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  1. Greylags up north

    Up here on the firths for 2 weeks , seen a fair few greylag about , but not on the shore , usual places for greylag are empty especially connon bridge. Every year is different , but its been at least 3 year since I've seen thousands of greylag in one spot . Pinks are in a different place Every day! Its a proper goose hunt mind , my hands have turned into crows feet after 4 shifts in snow showers and heavy rain .
  2. silioquy, TO run in OR NOT TO run in

    In some circumstances you are that low in a gully and your dog doesnt even see what you have shot , so it would be no point it running in. You sometimes have to cast them on to find the bird, if its a strong bird I will send mine in , regardless of how many birds are coming off , seen loads of geese make it back over mud , and never picked .
  3. Goose call

    Considering you can't buy them anymore , and the only place to find them frequently is on the USA fleabay, I would say yes , top quality call as well , same as olt 800 another one to snap up 👍
  4. Canadas up North

    A few Canada geese on the cromarty firth a week or so back, I've seen Canada geese up that way many times in the winter on them shores .
  5. And shoots with one eye 👀
  6. Lincolnshire Constabulary.

    Fast to swoop down on us mind if we are in the wrong ! Had a ticking off for not adding a gun to my Mrs certificate 😆
  7. Lincolnshire Constabulary.

    Very similar setup like Notts, had my visit June this year licence came end of October 3 days before it expired, had same problem with a few guns , I now email all changes through to Notts,they do reply so just save your emails ! You can find all the country's firearms departments on the basc site.
  8. Wildfowling Scotland

    It feels like the dedicated wildfowlers are being out numbered by groups of goose shooters when it comes to shooting some parts of the crown foreshore in some parts of Scotland.
  9. Wildfowling Scotland

    It's a new breed of "goose shooter" if they can't hit em on the green , they are crawling out to them morning and night on mats! Seen it myself last week every day .
  10. Wildfowling Scotland

    Where did you go ? Pm if you want , I went last week , never seen anything like it ! Lead cases all over , high shooting was a joke .
  11. 10 bore cheddite cases

    Sounds good to me mr smiler ! Do you have any problems with the fed primer in the cheddite case ? Tight fit or slack ? Got 100s of these wads and not tried them , like cheddite cases use them once and bin them , crimp nice and neat , and also finish good with a gaep spinner.
  12. Anybody know of a 10 bore recipe using cheddite cases , sam1 wads and steel bb, probably use 381 or steel powder. Regards Rob.
  13. Widgeon finally arrived

    I've been up on the north east firths all week , and have not seen as many as you usually do , locals say they isn't as many as well .
  14. Tps wads

    Anybody got any spare in 10b ? Clay and game don't have them in stock . Regards Rob.
  15. Fiocchi Tundra

    Findhorn bay 🤡