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  1. Totally agree. And their rather insensitive timing sucks too. I'm afraid he has made a total and utter pillock of himself and I fear will continue to do so. There are more than a few "celebrities" that have shown themselves up during this, for the complete waste of space they are.
  2. Thanks for the tip - going to check that out. I was recently watching some old clips of his tries, he was an absolute legend.
  3. Do they use special glass on the wine bottles in aircraft? I have often wondered about the many kinds of lethal weapon available in the catering department.
  4. This is good advice, you're not building a brand (not now at any rate), you're selling your services to potential customers. In the early days of starting a business equal importance is often given to everything, then later in you realise what works and what doesn't. For example getting business cards printed. I have not used business cards for years and in fact I no longer have them at all.
  5. Anyone seen James Delingpole at the Bristol protest? Pretty funny. It's on Breitbart news.
  6. If you're B2B then social media will be less effective than with B2C in my experience, unless your customers are massively into social media marketing themselves. I am a little sceptical about people who tell you they can get you to the top of google searches but I 100% agree that a decent website that's easy to navigate and tells customers what you exactly do in as few a number of seconds as possible is a good idea. The best marketing / selling is actually free, as grrcark says above, use your contacts and gain referrals, there's nothing like it. Never be afraid to ask. I have the follo
  7. Doesn't surprise me, you only have to look at the state that lot leave Glastonbury in.
  8. They are, and will remain for some times, in a massive echo chamber where their ideas and opinions about who's "right" just bounce back at them. For a prospective deputy Prime Minister to go on national TV and expect to be taken seriously when they claim that babies are born without sex is beyond parody.
  9. As far as I know it would apply to a zero hours contract if the income was above the auto-enrolment threshold.
  10. A Bristol mate told me this morning that two of his teenage kids want to go and see her. 🙄
  11. I'll second that. The Aldi chilled pizzas are pretty good. The salami and roquito peppers one is great, the flat stone-baked garlic bread is good too. Domino's is rubbish. Just had a flyer through the door, the picture looks like something from the freezer section in Iceland and the one we'd get is about twenty quid delivered!
  12. Zero hours contracts can be both good and bad. For a new business starting out, perhaps a family business, it's often not possible to commit to offering someone guaranteed hours. Zero hours contracts very often suit the worker, but not always. Remember also that bank nurses, supply teachers and many other 'professions' are also on zero hours usually. When it goes a bit wrong (IMO) is when a massive company designs its entire business model on a mixture of zero hours contracts and cheap (often foreign) labour. It also appears to dissuade investment in tech and automation.
  13. Yep. And I'll add that they might well double-down after they lose (like Labour have here) and be in the weeds for yet another 4 years.
  14. The parallels between what's (probably) going to happen in the USA to the Democrats, and what did happen here to Labour are interesting. It's what happens when a 'woke' metropolitan elite take over a blue-collar vote party, and their cultural Marxism doesn't play well with the social conservatism of much of the core vote. I would be amazed if Trump doesn't win.
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