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  1. Thunderbird

    Stopping drinking

    Don't go mad with it is my advice. You don' need to cut down too drastically. There are about 800 calories in a strong bottle of wine so even half a bottle "extra" a night is 2800 calories a week, plus of course all the extra booze you guzzle at weekends. The main thing (in my experience) is to keep enjoying the drinking that you still do, just try not to do it too habitually, and as I said, wine and beer are the baddies in my experience. It's amazing how a single G&T can taste very much like a double and can last longer than a beer or a glass of wine with 3-4 times the calories.
  2. Thunderbird

    Stopping drinking

    One of the major benefits (I think) of cutting down on drinking is the improvement in quality of sleep, not to be underestimated. I cut down massively on beer and wine last July, instead went for a few single G&Ts, and/or a drop of whisky instead and the amount (in units) I cut down by was considerable. Also had at least three drink-free days a week. That and cutting down on red meat and rich food, and eating more veg, fish, less cheese etc. I lost three stone between last July and Christmas.
  3. Thunderbird

    BREXIT - merged threads

    It's a long-form article but I thought it was good: https://quillette.com/2018/08/03/britains-populist-revolt/
  4. Thunderbird

    Business contract hire deals?

    Cheers, I used Lex last time.
  5. Thunderbird

    Business contract hire deals?

    Thanks Tom but actually I don't have to as it's my own business and it's not classified as a company car. Looking round it seems the 3 year deals are quite a bit cheaper than the 2 year, wasn't the case when I took it out in 2016.
  6. Thunderbird

    Business contract hire deals?

    Anyone been looking at deals? Not too bothered what I get (within reason) as long as it's reasonable quality with OK MPG. At the moment I've got a Kia Sportage GT-Line 2.0 on a two year business contract hire which goes back in November. It was £267 a month fully maintained which was a good deal at the time, been quoted £100 a month more for pretty much like-for-like. Can anyone recommend any alternatives or aware of any deals? Thanks.
  7. Thunderbird

    House down valuations

    At least the Scottish system avoids the awful last-minute chain collapse. I have a feeling there may be a downward correction, the market feels stagnant.
  8. Thunderbird

    House down valuations

    There are two housing markets at the moment. The junk on for nearing £50-100k more than it will sell for, and the stuff that is selling in the background as soon as it hits Rightmove (or before). One thing I've also noticed is the 'fixer-uppers' seem to be advertised no cheaper than the ones needing no work. Was a time when the rule of thumb was that the refurb cost was about two-thirds of the price difference. In a rising market, yes, but Estate agents won't try and push prices upward if the trend is downwards, instead they'll do all they can to get sellers to drop.
  9. Thunderbird

    Camper vans and motor homes

    Here's the wisdom, if you can call it that, which I've gleaned from doing a bit of research on it myself. VW vans are seen as the 'coolest' and hold their value best due to endless people getting into the surfer lifestyle, whether as an actual surfer or a wannabe. 'Coach built' vans are always going to be roomier but the trade-off for more space is less movement/flexibility. If you don't want to learn how to repair it yourself by the roadside on a regular basis it seems to me that you're going well north of £20k. Given they do hold their value and the decent ones seem to get snapped up, a savvy purchase could cost little more in real terms than the running costs. One make I like the look of is these. View it like moving savings about? I reckon a lot depends on your actual mode of use. What I mean is, if you're only going to use it for 'proper' holidays, where you are going to do a fair bit of visiting other places, a caravan might be best, or even a large motorhome with bikes or even a small moped to go do the shopping/mugging. However, if it's frequent weekends away and short-notice trips where you aren't bothered about moving much once you've arrived where you're going, or a bit of wild camping, then with a bit of organisation you can keep the van more or less ready to go at not much notice pop off somewhere whenever you feel like it. If I do end up getting one I'll hire a few first and see how it goes.
  10. Thunderbird

    Regionalised Terminology

    Oh yeah, woodlouse = Chookie Pig when I was growing up. There are loads of regional names for them I think.
  11. Thunderbird

    Anyone into Japanese cooking?

    A family member is getting into Japanese food and has a birthday coming. Looking for cookbook recommendations, beginner to intermediate level.
  12. Thunderbird

    Regionalised Terminology

    Bristol: "Ark at 'ee!" - listen to that fellow giving himself airs and graces. (Interchangeable with "Ark at she!") "Where's it to?" - are you aware of the current location of that item? "Babber/Bab" - equivalent to "mate", or the Welsh "But"
  13. Thunderbird

    Jordan B. Peterson

    He's a breath of fresh air in my opinion. The left / social justice warriors can't stand him because he is far too clever for their ad hominem attacks. Like the OP says I don't agree with everything he says (I probably don't agree with everything any one person says) but the world is an infinitely better place with him in it. It really is about time that we had more balance. The backlash against the mainstream media's PC-obsessed outlook (e.g the BBC) had to happen and it's far better that it comes from the likes of Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Joe Rogan etc. than some of the more fringe elements who usually have too many skeletons in their cupboards. I recommend checking him out, I reckon most people here would like him a lot.
  14. Thunderbird

    Annoying TV Advertisements

  15. Thunderbird

    Annoying TV Advertisements

    The Money Supermarket ad which I was unfortunate enough to see with that bloke in the blue shorts and the fat guy in the high-viz vest made me feel physically sick. It put me off Money Supermarket (and male hot pants) for life.