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  1. I'd higly recommend Brian, he will be the man to improve you!
  2. I am in the same boat.. What i do is when i can, i stock up on cartridges, buying in bulk is cheaper, 1000 shells lasted me well over 8 months last time! :( and then when you can afford both in terms of cash and time away from the family, you only have to worry about the entry fee, rather than entry fee and shells etc!! I am very lucky as my Dad shoots, so i can scrounge lifts off him to shoots, so that saves fuel costs, and even the odd cartridge or two from him! :) What ever you do, dont tell you missus the true cost of shooting!! ha ha :lol:
  3. Thanks Shaun :-) Will post them on here when I can get the chance to? 👍
  4. Doh.... Copied the post from Facebook and didn't check that I had copied the price across!! £300 ONO
  5. Selling a set of Pilla shooting Glasses, it is the Pilla Hawk Set, This originally came with 2 lenses, but it has had an extra 2 lenses added to it Lenses consist of 44N 75 50 25 All in good condition, comes with original Pilla case and metal case too! £300 ONO Collection Warrington or can post at buyers cost! Any questions please PM me.. Pictures are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1432698580323437/permalink/1714946085432017/?sale_post_id=1714946085432017
  6. A nice touch was the refs were all smartly dressed in shirt and tie.. made it look professional!
  7. Nice to see you again Rob I only finished on an 89, but in reality I am not too unhappy with that, seeing that you can count on one hand the number of times I have shot this year! Looking forward to the PW shoot back there in a couple weeks :good:
  8. How could you possibly tell that from a post on an internet forum?
  9. I treated myself to a Macbook Air through work benefits scheme, no reason, I just liked the look of it, Expensive but so much better than Windows In my Opinion, Everything just works as it should, Boots up ready to use in less than 60 seconds, the OS is just nice to use, I have a Windows laptop for work and i hate it, slow cumbersome in comparasion. I am definitley an apple fan though so my opinion might be a tad biased!
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