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  1. decoy1979


    Rumour has it he spotted a flight line and got distracted whilst at the wheel.
  2. decoy1979


    If it were eye shine then it held pretty steady for 3 1/2 hours.🤔
  3. decoy1979

    Bad handling of guns on television

    That's tv for you! I found the lack of attention to detail more annoying as the gun in question looked like either a 20 or 28 gauge and the colonel was carrying a box of .410 cartridges that he placed on the kitchen table. But I've got over it now..
  4. decoy1979

    Christmas Greed

    I would of had one out of her trolley and probably replaced it with something else in way of compensation! 😉 My wife hates shopping with me for some reason🤔
  5. decoy1979

    shotgun cert revoked

    Depends what you mean by borrow, if in the presence of a certificate holder then yes you can "borrow" his/her gun. But you cannot "borrow" as in take and use unsupervised is my understanding.
  6. decoy1979


    That's not strictly true as UK consumption is around 2.2 million tonnes per year and although consumption per head may be declining population is increasing therefore cancelling out effect. Maybe Brixit will be a positive for the UK sugar industry & farming??
  7. decoy1979

    Dash cam's

    I use the 312GW as it was on offer at the time when I bought, I think it was about £85. To be honest you could probably buy one of the cheaper models and still be happy but I don't have any experience with them.
  8. decoy1979

    Dash cam's

    Nextbase for me, can buy cheaper but if it doesn't record or freezes/pixlates it's a waste of time/money anyway.
  9. decoy1979

    Shotgun Cartridges 12g x 10000 Bargain

    Hi, what weight are these?
  10. decoy1979

    Budget tires

    So as a budget tyre expert what do you recommend?
  11. decoy1979

    Budget tires

    I bought a set of 19" Landsails 2 weeks ago, only got 1200 miles on so don't know yet what life will be like but performance is good and they were a decent price.
  12. decoy1979

    Cheap Dash Cam recommendations required

    I had a cheapo dashcam that used to do exactly as described above, which made it pretty useless. I spent a bit more and went for a nextbase unit which has worked faultlessly!
  13. decoy1979

    Browning Cynergy Black Ice

    Mine comes up really nicely and at only 7lb it handles easily. You best get back to the gun shop and start haggling then!!
  14. Did you not dip the oil once you found the dipstick out & oil in engine bay? That would be the first thing I'd have done. If it's not been checked I'd still do it now to make sure all is ok.