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  1. decoy1979

    Cartridges (clear out)

    Hi, I'll take the 12 bore carts if still available please.
  2. decoy1979

    First sighting

    I saw the first brood of day old pheasants 3 weeks ago whilst out decoying. Mentioned it to the local keeper who had already seen multiple other broods in his travels so looking positive for him.
  3. decoy1979

    Suzuki Grand Vitara EPS fault

    I have heard of this issue being caused by either alternator faults and or aging battery giving slightly lower voltage. If you have another battery or ability to check condition of your vehicles battery this may be worth a check, it will certainly be cheaper than jumping straight into the ABS controller. Do you trust the main dealer? I'd personally go visit a local independent garage and get them to examine fault codes for you. I have no confidence in main dealers whatsoever as you may have determined.
  4. decoy1979

    Clay shooting in scotland

    Well I've got to say the advice was spot on gents! My son and I visited Auchterhouse last week and the whole experience was very good. From the minute we walked in the door we were made very welcome and really enjoyed the sporting and compak layouts. Only 3 no birds in just over 200 clays so pretty good too! I was a little surprised by how quiet it was, we went mid week, must have been there two hours plus and only saw a handful of other people out shooting, but that's better than having to queue at stands or feeling pressured to move on. The lack of description on stands makes the first pair interesting but I'm more if an instinct shooter anyway so perhaps suited Me. I'd highly recommend it to anyone planning on visiting the area and thanks again for suggesting it!
  5. decoy1979

    Jackdaws today

    Someone's clearly not got a lot of shooting opportunities at the moment, you need to get out more!
  6. decoy1979

    Chick Boxes

    Or Solway Feeders have a pack of 25.
  7. decoy1979

    Chick Boxes

    gameandcountry do them apparently. Follow the link and search for the word box and you should see them.
  8. decoy1979

    Clay shooting in scotland

    Will be there for a week.
  9. decoy1979

    Clay shooting in scotland

    Thanks gents, I'll look into you're suggestions.
  10. Heading up to Scotland (Pitlochry) at the end of the month and debating whether to take the gun along. Can anyone recommend any sporting shooting grounds within say an hours travel that are worth visiting? I've found county clays at Dunkeld, is this any good? Ta
  11. decoy1979


    Top - maybe a type of hawthorn? Bottom - English elm or Whitebeam? Total guesses by the way.
  12. decoy1979

    Ring main spur type query

    If you truly don't want go leave a mess for the kids then you do need to go back to the consumer unit. Separate feed with RCD/RCBO protection to meet current regs I think. You don't necessarily need to take armoured cable from consumer unit though. Use twin & earth to external wall as it's easier to pull in, then junction box (of suitable IP rating) on external wall and terminate armoured cable from there.
  13. decoy1979


    I would say that most socket faults are probably due to failure or breakdown of switch contacts. As the switch on socket outlets only switch the live it is likely that an RCD/RCBO or whatever form of protection is in place will be operated due to the imbalance in Live & neutral under load conditions. In older properties with fuses/MCB's these are less likely to see the fault, hence will not clear and you will simply be left with an intermittent faulty socket outlet.
  14. decoy1979

    Dog roaming, how to cure it?

    I guess you've found the reason you were given him in the first place. Good luck trying to correct him.
  15. decoy1979

    Just pondering?

    Eurovision is nothing without Terry Wogan.