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  1. Cheers guys, that's very useful, thanks hedge for taking the time to write all that. Will check it out.
  2. Have quite a few Avios (about 160,000) picked up over the years but never used any. Looking at some of the BA 'offers' it seems pretty rubbish. Any tips for getting some use or value out of them?
  3. Apparently they have members all around the globe.
  4. Interestingly, I just renewed my insurance and for an extra £19.95 I could have had an add-on for a "Mr Loophole" style legal service which so-say promised a 60%+ chance of getting me off points for speeding and / or using a mobile phone whilst driving. I said I wouldn't do either anyway and turned them down.
  5. Don't blame you, best of luck.
  6. Good luck with it and stick to the financial matters and look to the future, make a plan and get it sanity-checked by people you trust. Our decision making processes are compromised when under times of high stress. As others have said, be careful what you put in writing. Try and cut loose all the fault stuff. When you decide what you're going to ask for in the settlement, act reasonably but take into genuine account the practicalities of your future needs. Spousal maintenance can indeed go both ways. Your solicitor would have explained the different types of settlement I expect; 'clean break' etc. Contrary to what some might say, in my experience most decent solicitors don't want to help you start a fight, despite that being the apparent way they will earn more fees. They tend to be pretty pragmatic and will try to cut through to a fair solution. They shouldn't give you advice which is against your interests. Lastly, from some advice I once had which will be recognised by one person on this thread; don't help her build the stage on which to act out the drama.
  7. All glam rock. Ugh. Almost all modern pop especially the whiny voiced James Blunt types.
  8. I think that's a pretty safe bet, and likewise the blue-haired placard-waving brigade of 'wimmin' (as Millie Tant would put it) are equally unattractive to males. Meanwhile, the rest of the world just gets on with it...
  9. They do indeed I still giggle occasionally, when I think back to your birthday in 2010 (I think it was).
  10. The red meat discussion probably deserves its own thread, but for what it's worth I cut down massively on red and processed meat a couple of years ago now and have lost quite a lot of weight (48lbs at last count) and feel a lot better generally. I love it and do still eat it, but I feel it afterwards. I think it slows my metabolism down and makes me a bit lethargic, plays havoc with my guts too (I won't go into details). Normally have it now maybe twice every three weeks.
  11. Thunderbird


    He might well surprise people, after all when Trump was elected people predicted doom and that hasn't appeared to have happened. It strikes me that there are quite a few people who have a kind of schadenfreude about Brexit going wrong, Trump messing up, and now Boris messing up, despite it being in the interests of their country for none of that to happen.
  12. Bit of an odd one this, but as PW has proved itself such a cornucopia of knowledge I thought I may as well ask. Anyone know anything about (vintage, but not antique) microscopes? PM me if you do, would value some info.
  13. I was told by a distiller once that Famous Grouse is made by a blend from these two.
  14. There was one on Stoke Hill though.
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