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  1. I might as well get shut of the shotguns now the government as banned pigeon shooting and 16 other species under the general licence ☹️ why can't town (show biz) people leave rural pursuits alone I am disapointed in BASC not defending this one more vigorously ,I only got to know about it today.
  2. I always use fibre wad carts near any paddocks as plastic wads can be a problem if horses eat em,also owner will not be pleased to see plastic wads on paddocks.
  3. (Pigeons it is here in notts,) one old farmers calls them .
  4. Pump for me anytime I generally only fire 20-30 shots at most whilst out stalking rabbits/pigs so topping up air is easy with pump.
  5. Have you tried these mate they are very effective you just push them in tunnels then back fill hole no matter how deep they are and when finished setting you cannot tell they are there,ideal for sensitive areas were they is a risk of them being stolen,ideal on lawns were there are children,a bit pricey and you need two to catch mole coming from both directions,also good for trap shy moles they have not let me down yet. http://www.ratbait.co.uk/trapline-mole-trap-895-p.asp
  6. I got permission to shoot on a national park and believe me you have to be so careful dealing the general public,people do turn up in locations that they are not suppose to be,the way I try to combat this is I always position my truck in plain view and place inside the windscreen a notice say (Shooting in Progress be Aware), and together with my name,this way it prevents the general public from being taken by surprise,also I don't dispatch and try not shoot whilst Joe public is in view,I also follow my own 300 mtr from public rights of way rule when set up in hide.If Joe public looks likely to encounter me I also let them know of my presence by standing out of hide and un-camouflaging my face with gun pointing down,and as always be very polite and friendly, all this effort believe me do's pay off.Just one final note always tell the relevant people were and when you will be on there land and your intentions,ferreting/shooting ect. Happy Hunting.
  7. Same here up in notts hoped to get some early morning sport with strong winds but not a pigeon to be seen.
  8. Large flock beginning to show here in Notts,feeding on Beach nuts and Acorns at the moments in woods so been shooting flight lines,some been decoying early morning flights but been hard works,all birds shot at present have been stuffed with beach nut and some acorn.
  9. I would agree .22 16g hits them very hard,I get almost none that kick about all over after head shots they nearly all just freeze up,.22 BSA Ultra.
  10. Have been shooting no4 hull steel game 32g throught full choke on my Hatsan for a year or so now with no problems at all,deadly combination at all medium to long ranges on rabbit, hare,pheasant.Choke checked with internal micrometere, good as new.
  11. Sometimes they work others times birds pull away,For me they always seem to work brilliantly when used in a growing crop three inches tall and above,as with all decoying if it don't work try something else,Magnets are just another tool in a pigeon shooter arsenal
  12. Hi every,a lots of ferrets are being stolen in Worksop Notts,please don't buy ferrets unless you are sure that they are not stolen,me and some mates are in the process of trying to id these theiving ****,and will sort them out using the law abiding way you know.
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