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  1. Looks like they're going full Kardashian. Apparently there are a hundred or so 'Sussex Royal' trademarks registered. Kids clothing first would be my prediction.
  2. It wasn't agreed by the court that it was a religion. It was agreed that it was a Philosophical Belief under the Equality Act. If we ban discussion of philosophical beliefs 90% of PW would go a bit quiet. 😂 This: A tribunal will now determine in a case starting on 20 February 2020 whether the League Against Cruel Sports fairly dismissed him because of his alleged gross misconduct. He alleges his dismissal amounted to an act of discrimination based on his philosophical belief. If a tribunal again finds in his favour, he will be entitled to loss of earnings and damages for injury to feelings.
  3. Neither do I. One thing that strikes me is that whilst this move was undoubtedly a calculated one, given what I've seen online just today it looks like it's backfiring already. Look at Andrew's recent interview. I suppose he thought he would get sympathy / understanding, and the complete opposite happened. Some of the Royals have form for completely misreading the mood, looks like this may well have happened here.
  4. Thing is, they might be moving away from boring Royal duties like opening a supermarket on a wet Wednesday in some dreary town, but in fact they will be more in the public eye than ever, but as mere "celebrities" - which is going to worry the Palace. This resignation (or whatever it turns out to be) amounts to a self-imposed mandate to be able to do and say whatever they like. This is going to be about a mixture of climate crisis / anti-Trump / abortion / LGBTQXYZ etc / supporting the Democrats in America, etc etc. Plus monetising their kids. Watch this space, they aren't going to go quietly.. Either Harry is going to stick with it like The Duke of Windsor, or there is a chance he'll emerge one day a wiser man. Perhaps.
  5. I certainly wouldn't, and I think that's a fair point if taken in isolation, I respect anyone wanting to forge their own path away from Royal duties, but the level of 'wokeness' displayed by them is a bit nauseating. I'm sure they've been having one hell of a long pity-party about how awful it all is (no doubt supported and encouraged by her rich and famous friends). And let's face it, he would never have bagged her unless he was a prince. Perhaps she thought it would all be a bit like Hollywood where most of the reporting is sycophantic. Canada would be a good place for them. Trudeau is just the kind of person she would get on with.
  6. American divorcee causes abdication. 😉 OK, I know it's not the same, but you can't help wondering how the Queen is feeling. Seems to me Harry has been making a bit of a plonker of himself in recent years. American royalty is basically Hollywood, and they get to say whatever they like, however ridiculous. Our royalty are are (given their funding/status etc.) somewhat different. Maybe they've resigned to spend more time with Greta.
  7. Also bear in mind he hasn't established yet that he was actually dismissed for holding the belief, all it is at this stage is that it's been accepted by the court that it amounts to a philosophical belief.
  8. Reminds me of the bloke who played Chef in South Park who apparently enjoyed taking the mickey out of all the religions, except Scientology.
  9. My sympathies to everyone affected by this. A relative (in his 80s) has just had a stroke and due to the increased family involvement it transpires that his wife is (or probably is) suffering from the early stages of dementia. So typical that you get a situation where the able-minded one gets physically ill, and someone with dementia remains (for a while anyway) physically fit. Also, the able-minded partner (whether consciously or not, or a bit of both) compensates for the other, so the seriousness of the condition can remain hidden for quite a while.
  10. Unless Labour actually have the balls to come out and acknowledge that they lost a great deal of the working class vote due to their new status as a kind of intellectual, middle-class theoretical-Marxist party full of nasty little champagne socialists, they are going straight to the margins, which may leave the door open for a split, or a decent third party to gain prominence. The biggest electoral success Labour has had in a generation (or maybe two) is the Blair victory in 1997, which was about centre-left politics. If that (and recent events) doesn't tell them something, then nothing will.
  11. This philosophical belief thing is an interesting one. There was a case last year where (if I recall correctly) basic vegetarianism was ruled not to be such. The tribunals will have to continue making decisions on this, some of which will affect future law/decisions, and some won't. Last year also, a doctor tried to sue his ex-employer saying that he was discriminated against because (due to his Christian beliefs) he felt unable to refer to a man as a woman. He went down the religious discrimination route, which in my opinion was never going to work.
  12. I don't like him very much at all, that said he had a pretty good article in The Spectator before Christmas going on about people getting too offended and the 'snowflake' generation, in that, he was dead right.
  13. Thanks for all this guys, useful stuff. Over Christmas I'll see how I get on with Pages/Numbers and explore the various options suggested.
  14. I do send and receive quite a lot of Word documents back and forth so I'll need to watch that. I tend to agree that as Mac OS provides a 'free' office suite it seems illogical to stick with MS. Time to learn a bit more I think.
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