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  1. Shooting times

    And the same old recycled themes & articles.
  2. All terrain tyres

    It may be better to tell us what your vehicle is and others may be able to offer advice based on personal experience of said vehicle. 15" rims may not be an option, it will depend on brake disk, caliper etc clearances.
  3. What is it

    Brake disk backplate or shield I think.
  4. Choke combo

    👍I agree.
  5. Insulation board

  6. pigeon

    I'm guessing Hoslorworthy in Devon.
  7. AT tyres for TD4

    There are lots of online calculators such as this one: Will they fit You should be able to go down to 16", search for AT tyres available and plug the numbers in and see what the difference is. Hope this helps.
  8. New mortgage

    To answer the original question is it possible and or worth while transferring and increasing your existing mortgage to the new property? I know that this is something that Nationwide offer. Ultimately it is going to come down to how risk averse you are, there are plenty of offers on the market. Go with what suits your personal situation best.
  9. TOYOTA fortuner

    Soni Motor Thailand

    I agree with Davyo, it's overpriced but i'd put it at £1500 if it is truely "vgc" as you have been told, assuming it's not a soft top.
  11. bismuth cartridges 12 G

    Where you based buddy?
  12. Wrong date on new certificate

    Police officers are human and are more likely to check the database and take the explanation from the OP than they are to simply seize guns. This is also based on the Police having a reason to be talking to the OP in the first place! Or is there a further conspiracy theory that shotgun certs are being issued purposely with invalid dates so that police officers can raid properties and seize guns.. What happened to good old common sense??
  13. Wrong date on new certificate

    I personally wouldn't worry based on my past experiences, you clearly are not at fault here! You have submitted your renewal on time and this has been granted but the paperwork is at fault. I assume you received an accompanying letter with the cert? This is proof that the renewal was granted in itself. In reality there is nothing you can do to rectify the situation until Monday despite your best endevours. Crack on with the pigeons and don't worry about it.
  14. Cartridge bag and gun case

    No worries.
  15. Cartridge bag and gun case

    Shame you didn't advertise these yesterday as i was down there visiting family. I'll still take them off you if you can wait a fortnight for me to pick them up? Totally understand if you've got someone else interested and want them gone though..