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  1. It was the wind that made it feel worse than it was, that and the fact I thought I'll stick it out because the birds will start moving again after the rain eases off... I don't like the birds getting wet either, they were laid out overnight to dry and went in the freezer this morning, the net is now hung out in the shed. Sounds like you had an eventful day, washing your feet and it's not even bath day!! 😂
  2. In response to the lack of posts on pigeon shooting I thought I'd share today's outing. I'd spotted a few birds on a local borrage stubble yesterday on one of my permissions whilst walking the pup and decided with today off and the wife at work that I'd take a look. The forecast was for a decent wind with rain showers from 10.00. The landowner was coming out of his house as I passed, he followed me up the lane where we stood and had a chat whilst watching birds moving around. A hedge cutter rattling away over the boundary caused a decent number of birds to lift and spooked a pair of Muntjac which came trotting past. In typical British fashion we discussed the weather as it started to rain and my mind was already made up as to where I was going to position myself as per the picture below to benefit from the shelter of a thick hedge and trees. As soon as I'd set up with 24 shell decoys, moved the motor and got settled in birds started to return although not willing to fully commit to the pattern. The birds were sliding past my hide position skirting the pattern and offering 45+ yard shots. I managed to drop a couple and each shot put more birds in the air, i picked up the first 5 birds and added them to the pattern on cradles. By the time I got to a dozen I tried the magnet but with no real improvement, but as time went on odd birds & pairs started to commit to the pattern where as larger groups were giving me a wide birth and heading off behind me somewhere, where I assume another pigeon shooter was out judging by the sound of shots carrying on the wind. The bag slowly built and I lost count of the number of times I instinctively started to raise the gun reacting to leaves blowing off the trees thinking these were birds coming from behind, only to be caught completely off guard when the odd bird did come through with the wind behind them! Rain rolled in and showers became heavy or at least it felt it due to the wind, with more rain clouds looming i decided to get cleared up, 42 woodies and 4 feral was the final tally.
  3. You'll probably find the article has been recycled through the decades in true shooting times fashion. Good luck tracking down what you are looking for.
  4. 16 complete, brand new never been used sets of gun peg numbers 1-10. 13 sets Carta Carna, 3 sets Marsdens feeds. Will also throw in 18 odd numbers that may come in handy as spares/replacements. £20 plus postage?
  5. They would take up 35mm of space around the arches so i'd have a measure and see what you have to play with first. If you do have enough space and choose a 2nd set of rims you would then have to consider rim width and may need spacers to adjust the offset. There are a number of sites online that allow you to compare tyre/wheel setups. You're also looking at roughly 9% Speedo error.
  6. Bowman single clay trap on sled some surface rust but ready to use £25 collected NSK double clay trap, could do with a clean but all adjusters have been lubricated and work as they should. Just needs mounting and away you go or something for the collector? £45 collected. Items are located south of Norwich Norfolk.
  7. I'm not sure, he's still sorting through a load of stuff prior to a house move,I'll let you know if any turn up.
  8. 16 complete, brand new never been used sets of gun peg numbers 1-10. 13 sets Carta Carna, 3 sets Marsdens feeds. Will also throw in 18 odd numbers that may come in handy as spares/replacements. £25 plus postage?
  9. Father is having a clear out, ferrets are long gone so no longer required. Measurements are 17" x 9" x 7" deep. How does £15 collected sound? Located south of Norwich, Norfolk.
  10. Possibly just nobody in your area looking for gear at the moment? I 'd be interested if I were closer and can't justify driving to pick it up, if you can't shift it and are willing to see about a courier instead drop me a pm please. Cheers
  11. A very honest video which has helped pass the time on a night shift, I look forward to seeing the results of your next outing. We all miss and the more you get out there the more you'll learn, I don't get to hung up over choke personally and wouldn't fault your choice.
  12. I opened the post thinking exactly the same thing.
  13. decoy1979

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    Like this? Listed today in other sales.
  14. Did you manage to figure it out between the two of you or did you wait until the wife got home?😁 On a serious note it is worrying, I see it all the time at work, total lack of common sense or ability, interest or desire to look at something and work it out before just asking someone else what or how to do something. On the plus side some of the events are so bad they are funny which does brighten the day.
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