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  1. Very true , we have our first confirmed case this week , only 2k population in the area . So where did it come from ? And how many others have it !
  2. If things get worse you wont be welcome , signs on the road into our place were erected on the last lock down stating not to come to the area . First recorded case this week, and the population is only 2k in the area. Folk know who you are, and they know who should be here . Lets hope it doesnt get worse, so folk can come and enjoy their shooting hobbies , first lock down left the place a ghost town .
  3. I've had a pair of gumleaf royals yrs , look after the zip, and that's about it , far better than chameau Wellingtons .
  4. I moved from the midlands very recently to the far north in the highlands , never seen so many cuckoos on the wing and calling, yet in the midlands they seem to be very few like they was.
  5. Might be easier to use a cheddite case and recipe ! I've always found new remmington cases hard to finish to a nice standard , I use cheddite cases . Cheddite cases are slightly smaller as well, 1 1/2 oz bb in a tps wad needs only one spacer . No over shot card is required neither, light crimp , then finish with a Gaep 10b rto finishing head . Perfect finish, cycles spot on , kills perfectly at my desired ranges!
  6. Seen the first ones up here last week in august , just two small groups some 30 mile apart. Never seen any since, but like your report and some on the west they are coming ! Slept with the window open last night hoping to hear them through the night , nothing just noisy owls!
  7. The weather up here has been really nice , it just didn't feel like shooting weather ! I'm more interested in push biking and sea fishing at scrabster! Went for a walk last night by our house it was nice to walk the shore and look at the places you like for an ambush on geese and duck . Watched a couple of osprey fishing in the shallow water, not be long before they leave for home with the swallows, that's when the fowling season will start for me ! It was looking like a late harvest , not much had been done last week , it's been mopped up big time over the past few days.
  8. 70 mm cartridge , shot size 4 , 40 gram Fired through my mk60 , what's your problem like ?
  9. Mini magnums do the trick , in a standard game gun .
  10. Just looking on gunstar, they is a T Frostick hawker system punt gun for sale . It's a double punt gun , looks nice and not a bad price at 8k .
  11. Crook of baldoon is accessible at wigtown , but I would still buy a permit for the reserve, that would give you plenty to go at .
  12. How did you manage to require that ? Is it from a reclamation yard ?
  13. Look at the permit scheme for the area issued by the local council, place isn't hard to shoot it's all mapped out on the permit . Plenty of places to stay as well , book early its busy after Christmas, permit isn't expensive . It's the bladnoch river you are looking at on google maps, on the west side of the river that's all free shooting , wildfowling Scotland rules apply .
  14. If you struggle to find it , I know the author🤙 the wash on your stretch is in the book as well 🤙
  15. If you liked solway sunrise , read the new book out Somerset wildfowler, plenty of interesting tales about the solway 🤙
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