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  1. Is your old mate still on the go with the big double 4b f t baker ?
  2. Yeah just had it measured up , you are spot with that, my mate had a clay and game one and had to put the slight chamfer in 🤙
  3. That's makes two of us , I dont fancy paying clay and games prices ! I have spoke to a contact who actually knows the guy who makes them for clay and game , he is going to see him sometime next week so I will keep you posted.
  4. Hi I'm after an 8 bore resizing set for resizing 8b industrial kiln cases . Thanks
  5. Wigton bay , loads of accommodation to go at , and a permit off the local council easy to obtain. Access all mapped out on the permit and one part totally free shooting following the scottish rules of course .
  6. I've found the original ad , it was proofed for 1 oz 3/4 with a 3 1/4 inch chamber , pm me your mobile if you are on whattsapp I can send you the pics I've still got them .
  7. It was on guntrader about a month back, I think it might have now been sold . Plenty of choke in it as well, I would have had the cases made for it if I was going to buy it .
  8. That's a cracking looking gun , recently one came up for sale on the isle of wight, very similar to yours , that was a 3inch chamberless thin brass case version . Good price around £1700 , I did consider buying it as it looked very nice like yours .
  9. Thanks for that , I will give her a bell.
  10. Hi I'm after an 8b cartridge case resizing press , and a drill roll Turner, and a de capper / re capper . Not looking for vintage , just something that works , gave mine away years ago with a gun sale , now purchased another gun ! Regards .
  11. Thankyou , I'm sold ! I did have big bore guns a few yr back , let everything go and all the gear as you do , then seen a nice double 8b and the guy has put it aside for me when I can travel . Ok to pm you in the future for a few tips ?
  12. Interesting , certainly worth the time and effort , how much does it cost to get a rig setup ? I wasnt going to buy another big bore gun but seeing as they are at sensible money I'm going to have one. This is certainly the way forward for shot making .
  13. It's to cold to shoot here birds are starving , think it was tuesday this week the tide came in and it was steaming ! The sea was warmer than the air temperature, well done on your flight islandgun , nice end to the season and a cracking read .
  14. Nice sporting shots ! Like you mentioned not hovering over decoys, as good as you are going to get with the short fowling season down your way on the shore .
  15. I've got a chap here will do it for you, he has all the tools for the job 🤙 barrel wall thickness and choke 🤙 I'm just up the road from you .
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