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  1. watches for sale

    You must have a email address when you set up on here 🤐
  2. watches for sale

    Says in the post email him for photos 🙄
  3. Calling Pinkfeet

    Eddie Nixon call probably the best you could buy in the UK, sadly gone now , and if you do see one for sale on the bay , they sell for double the money now .
  4. English Double 10 bore

    Ive got a nice double 10b , 3 1/2 inch chamber , extra full choke in both barrels , its a richards of Liverpool, its not used much these days , way jobs going you will be hard pushed to shoot anything through them except bismuth, itm was about the best shot to use , but that's hard to find .
  5. Pink with Greys

    We get pinks now and again hang about with other geese for a few days , not many though , most I've seen is around 12 , so many wetlands around our way they do drop in .
  6. Coast to Coast

    I have been a member for the past 10 years , but sadly not been getting down , just have not got time these days , so will not join the next season. Its a real nice place , and a good club to join , young folk are just not bothered about wildfowling , bet the average age of members is around 50 years old .
  7. a flight in febuary ( scotland)

    Pm me your number ross, I did have it a yr back for them 10 bore cartridges , probably will be up round Inverness on them dates 👍
  8. Greylag Call

    Olt 800 is far better than any of the calls mentioned .
  9. vintage shotguns and rifles

    Got a single 4b I'm putting up for sale in the next few week , if thats any good to you ?
  10. Wads for 10 bore loads

    I can't find anybody who has tps wads in 10b !
  11. 8 bore cases

    Expensive hobby this 8 bore job ! Has that chap at Devon shotgun reloading got any ? He did sell them ? I would check them in your gun after resizing as well , some still do not fit .
  12. 8 bore cases

    Clay and game sell new ones , not seen any new sold by clay and game for years , they do now !
  13. Goose decoys

    Who sells them in the UK?
  14. Goose decoys

    Windsock pinkfoots are your best bet , shell decoys are expensive , £84 for 12 windsock pinks is a start , they will pull in greylag as well , you might need a few more mind when you can spend a few more ££££sss
  15. Greylags up north

    Up here on the firths for 2 weeks , seen a fair few greylag about , but not on the shore , usual places for greylag are empty especially connon bridge. Every year is different , but its been at least 3 year since I've seen thousands of greylag in one spot . Pinks are in a different place Every day! Its a proper goose hunt mind , my hands have turned into crows feet after 4 shifts in snow showers and heavy rain .