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  1. How did you manage to require that ? Is it from a reclamation yard ?
  2. Look at the permit scheme for the area issued by the local council, place isn't hard to shoot it's all mapped out on the permit . Plenty of places to stay as well , book early its busy after Christmas, permit isn't expensive . It's the bladnoch river you are looking at on google maps, on the west side of the river that's all free shooting , wildfowling Scotland rules apply .
  3. If you struggle to find it , I know the author🤙 the wash on your stretch is in the book as well 🤙
  4. If you liked solway sunrise , read the new book out Somerset wildfowler, plenty of interesting tales about the solway 🤙
  5. Good idea above. I joined fenlands and Spalding, traveled down to fenlands for a morning flight on the geese , then went up to Spalding for a tide flight for duck on the way home . Birds do move around alot so it's nice to have a few venues, plus you get your basc subs back on one club .
  6. Get them off the bay, dried and ready to use .
  7. A very sad loss , working dogs break your heart , I'm sure you will have plenty of treasured memories on a wind swept shore just with your dogs.
  8. Spanish fruit packing boxes I found the best, slightly waxed so dont crack on the shoulder. I found deakins card to hard , it always cracked on the shoulder after you made the cup .
  9. The ones for 8 bore that clay and game sold didn't fit down the barrel of my gun, pretty much a waste of money if they dont fit .
  10. Been a productive season for geese all season really , moon flights really patchy but still worth going out . Ducks have been difficult to shoot , but still some nights have been good even with no wind and tide . Pintail have only just started to be spotted and the season is over ! But the last two weeks have been good for ducks, the nagging wind and rain has finally got them moving . Nothing went wrong learnt loads yet again even though I've been going yrs took my hip flask tonight and raised a glass with a 40 mph wind and lashing down with hail and rain !
  11. Ah call it inland duck and goose shooting ! That's a hard question to answer as well. I was busy typing then I seen the above reply that covers the lot ! We paid a grand for a pond on lease around £450 on snap shot it 8 to 10 times a year with 5 guns , average bag around 20 duck and geese if you wanted to take them home , I fed it every night and they still moaned if they wasnt in the shooting . I shot the pond at the end of the season on my own just to take my time back for feeding it.
  12. Henry kranks at leeds is your best bet. Ring up first mind to order as they dont store the powder on the premises. Shop is next to a petrol station so they store the powder at a different location .
  13. One on gunstar if you can stretch to £350 .
  14. They are treated like any other shotgun on your licence if you intend to use it . They are obsolete calibers mind other than a 3 1/2 10 bore , so if you want one you can buy the gun without a licence and hang it on the wall . Explosives licence required to buy and keep black powder is required.
  15. No mate , sold mine last year unfortunately. Had plenty of fun with it mind ! Would always use black powder over nitro .
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