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  1. I guess it depends where you are located or how far you are willing to travel? Your post was suitably vague.
  2. How Should I feel....?

    Agreed, I wouldn't be rushing back but it all depends what arrangement was in place before the day(s). For example were they sold as Pheasant/partridge days and then the ducks were introduced as an add on? Have you spoken to other guns and if so what do they think? Was/is there anything in writing? What was the general feel at the end of the days and how did the host treat you? Was he apologetic, does he already know you are disgruntled.. Speak to them either individually or collectively, what's the worst that could happen? I hope you get it sorted.
  3. Sparky advice required

    No notification required, but a new light should not be fed from the switch. Anyone telling you to connect blue, brown or otherwise based on a picture are talking out of there ****. Unless you have a means of proving what is live or neutral get a pro to do it. Good luck and stay safe..
  4. Help needed

    I think you're describing Nord Lock washers.
  5. Kids and Christmas.

    What about a metal detector? Maybe he'd be interested in what treasures he could find and spend time outdoors in the process?
  6. Saga Cartridges

    Clarkes of Walsham have them listed on there website but not sure they are the importer, more likely to be a distributor I would have thought?
  7. Finding an inert electrical cable.

    I don't know the answer but I guess it will cost you £12.99 to find out, or ask for a local pw member with access to a Cat & Genny or similar to trace it for you maybe?
  8. Hats, Filson, Alan Paine, Schoffel, IceBreaker

    I'll take the Alan Paine Rutland Tweed Flat cap if still available please. Pm your bank details for payment.
  9. Steel carts for driven shoot

    I didn't take it as he was taking the ****, now that you've added the detail around cases rupturing and primer pockets burning out the description is a lot cleared. So do the carts have to be fibre/non plastic wads?
  10. Citreon berlingo

    My money is on £1495
  11. Guy Martin c4 8pm

    I guess the cost of living is pretty low, they must get everything laid on, accommodation, meals transport etc and get to travel the world so It's all relative.
  12. Electric source to a shed

    That's pretty much it, what are you planning on doing with the cable? bury it or surface mount on a fence or similar? I'd go with armoured cable personally with separate fuse box in the man cave and then have individual feeds off this (same as you do indoors). My reasoning being that once you've got the supply there you'll probably find that you want to add things.
  13. Electric source to a shed

    You should run a seperate supply from consumer unit with suitable RCD protection.
  14. A47 users & deer

    I don't know about this one as I've not seen it, but there was a red deer killed between the a140 & A146 juctions on the A47 4-6 weeks back so quite probable.