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  1. shakin stevens

    Csbo lead loads data

    You can get the data off clay and game for £1 , easy transaction just pay through PayPal, and it comes as a PDF.
  2. shakin stevens

    Shotgun from the States

    My mate has just purchased a greener boxlock non ejector 8b from the states . He didn't have any problems , think he paid £1500 tax to import it into the UK. Had no issues at all and it came very fast .
  3. shakin stevens

    Itx 8 bore load

    I tried it yrs ago in a very old 10b , I used the Winchester card cup system and wrapped it to protect my barrel , as I couldn't use plas wads nothing would fit down the barrel . Yeah it worked but I don't think I could get it going fast enough , maybe a plas wad might have helped .
  4. shakin stevens

    Pink numbers building

    He is probably thinking a cold snap up north may fetch a few to his borders ?
  5. shakin stevens

    Wigeon numbers

    Most I've seen in a good few yrs on the northern firths , shores are black with them at high water .
  6. shakin stevens

    Spent shells and plaswads

    Picked a interesting wad up yesterday on a sandy shore, it was a 3 1/2 clay and game wad , (un slit) with 5mm steel shot still embedded in the base of the wad , and it had perforated the wad badly ! I always try to pick my wads up and empties, and others if I find them , the less people see the better .
  7. shakin stevens

    New coat required, need advice

    Anything American army goretex , I've got a us marines digital woodland camo jacket. Really expensive to buy , but they do turn up on the bay in the UK and at a fair price . Uk troops fetched them back after Afghanistan.
  8. shakin stevens

    10 bore reloading equipment

    I might have some once fired cases kicking about , if they are any good to you ?
  9. shakin stevens

    10 bore reloading equipment

    Have you up graded to a 10b tom ?
  10. shakin stevens

    Too warm ... ?

    Just come back from a week up north , weather was great ! Nice to wander out with no leggings on or big jackets . Geese must have felt the same , very late coming off the shore , and early back to the shore . Really nice steady flights , it will all change this weather can not last forever, clocks change soon, days will be shorter .
  11. shakin stevens

    Whitefronted Goose?

    I've seen them often over the years on your doorstep , never in numbers , seen a pair on loch fleet last year with the pinks . Only place I've known them shot by people I know is on the humber , both years when we had cold weather 2010,2011 seasons .
  12. shakin stevens

    They Are Returning

    Two good sized skeins flew by today over north Notts heading down to the wash , and a friend of mine has already bagged one today up north . Game on 👍
  13. shakin stevens

    10 bore tps wads

    That's what I thought , I can assure you he wasn't selling me any .
  14. shakin stevens

    10G Rhino steel

    Not done rhino , did half a dozen 12b mammoth, and they was spot on the published speed over a f1 chrono.