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  1. D3ave

    srx laser

    I think the Pard needs flat tops and the torch uses button tops when you order, but check for yourself, I use the yellow Torchy ones. Dave
  2. Sightron S-TAC 2.5-17.5x56 Illuminated 4A reticle, side focus, 30mm tube, in good condition, these scopes work well with night vision add ons. Lifetime Warranty, £550 PM me an email address for photos.
  3. D3ave

    Foxpro Inferno

    PMs replied to, photos sent NOW SOLD
  4. D3ave

    Foxpro Inferno

    Foxpro Inferno comes with the 75 calls from Foxpro plus 98 I have added, bought new August 18 and had little use. £155 For photos PM an email address.
  5. Very few rabbits here, which makes me wonder what the rising number of raptors and foxes are feeding on. More strain on game birds and ground nesting birds maybe.
  6. D3ave

    Sign this

    Signed... 62k
  7. I separate the guns with pieces of corrugated card cut to fit the cabinet and with the bottom few inches turned 90' keeps them apart but also use socks where possible.
  8. Fizz Thanks for the link, I have watched the strip down video, does changing the lens help with the awful camera lag that I get from the unit. Thanks
  9. Have you a link to the lens upgrade? Thanks Dave
  10. Hi I had 2 shortened by John Carr Guns, he is not too far from Goole Dave
  11. Asahi Pentax Lenses and SRB Adapter for Photon XT 6.5X50S Photon now sold, Lenses remaining are ... Super Takuma 105mm with covers and case SMC Takuma 55mm with covers and case SRB Adapter £150
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