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  1. decoy1979

    What Breakdown Service Would You Recommend ?

    AA for me having switched about 9 years ago from RAC as they were useless. Myself and the wife have both found them to be fairly prompt, last time I needed assistance they were with me in less than five minutes!
  2. decoy1979

    Help anyone, Magnet motor total failure

    http://www.a1decoy.co.uk/replacement-lightweight-magnet-motor-2800-p.asp This one is shown online but not a cheap option, if it is even what you need?
  3. decoy1979

    Benelli semi auto will not cycle

    Buy an escort..
  4. decoy1979

    Dead Eels !

    We've experienced the same in Norfolk as per the report here: BBC News
  5. decoy1979

    Frozen pigeon

    Bambridge & Sons in Watton, Probably an 80 odd mile round trip for you though.
  6. decoy1979

    The Game fair - Ragley Hall

    I'm going tomorrow solely because I've already purchased tickets for the wife & kids and we've got accommodation booked for the night. The decision is over which motor to take so can anyone tell me what the parking & exits are like? Is it likely to be a 4x4 jobby if we get the rain that is Forecast?
  7. decoy1979

    Am I entitled to travel time?

    Hi Jamie, I think the answer to your question is yes as a employer has a duty to reimburse reasonable expenses necessarily incurred in the course of your employment. So do you have a contract of employment and if so what does it state? Mine has the following three items that sound applicable to your situation: travelling expenses to a location other than the normal place of work; hotel accommodation when staying away from home for work; mileage expenses for use of a private car when travelling on company business; There is also more to answer than can I claim anything back such as if using your personal vehicle are you insured and if adding travel time into your working week what does the weekly average hours worked come out at? If you are talking about multiple depots I assume you work for a reasonable size organisation? If so is it affiliated with a trade union? As an apprentice I wasn't a member of the union but our union representatives were always there to assist in situations like these. Have a chat with colleagues that might know about company policies if you can. Best of luck
  8. decoy1979

    Eriswell Lodge

    I've not been recently but the last couple of visits i've liked the fact that they've change the layouts and were still creating more stands. Certainly giving the impression that a lot of effort is being put in to returning it to what it used to be! As much as i enjoy visiting high lodge i do find it quite samey.
  9. decoy1979

    Dashboard lights

    If you have an underdash fuse box I would expect to see a diagram on the reverse of the cover with an image that looks like a speedo or instrument cluster. Have fun
  10. decoy1979

    Dashboard lights

    Got to be related to the trailer board wiring i'd say and probably cleared a fuse. Find the fuse box and check diagram to see if you can work out which one it is. Should be visible if it blown or test with a meter. It'll likely only be a 5 or 10amp fuse if you just want to go for lucky dip.. Unless you've accidentally dimmed the backlight down?
  11. decoy1979

    Cartridges (clear out)

    Hi, I'll take the 12 bore carts if still available please.
  12. decoy1979

    First sighting

    I saw the first brood of day old pheasants 3 weeks ago whilst out decoying. Mentioned it to the local keeper who had already seen multiple other broods in his travels so looking positive for him.
  13. decoy1979

    Suzuki Grand Vitara EPS fault

    I have heard of this issue being caused by either alternator faults and or aging battery giving slightly lower voltage. If you have another battery or ability to check condition of your vehicles battery this may be worth a check, it will certainly be cheaper than jumping straight into the ABS controller. Do you trust the main dealer? I'd personally go visit a local independent garage and get them to examine fault codes for you. I have no confidence in main dealers whatsoever as you may have determined.
  14. decoy1979

    Clay shooting in scotland

    Well I've got to say the advice was spot on gents! My son and I visited Auchterhouse last week and the whole experience was very good. From the minute we walked in the door we were made very welcome and really enjoyed the sporting and compak layouts. Only 3 no birds in just over 200 clays so pretty good too! I was a little surprised by how quiet it was, we went mid week, must have been there two hours plus and only saw a handful of other people out shooting, but that's better than having to queue at stands or feeling pressured to move on. The lack of description on stands makes the first pair interesting but I'm more if an instinct shooter anyway so perhaps suited Me. I'd highly recommend it to anyone planning on visiting the area and thanks again for suggesting it!
  15. decoy1979

    Jackdaws today

    Someone's clearly not got a lot of shooting opportunities at the moment, you need to get out more!