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  1. Australian version??😏
  2. Thanks for the response, I'll take a look at those two options.
  3. Have been having a sort out and unearthed a load of old empty cartridge boxes. Now when I say old, most are probably 80's & early 90's at a guess as this is when I was collecting as a lad, some are older. Anyway, is there likely to be a market for them and if so how do you go about valuing this sort of stuff? Any input is much appreciated.
  4. I'll put them to one side for you, I'll pm you. Ta
  5. Bit of a mixed lot of cartridges up for grabs as follows: 12 Gauge plastic wad 22 x Winchester Super speed 3 shot, 70mm 36g. 10 in original box, 12 loose, print has been worn off loose cartridges where they've been carried & some rusting/discoloration of brass. £10 16 Gauge plastic wad 25 x Winchester Range 6 shot 67mm 14 x Cheddite 6 shot 67mm 6 x Eley Kynoch "Anglia" hand loaded by the Anglia cart co 6 shot £10 the lot No weight displayed on any of these, all loose. 20 Gauge fibre wad 450 (18 complete boxes of 25) Saga Olimpic Trap C.20 7.5 shot 24g £90 Collection South of Norwich Norfolk, would also consider swaps for 12g clay or game cartridges.
  6. Yeah sure, I'll pm you payment details.
  7. 1. 32" waist moleskin breeks, Bnwt, cost £59.99 as seen on tag, will sell for £30 posted. 2. Lightweight waterproof d.p. pvc coat, nato size 6575/9505. Height 170 Chest 100 £6 posted. 3. 1 pair of lightweight mesh camo gloves, £3 posted.
  8. 1. 12g real leather sxs handguard, labelled as Lightwood Banbury (made in England) £25 posted. 2. Leather 8 loop game carrier with carabiner swivel £8 posted. 3. 2 20g cleaning accessories, I don't recall ever using them, £5 for the pair posted. 4. 3 pigeon decoy covers, came with some shell decoys that I bought, again don't think they've ever been used. £5 posted.
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