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  1. Hi People, Thought I'd lost these in the house move but i've discovered them today (only after purchasing replacement new ones ). For Sale: Shooting Shed 2-P Series Cartridge Comparators in: x1 6 x 47 Lapua x1 .204 Both brand new Info @ http://shootingshed.co.uk/oscom/product_info.php?cPath=38&products_id=84 £25 each plus £3 delivery Chris
  2. Hi there, Did you manage to sell this gun? Thanks, Chris
  3. Whilst trying to solve the 'which barrel' they fit discussion I found this extract from: http://www.berettausa.com/en-us/beretta-choke-tube-optimachoke-hp-plus3-4-12ga/c621/ Only use Optima HP choke tubes in these Optima HP shotguns: SV10 Perennia, SV10 Prevail, A400 Family of shotguns, 690, 692, DT-11 and UGB25 Sporting.
  4. I thought so. Hopefully someone will collect a bargain
  5. Bought these of the forum some time ago and never used them. Having sold my A400 they are of no further use to me: Beretta Optima HP Extended Chokes Fitted as standard to Beretta A400 Series and DT11 (maybe other models) As new condition except they have been used for pattern testing. Sizes are ¼ - ½ and ¾ £75 for all three, prices include postage to address in UK.
  6. If the deal falls through please let me know, Cheers, Chris
  7. Final price drop before it gets part-ex'd. £2250 (dealer offer me this in cash)
  8. Bought new on 5/10/2013. This would indicate just under one year left on the warranty....but far better than a 3 month one from a dealer
  9. maffs

    Aim drag bag

    Payment sent, Thanks Daz,
  10. maffs

    Aim drag bag

    Hi Daz, Can you send me some pics please to be sure its the right one. I'm interested if its turns out to the right one with pockets etc. Thanks Chris
  11. Wanted for a friend to start on the sporting clays: 12G Silver Pigeon 30/32. Must be in at least good condition or better. Let me know what you've got for sale please? Cheers, Chris
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