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  1. In that case hopefully some of the other advise from the pw collective will resolve the situation.
  2. Maybe take yourself down to the showroom/forecourt and make a lot of noise? Choose a busy day (Sat/Sun) If they won't sort things there and then for you I'd start talking to other perspective customers and informing them of your bad experience. That should get there attention! Good luck.
  3. One this evening whilst i was flighting a few pigeons in a little spinney. 1677
  4. Hi, personally i doubt it is worth it unless your cover is large enough to act as sanctuary. In the past we have had the guns line out and fairly quietly walk on to pegs but this is pushing belts or woodland so plenty of cover for birds to just run ahead. It is worth bearing in mind that birds move out to certain pieces of cover at different times of day. Could it be you were trying to shoot it before they had drawn out or had been scared back to the wood by either sound of shooting from the duck drive or something else? Maybe get to the cover earlier to see what time the birds are there on a non shoot day? If you think they have moved back to the wood by the time you get there maybe try putting someone on stop? Good luck
  5. I shot two on Saturday whilst mooching about a small wood. 1650
  6. It might be worth trying to phone them on the number below, it sounds like they may have ceased trading though as not a lot of info on there website? Contact Kammo Telephone 0800 783 7382 Website www.ekmpowershop1.com/ekmps/shops/kammo Email sales@kammo.co.uk Address KAMMO UK LIMITED P.O. BOX 51 OLDHAM Greater Manchester OL3 5TL
  7. I for one hope you enjoyed your first day and hope that it leads to many more for you! If you haven't worked it out my now Pigeon watch is heavily populated by Perfect individuals who never post videos, photos or write ups of there own exploits but will gladly belittle anyone else for doing so! Very few people are born knowing it all or turn up to there first driven day with ever bird being 40 yard plus, sometimes I wonder how this forum continues to exist with the negativity directed towards people, is it any wonder the number of videos & photos being posted is so low?
  8. Was a link to a post advertising 2 sxs shotguns that someone was trying to rehome for £10 each rather than hand over to police to be destroyed. The thread has since been removed, I assume by one of the mods?
  9. Well I would say he is solely responsible for his actions and depending upon the outcome of the investigation he may lose his ticket. What do you mean by too many people? and do you think otherwise then? Agreed..
  10. It may be worth zigzagging feed rides if possible rather than straight line to give birds more sense of shelter/cover too.
  11. It's almost impossible to give a definitive answer in my opinion as it will depend upon the topography as much as anything. You say ex small shoot, Is there anyone that has previous experience of the ground that could offer first hand advice? Failing that try and find a local keeper that could come take a look and offer there opinion maybe? Good luck.
  12. decoy1979

    Rifle bag

    It looks like there are some on the bay, search for tactical double rifle case. Something like this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/120cm-47-100cm-39-Tactical-Hunting-Shotgun-Rifle-Bag-Dual-Padded-Carry-Case/264206021555?hash=item3d83e7f3b3:m:m80pth3m-9P1v8H-jhm1iYQ&var=563765271856
  13. It sounds like the cartridges could and would have dealt with the clays but you have to put the shot in the right place....
  14. I've answered you questions above but also agree with others that it may be worth fixing up. It depends how you view the maintenance of the vehicle, tyres & brakes are a given cost so I'd not be including them within the "repair" cost personally. I'd be thinking more along the lines of how long have I owned the vehicle, what has it cost me over the past X years, do you regularly maintain it for example? What is a replacement likely to cost? If you've not owned it long you could have bought someone else's problem..
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