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  1. im using a theoben rapid 7 and a pulsar nv 550 brilliant setup for rats / rabbits
  2. After weeks of the missis moaning at me about rats going in the green house down the alotment and making a mess i decided to clear a few off. after getting settled in one of the sheds i flicked the nv on and looked round the chicken sheds and i was utterly gob smacked to how many was about there was stacks of them, i had 8 shot with in the first ten mins and they didnt seem to be too botherd about the gun going off i shot 3 in the exact same spot on top of each other shot after shot. finished up after an hour with 17 managed to pick 12 all of them were young so must be some nice sized adults to go at im back down tonight with a flask and going to make a night of it
  3. i no it caught some kind of spuggy and ate it on the boat roof then had an hour or so on the antena resting then it was off on its travels again
  4. just got back from 3 days at sea sailed from whitby over to doggers bank roughly about 100 miles out and this little fella showed up and spent half of the day with us. we also had dolphins following the boat for a good few hours which are awsome creatures to watch in there natural surroundings plus i landed a 28 poulnd cod and a 27 pound ling all in all a bloody good trip
  5. decided to treat myself love both of them
  6. just had a phone call from my sisster telling me there is an eagle eating a pigeon on her drive. this is the eagle in question ha ha ha .
  7. Had a day out with pro tom last week on some fresh drilling Ended up with 33 and a few ferrals really enjoyed the day, cheers tom
  8. me and pro tom shot 68 last saturday from 3 while 6 was good fun and got through a slab of carts easy
  9. pro tom offerd me a day out on rape stubble havent been out since i lost my father in april so was a little rusty to start with but soon got the swing of it ended the day on 116 picked about 10 lost and 4 ferrals BRILL DAY THANKS TOM
  10. good arrow tony ps dont let them get to you mate
  11. Im sure you had a great day pal good bag. Should keep the lurcher lads off the fields for a while welldone
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