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  1. decoy1979

    Budget tires

    So as a budget tyre expert what do you recommend?
  2. decoy1979

    Budget tires

    I bought a set of 19" Landsails 2 weeks ago, only got 1200 miles on so don't know yet what life will be like but performance is good and they were a decent price.
  3. decoy1979

    Cheap Dash Cam recommendations required

    I had a cheapo dashcam that used to do exactly as described above, which made it pretty useless. I spent a bit more and went for a nextbase unit which has worked faultlessly!
  4. decoy1979

    Browning Cynergy Black Ice

    Mine comes up really nicely and at only 7lb it handles easily. You best get back to the gun shop and start haggling then!!
  5. Did you not dip the oil once you found the dipstick out & oil in engine bay? That would be the first thing I'd have done. If it's not been checked I'd still do it now to make sure all is ok.
  6. decoy1979

    Browning Cynergy Black Ice

    I've got one with 32" barrels and really like it for all forms of shooting, what barrel length are you looking at? In terms of fit, it should be fully adjustable if supplied with all original shims & spacers & stock has a comb raiser. You can't go wrong it's a Browning afterall!!
  7. decoy1979

    Cartridge clearout

    I was told these are now branded as Hyperfast and sell for over £400 per thousand but could be wrong.
  8. decoy1979

    Cartridge clearout

    I've got the following up for sale as not likely to get used any time soon. Based South of Norwich, Norfolk. 20 Bore Cartridges: 50 Hull pro twenty Fibre wad 7.5 shot 24g 67mm £11 450 Saga Olympic trap Fibre wad 7.5 shot 24g (125 @ 70mm, 325 @ 67mm) £100 100 Saga Olympic trap Plastic wad 7.5 shot 24g 70mm £20 100 RC Sipe Plastic wad 6 shot 25g 70mm £28 12 Bore Cartridges: 200 RC 4 ORO Fibre Wad 5 shot 35g 70mm £75
  9. decoy1979

    Using a lap top on your lap

    More likely to suffer muscular issues due to poor posture I'd have thought.
  10. decoy1979

    Can I count this as a kill?

    Someone's not laughing..🤗
  11. decoy1979

    Cheeky blighters .

    This ^^^
  12. decoy1979

    What Breakdown Service Would You Recommend ?

    AA for me having switched about 9 years ago from RAC as they were useless. Myself and the wife have both found them to be fairly prompt, last time I needed assistance they were with me in less than five minutes!
  13. decoy1979

    Help anyone, Magnet motor total failure

    http://www.a1decoy.co.uk/replacement-lightweight-magnet-motor-2800-p.asp This one is shown online but not a cheap option, if it is even what you need?
  14. decoy1979

    Benelli semi auto will not cycle

    Buy an escort..
  15. decoy1979

    Dead Eels !

    We've experienced the same in Norfolk as per the report here: BBC News