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  1. Thanks captain, look right enough at £15 a go 🤙
  2. I've seen these sillosock flying mallard going half price at bushwear £15 a pop. Has anybody used them ? I've used the greylag sillosock decoys to good effect. Plan was to travel light and stick them on the green as the tide makes in , just as a enhancement to a few deeks in the water. Regards .
  3. Cracking write up marsh man! I've moved up to the far north now, as motty stated you have to go when it's good. I probably watch fowl 60 % of the time without the gun , then 40% trigger time when the going is good and the weather swings in your favour. Nice when you can hear the sea from your back door and pinks fly over the house !
  4. Browning waterfowl , briley light full in each barrel, gambore 3inch cartridges for ducks and geese , might swap to 3 1/2 gamebore mammoth bb if they are a bit higher.
  5. You might find that they dont actually fly once they are on . Wild duck are far better, save your money and feed at dusk and see what turns up .
  6. Never graduated up to extra full in briley, got light full x light full in my browning waterfowl , shooting gamebore mammoth bb , does the job well .
  7. Terror chokes are definitely one to go for. Very hard to find these days second hand in the uk.But back in production in the USA Had a 12b one in a berretta for years, and a .720 choke in a browning 10b for years , handles everything you put through them in non toxic shot .
  8. That teal looks spot on , just had a look could buy two at that price !
  9. Anybody use that spinning wings mallard off decathlon? Looks really good value compared to the prices of other spinning wings decoys for sale from other shops .
  10. I know when csb0 was out clay and game sold it , and have the data to go with it . They had steel and lead data for csb0 in all gauges , £1 a sheet through paypal off their website as I remember.
  11. You will score your barrels with this shot if it's not fully enclosed . I've scored mine in an old gun, luckily noticed before I ruined it . Old w .Richard's liverpool double 10b .
  12. I'm sure the precision reloading manual had bismuth recipes , I personally would use lead data .
  13. Record numbers at Montrose so the tv says !
  14. Had to de frost the windows this morning up near Brora, certainly cool last night with the northen winds .
  15. Got a transfer with my job , work for operations on the railway. Plenty of work up in the highlands and the wages are not rubbish . Same as the chap says above less hassle less people , I'm originally from near nottingham that's rough and ready with high levels of gun crime .
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