto and quickly put some seed in the missed rows so just had to leave them empty this year. Or something along that line 😂
  9. So I have been seeing a number of mixed corvids building up on a particularly stripey field (explained in the vid!) and went on a mission to find the farmer called in at one farm I thought it could be and scored a miss as it wasn't their land but they did take my number in case they needed another shooter at any time so who knows. More importantly they pointed me in the direction of the farm that owned the field in question.....a couple minutes drive saw and a door knock later saw me chatting to a very approachable chap and long story short he gave me permission to get out at the corvids and also near enough free range on all vermin over the 400 acres he farms there! Result! so the pressure was on to show I would be helpful to him and I got to work at the earliest opportunity I had, an afternoon a couple days later. Very hard work as lugged the gear to an ideal (I thought) site before having to dismantle everything and move to what turned out to be the actual ideal site 🤣 a good if a little trick afternoon shooting ensued and 76 birds down the farmer was happy and I secured the land as permission! Even managed a video to help any bored members out on here. Have a watch, plenty more now on my channel and many to come so subscribe if you enjoy!
  10. wow thank you very much for the compliments! I'm glad you are enjoying them, I still have lots of improvements to make on them but im looking forward to making more and improving as I go!
  11. I will definitely look at incorporating some of that in my future ones 👍🏼 Thanks for the help much appreciated!
  12. I like your theory of they die anyway 😂 only way they do when I’m on stand haha god knows maybe they cleverly and specifically replicate pigeons coming over a high thin hedge in winter dropping into a pattern on winter rape that’s been set close to the hedge with the wind blowing into the hedge 🤔 that works right?!
  13. 👍🏼 I liked the ground and the staff were really pleasant very welcoming and helpful. The guys said they run the gnat shoot 3-4 times a year so if it’s that you are after may be worth getting in touch with them or adding them on fb to see when it’s next on. The ground is still worth a visit in my opinion for a relaxed shoot. Hope you get down there and enjoy it soon!
  14. Took a drive to Swindon a few weekends ago to have a look round the sporting layout at Barbury shooting school and to shoot a very different type of target some funny poor shooting on my behalf but its all part of the fun! hope you enjoy the video!!! sometimes a change is good 👍
  15. It was indeed long grass up till then however the birds had been dropping into it (I wasn't able to study field to see numbers only ever saw the birds as I was passing) and even this day they were within the standing grass when I got there not really many on the cut stuff. I THINK they were finding some clover in some shorter patches, as every year on this field you can guarantee a small flock will build in march april on the clover on the brow of the hill that is on the field, seemed to be what they were after and would make sense. well it could only of ever been this or the actual grass seed my money would be on the clover. Thanks for all the positive comments! Glad you are enjoying my videos and I can only hope they are providing some entertainment!
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