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  1. You could come down to a 255 and go for a general grabber AT 3 or Goodyear wrangled, both good tyres in my opinion. Blackcircles.com may of use to you.
  2. Legally you don't require any insurance but it is sensible to protect yourself should the worst happen. Most if not all shooting insurance will offer public liability and personal accident cover which would be what I think you would want. It's then a bit like car insurance in as much that some may offer Legal expenses cover or other additional options. Has to be Churchilll for best dog insurance! Oh yes..
  3. I got shunted into last year whilst stationary in traffic, my advise would be do not deal direct with other parties insurer as you might get stung further down the line and you insurer won't want to be involved. I used a claims company appointed by my insurer and all resolved without incident. My car was repairable though so can't advise on what to do about settlement for car being written off.
  4. I experienced the same thing about 3 years ago and then a friend of mine had the same thing with the same batch of cartridges. Having said that it's the only first hand experience in 26 years of shooting.
  5. There has been one listed in the sales section recently. http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/384499-mk-3-ferret-finder-collar/
  6. How about Hull pro twenty 7.5 24g or Saga Olympic trap 7.5 24g. I had my son using these and he found them both fairly soft.
  7. Is there any chance of prying the top of the door ajar and hooking the key off the parcel shelf? You can tape over the paintwork to protect it & use plastic or wooden wedges.
  8. Rumour has it he spotted a flight line and got distracted whilst at the wheel.
  9. If it were eye shine then it held pretty steady for 3 1/2 hours.🤔
  10. That's tv for you! I found the lack of attention to detail more annoying as the gun in question looked like either a 20 or 28 gauge and the colonel was carrying a box of .410 cartridges that he placed on the kitchen table. But I've got over it now..
  11. I would of had one out of her trolley and probably replaced it with something else in way of compensation! 😉 My wife hates shopping with me for some reason🤔
  12. Depends what you mean by borrow, if in the presence of a certificate holder then yes you can "borrow" his/her gun. But you cannot "borrow" as in take and use unsupervised is my understanding.
  13. That's not strictly true as UK consumption is around 2.2 million tonnes per year and although consumption per head may be declining population is increasing therefore cancelling out effect. Maybe Brixit will be a positive for the UK sugar industry & farming??
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