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  1. It may be worth zigzagging feed rides if possible rather than straight line to give birds more sense of shelter/cover too.
  2. It's almost impossible to give a definitive answer in my opinion as it will depend upon the topography as much as anything. You say ex small shoot, Is there anyone that has previous experience of the ground that could offer first hand advice? Failing that try and find a local keeper that could come take a look and offer there opinion maybe? Good luck.
  3. decoy1979

    Rifle bag

    It looks like there are some on the bay, search for tactical double rifle case. Something like this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/120cm-47-100cm-39-Tactical-Hunting-Shotgun-Rifle-Bag-Dual-Padded-Carry-Case/264206021555?hash=item3d83e7f3b3:m:m80pth3m-9P1v8H-jhm1iYQ&var=563765271856
  4. It sounds like the cartridges could and would have dealt with the clays but you have to put the shot in the right place....
  5. I've answered you questions above but also agree with others that it may be worth fixing up. It depends how you view the maintenance of the vehicle, tyres & brakes are a given cost so I'd not be including them within the "repair" cost personally. I'd be thinking more along the lines of how long have I owned the vehicle, what has it cost me over the past X years, do you regularly maintain it for example? What is a replacement likely to cost? If you've not owned it long you could have bought someone else's problem..
  6. Quite possibly, it doesn't owe me anything and is still going strong.
  7. Here's a picture of mine in .177, it's the best £15 I have ever spent! I acquired it in the mid 90's from an old boy who lived down the road from us, at the time I had no idea what it was worth or how effective it would be. My only regret is binning the scope that it came with as it was probably original, but you don't think of these things when you're young.
  8. Hi there decoy,

    Have you got sorted yet with the HMR 17.


    1. decoy1979


      Yes all sorted, Thanks.

    2. Marlin31


      Hi decoy 

      Thanks for your reply, only just joined have got an HMR for sale. Never mind good luck to you.

      If you know of anyone else wants one let me know, also CZ 22 cal for sale.

  9. How about a synthetic stocked Cynergy?
  10. decoy1979

    .17 hmr

    Yeah was hoping to pick one up locally but good luck moving yours on. Yeah it's further than I was hoping to travel to be honest, will see what comes up though.
  11. decoy1979

    .17 hmr

    Before i go out and buy new I'm looking for a .17 hmr setup if anyone has one gathering dust in the cabinet. Anything available in Norfolk or Suffolk would be good as can deal face to face. Thanks
  12. You say you don't want to attract them but may have to as part of the removal process. Are they nesting in the tree or just visiting and are they definitely crows? If they are I'd suggest trapping, a Larsen trap is probably the best option, they can be purchased or made relatively cheaply. This avoids the issue with stray pellets & potential complaints from neighbours.
  13. Of all the chips I've ever had I've only ever had one filled. That was in the wife's car that she'd not had long and typically I was driving it when said chip occurred. We had it done by a professional but the chip turned into a crack and the chip was still visible too. Hence I've only ever bothered getting the one done.
  14. Chain tensioner/device for joining two ends of a new Chain?
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