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  1. Did you manage to figure it out between the two of you or did you wait until the wife got home?😁 On a serious note it is worrying, I see it all the time at work, total lack of common sense or ability, interest or desire to look at something and work it out before just asking someone else what or how to do something. On the plus side some of the events are so bad they are funny which does brighten the day.
  2. Maybe worth reporting the garage/test center or even one of the vehicles if you suspect it has defects?
  3. Sadly it probably comes down to £s not employee safety.
  4. Or maybe people read the post and followed the instruction to make contact via pm? Only Sparkie can really tell us for sure in this instance what interest has been like..
  5. How about looking at it from another angle, can you change the anchor point on the trailer? A local garage or engineering/welding shop should be able to weld on a bracket.
  6. Fair enough, it's tricky when you can see the potential but the land isn't yours to do with as you wish.
  7. Looks like it would have been a good opportunity to have pulled the silt out of the bottom of that pond.
  8. It's difficult to answer without a little more information and opinions will obviously differ but how old are the birds, what sort of cover are you trying to draw them to and distance from pen? Also When is your first day planned for as what's the benefit to drawing your birds away from home too soon.
  9. I'd start by finding someone with a hiab that could lift/relocate a few cars for you when the scrote is out one day. They'd be in and out in minutes 😉, ok maybe not totally legal but you wouldn't be the one doing it..
  10. I'm not surprised, 20 hours per day plus travel, time to eat etc, when did he ever sleep?
  11. That's what I was on and liked it, now on days at the same place, 5 on 2 off, more days at work and more travel. I just can't seem to get back on shifts as I'm "too useful on days".
  12. I've worked 8,9 & 12 hours shift patterns over the years and made them work, but working nights and switching between nights,days,afternoons etc certainly does not work for everyone! Our firm went over to embedded holidays in some patterns 5 years ago and in my experience the issues that come with that may have more effect than the working hours. For example if it is continuous working how many years before you get Christmas or new year off? If you have children that can only go on holiday outside term time, how often will this match your pattern or how often will you be aro
  13. I've no idea, the OP has not been on the site for a while though.
  14. I'll take these also if still available?
  15. I'll take these if still available please.
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