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  1. Thankyou , I'm sold ! I did have big bore guns a few yr back , let everything go and all the gear as you do , then seen a nice double 8b and the guy has put it aside for me when I can travel . Ok to pm you in the future for a few tips ?
  2. Interesting , certainly worth the time and effort , how much does it cost to get a rig setup ? I wasnt going to buy another big bore gun but seeing as they are at sensible money I'm going to have one. This is certainly the way forward for shot making .
  3. It's to cold to shoot here birds are starving , think it was tuesday this week the tide came in and it was steaming ! The sea was warmer than the air temperature, well done on your flight islandgun , nice end to the season and a cracking read .
  4. Nice sporting shots ! Like you mentioned not hovering over decoys, as good as you are going to get with the short fowling season down your way on the shore .
  5. I've got a chap here will do it for you, he has all the tools for the job barrel wall thickness and choke I'm just up the road from you .
  6. It's like scratching an itch , you want one buy an 8b , get used to that buy a 4b , get bored of carrying that round , sell the lot go back to a camo auto ! I've had em and sold them , if I see anything decent again cheap I would certainly not walk past it .
  7. I wouldn't buy anything these days unless the barrel wall thickness was done , and the choke measured . I know folk have all the equipment to do this job, who regularly still buy big fowling guns . I've seen a few half decent ones lately still with plenty of choke at 5k . You will find alot are on their second stocks as well, and a fair few face off the action ! Anything decent still does still command good money, I would buy a half decent one you can use regular, and not worry to much about getting it dirty Check out Giles Marriott gun shop they are selling off a c
  8. Speak to colin sheddon , same argument as you say has been put forward , local wildfowl club have informed me of this today , and to keep an eye on basc up dates coming shortly.
  9. Wildfowl cold weather ban starts this Friday 15th January for scotland , look for updates on basc .
  10. no snow in the far north , I will keep going unless the weather changed for the worst .
  11. Just coming up 2yr , ah heard you shooting Saturday
  12. Years ago when I used to shoot the wash , sometimes if you was really early and folk turned up in the carpark , you would pop over and just ask what sort of direction they was heading . But then again I've seen folk falling over themselves putting gear on and practically running to set off before you ! I will come away these days if folk are around, and probably jump back in the car and find another spot .
  13. Look above in the pinned threads , all the different sizes and country variations are on
  14. So, you can you go wildfowling as long as its close to your home and you are not moving through different counties . And its preferable that you do this on your own ?
  15. Will you take 瞿10 and a rat gassing machine ? Give me a ring I might be able to use them
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