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  1. Hi guys after a successful group making a sydicate in west Wratting with have open up our land near Watton for the same please email for more details . t.osbourne@btinternet.com
  2. Hi guys we are trying to set up a Pidgeon Sydicate shooting on 2500 acres near Newmarket ,the plan is to shoot from end Jan until harvest and after that with a limited time to go . so the cost would be £250 a year you can go as much as you want just a phone call to book in or you could pay £60 per day . all diy you will get maps to go wher you are needed . any more info you cam email at. T.osbourne@btinternet.com
  3. Might have a gun s-are on a small friendly shoot Barton Mills 6 days 80 bird days probably bee 2000 this year trevor
  4. Hi after being let down we need 3 beaters for this Saturday pay is £25 and all the food you’re bcan eat ,the shoot is near Barton mills pm me if you could join us or call me
  5. Hi I live near Barton mills and am available anytime as self employed also my son could join me as well both got all required and fully insured with a good dog .pm me if you need a hand trevor
  6. Still got 2 places somebody will get some good shooting
  7. Last year we had 93 bird average if that helps very good value for money
  8. Hi we have 2 guns syndicate places available on a small friendly shoot just outside Barton mills near Newmarket ,this year got 800 acres extra we are putting down 2000 pheasant and about 300 partridge Day begins around 9.30 with shoot brief and then onto 6 drives maybe7 on 2 parts of farm ,11is and light lunch include .total cost for 6 driven days and 1 informal day at the beginning of year is 1800 all inclusive of beaters and tips .pm me for more info we only shoot on Saturdays trevor
  9. All cut and rape so looking for guns on Sunday £15 just to cover my fuel costs
  10. Need some guns ASAP as pidgeonsvhitting barley tramlines plenty about near Newmarket
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