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  1. You know, you are absolutely right. Manners cost nothing. So why in my initial post, when I ask for straight information in a polite manner did I get the negative responses that I got? I respond to them negagively and it all goes down hill. Please go back to my initial post and read it. If you find that type of question phrased in that way, offensive, rude or otherwise then there is something drastically wrong with the whole damn thing. Prod someone with a stick and they usually bite back. What I wanted was straight information without all the noise. Now i'm dealing with noise. Can wemake this the last post on this thread as i'm sure that we've all got better things to do. Found a gambrel though... RTD
  2. Is that a nightforce that you've got on top of that TT? RTD
  3. What do you mean " Well, after the way that was asked for I wouldn’t have even bothered replying " That is not offensive, is it? Find that rudy, do you? After some of the posts that I received when I asked for advice on tuning a HW80 all I wanted to do was find out where I could get one. The last thing that I wanted was to let the post spiral into some inane cross banter about spelling mistakes or explanations or total and complete xxxxx about how a question is asked. Like it did last time and how it has now. Jeasus. Why don't you lot read the bleeding question before you jump in judging from your high and mighty? I'm suprised that you haven't given me a load of links about keeping my hands clean or wiping my xxx before I go out shooting. Jeasus. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS WHERE TO GET A xxxx GAMBREL AND I DON'T WANT OR NEED THIS KIND OF xxx OF YOU BUNCH OF... Rant over? just answer the question. Many thanks to all of you that helped me out. RTD
  4. Unfortunately, you are not looking at the earth in real time. It is old photo's that you are looking at. If you look at New York or the Grand Canyon then the detail is terrific but if you put it on the middle of norfolk then the quality is dire. Honestly, Yanks. RTD
  5. Got mine from Minsterley ranges but it was a few years ago. Can't remember what it cost. It's like shooting with ear defenders on, without the ear defenders. Recoil is virtually nil. Place to see these days is Jackson Rifles in scotland. RTD
  6. Dear learned people Where can I get a Gambrel? going to need some new boning knives as well but my stalking is taking it's toll and I could really do with a gambrel. If you don't know what it is, look it up. Thanks RTD
  7. TT Looking at that first target, what size dustbin lid do you use to cover all the shots? Fancy taking the closest three and saying that they're all yours! come on, who really did the shooting? As it happens, I was out on saturday on some new land so had to prove that I can shoot. So i put 2 shoots touching and 1 an inch away. First one was the cold shot and the next two were touching and smack on the bull at 102 yards. I know, a bit low but... "So you can shoot then..." Oh, how we laughed !!! Tikka 6.5x55, T8 silencer with Meopta 4-12x50. Cracking rig with factory ammo - can't wait to start making mine. Got a gold medal Munty 1 hour later. RTD
  8. BASC have got a members offer. Great deal - got a shotgun slip as well! good kit. RTD
  9. Wind? Just learn how to shoot! Only joshing - wind from the left etc... wait for the wind to drop and pull the trigger. Or get used to that much wind is that much drift. Breezy (whateverthatmeans) is 2 inches at 100 yards with my rig. No breeze is shots in less than a 10p piece at 100 yards. Great fun! RTD
  10. Riothedog

    wheel clampers

    Even though I hate traffic wardens and clampers, it's not as much as I hate the society that has bred the need for them. What have we become, eh? A friend of mine has just had a baby boy so I decided to go 'round and say hello. Pulled up outside the florist to get some flowers and came out to find a £30 ticket! ******. £45 for 6 roses. I would sooner change society so that we neither want or need traffic wardens and their like. All they do is levy another form of tax. Call it what you want but it's the government taking money out of your pocket. It's a form of tax. Rant RTD
  11. Riothedog

    day off

    Have you noticed that motorway services don't stock shooting mags anymore? Apparently 'people' find them offensive. Not that I find FHM offensive? Bah RTD
  12. Have a read of this, courtesy of the Shooting Times http://www.shootingtimes.com/ammunition/17...0508/index.html RTD
  13. Don't really understand the problem Make your shooting consistant. Consistancy equals accuracy and vikky verky. Use the same pellets through the same gun at the same type of target at the same distance, shot in the same way. Fire off groups of 5 pellets and then go and look at the target. Adjust the centre of the group to where you want it on the target. Typically, the adjustment on the scope will have an arrow and a letter on it. Either U for 'Up' of L for 'Left' - that kind of thing. Typically, the direction of the arrow will move the line of sight towards the point of impact. 1 click is typically 1/4 inch at 100 yards so 10 clicks is 1/4 inch at 10 yards. At 30 yards, 3.3 clicks will shift 1/4 inch. Or thereabout. Unless you are calculating in MOA which is a different game... So, if the centre of the group is 3 inches to the right and 2 inches down you need to go 36 clicks to the left and 24 clicks down. Only adjust one plane at a time though. If you want to get really clever, you should count the amount of clicks from fully left to fully right and fully up to fully down. Centre the reticule and adjust the scope with shims. You can buy these but they are very expensive. You can cut up old 35mm negatives to do it and follow the same principles and these you will find in your house somewhere. This gives you the most stable reticule - typically held in place with springs - and the most adjustment. Is this what you are after? Hope so! RTD
  14. I've got a Weihrauch in .17hmr and it's ACE! :o Last night, I was taking rabbits with head shots at about 120 yards on a golf course. Harris Bi-pod, lamps, 20g CCI TNT Hollowpoint, landcruiser bonnet to lean on. Great combo. Suppressed with an ASE supressor too so you can hardly call it loud. Compared to a .17, the trajectory of a .22 is like a rainbow. PS. Hollowpoint is not a frangible round. It's a hollow point. Having said that, if it hits the rabbit, it's sort of done but watch it because it's still got about 130ft/lbs of energy at 100 yards and 100ft/lbs of energy at 150 yards. You have to go to a massive 890 yards before it drops to the energy levels of an air rifle. Therefore, technically, you should be able to take rabbits at 200 yards plus with this round (is that a row I can hear coming?) and not have to worry about it. Be confident - that's a drop of just over 10" at 200 yards. Its just a little adjustment and it still has 72 ft/lbs of energy! And if you miss - so what - you missed! If you hit it then that's what the dog is for. This is a stonking round and you can take some wonderful shots with it. I went for the Weihrauch as they make great air rifles and was confident that they would do the .17 the same way. Absolutely chuffed with it. It's what moon lit nights were made for RTD
  15. I've got 20g CCI Hollow point in my .17 and it is not a frangible round, of that I can assure you. Problem loading so they have to be hand fed. Back to the 17g Amax next time. On the golf course there is a crack but there is enough noise at night to make it disappear. How many acres is there? Trees all over the place and the wind takes it away. Different type of shooting. walk into the wind, do about 10 paces and scan with either the bino's or the big lamp. Walk up to about 120 yards of the bunny and then take it out. The only problem is carrying the damn things back to the truck. All of a sudden you've got 10 of them! Last night I was on the driving range and was taking them at 150 yards with me using the bonnet of my land cruiser for a rest. Good shooting - took loads. RTD
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