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  1. Phone the Nith Hotel, they have Gordon as the guide, might be Calum now. They have rooms, good food, places for the dogs and a bar. They organise duck and geese shooting, wildfowling they can point you in the right direction.
  2. You are assuming from what he wrote, I didn't see the explanation and I haven't read previous posts, I hence checked and the poster was asking questions about legality of shooting Geese outside of the season only last year. I am not opining on your post or what you have done before. You could have eaten them all, mixed with pork make great sausage rolls, but that is up to you and not what the post is/was about. Muntjac are not classified as Vermin, they can be shot all year round, but are still treated as a deer species with regards calibre size(*shotguns in rare circumstances which I won't go into here) It's a forum not sure about leaving my morals anywhere, what's the point of the forum if we all agree. If you and the original poster are not concerned about wasted resource and acting like shoots that dump birds into holes as they don't 'have to eat everything they shoot' then your attitudes will be the death of shooting as a whole and is not a good opinion to post on a relative public forum.
  3. I am fully aware of the legalities around Canada geese and their control. The poster has come on to here to tell us he has started shooting them outside of the traditional fowling season, I suspect that he is advertising this to get some sort of recognition. If you come on a forum you will have people that will agree and that don't agree. If you make something public then expect both opinions, for someone to kill a perfectly good eating bird to let rot, then don't advertise it and hide behind the GL as an excuse. You will get a similar response to shooting pigeons and leaving them to rot in the standing crops. If people can't take other peoples thoughts on this then don't post the fact and tell only your friends for pats on the back. Also never heard of Muntjac being referred to as vermin either. It seems difference of opinion offends you.
  4. So why are you on here advertising that you are killing Geese that you have no idea what to do with them? When they are pairing up they are at their most vulnerable. You'll be trotting out the cook them with a brick recipe next.
  5. Just stew the older birds or mince.
  6. I thought that was how they caught octopus with the wood....
  7. Appreciate the reply, something I am looking to do at some point in the future. Thanks
  8. Would love to know how you can get out there to hunt and the costs involved. Cheers
  9. Hahaha love it, I have a lab that inhales bread. The burger is a good idea, might slow him down!
  10. Thanks, look very well built indeed!
  11. This is why I need the case to wheel along...
  12. Anyone had any experience of these? Looking to get one for a trip abroad with the rifle. Wife staying at home. Thanks.
  13. double hard gun (lockable case ) awaiting visit Did they turn up?
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