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  1. It did come from Clive but its the B20 Ruby not the BR20 that you were after. Dave.
  2. That sounds high, my last bill was £99 for 3 months and the water usage was 32 cubic mtrs as I have a large pond and cleaning the filterers every week and topping up uses a lot. Its usually about £325 a year.
  3. I have some Britannia 30mm high mounts with 20moa inserts that mounted a Photon on a rail. If you are interested PM me an email and I will send a photo.
  4. This is what I did but it was a conservatory company, they were glad to get rid of them. I expect they would have had to pay to dispose of them otherwise.
  5. db58

    I have one here I’m selling pard 007 brand new I can send you photo,s if you want to see it £350 

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    2. D3ave


      When I bought mine the 12mm lenses were not available, but if you look into the end that would fit onto the adapter you can see the lens and the details are on it.


    3. db58


      Are right I look and get back to you 

    4. db58


      No it’s not a 12 mm one ok thanks 

  6. As title, if anyone has one to sell please send PM Thanks Dave
  7. Britannia Rails Tikka T3 / T3X Picatinny Extended Rail Reversible, aluminium as new £60 Britannia 30mm High mounts with 20MOA inserts, these were used to mount a photon and keep the reticle in the centre. £45 Optilock blued Tikka bases and 30mm medium rings with inserts, they measure 36.5mm from the centre of ring to the base of the mount, scope clamp screws are very good, the others have been replaced with new. £50 BKL 263 double strap rings to suit 11mm or dovetail and 25mm tube. £25 Send email or Whatsapp for photos
  8. Pulsar Trail XQ50 in good condition, unused for the last 7 months, 17 months warranty remaining, boxed with all that came with it. £2250 Send email or Whatsapp for photos. Photos are now over on SD as I couldn't upload them on here, thanks.
  9. +1 The last parcel from I had from them sat in a depot for 3 days according to the tracking. I now use the local Post Office.
  10. I have one (non LRF) that has been on an air rifle and used maybe 3 times that I haven't got around to advertising yet, Send a PM if interested. Dave
  11. I got an email a few days ago about this offer.... starts the 10th of Feb and the cost is $549 but guessing there will be delivery and import taxes on top.
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