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  1. Plenty of folk have bulged and ringed the barrels firing plas wads through them over the years.
  2. Victory mini Magnums take some beating for inland and flighting geese in Scotland.
  3. I would, anybody worth going with should be registered as a business. You should have challenged him, and let him ring the police as you stated. You might find he could be warned for wasting police resources. You have not committed any offence, it's just a dispute over a payment that needs addressing.
  4. Is the guide a registered business?
  5. I've got around 30 chris green pinkfoot decoys hardly used, one is a landing bird , and 10 greylag sillosock decoys . Look on chris green's web site they are listed on his site. They are made to order you want get any till 2021 .
  6. Just go through the motions mat , saves carry a haul miles and all that plucking 😂
  7. Evil bay is probably the best bet , unless you drop lucky . They fetch over £70 on the bay, probably the best pinkfoot call money can buy 🤙
  8. Says it's part of the malcom king collection, must selling off the tired ones .
  9. Very true , we have our first confirmed case this week , only 2k population in the area . So where did it come from ? And how many others have it !
  10. If things get worse you wont be welcome , signs on the road into our place were erected on the last lock down stating not to come to the area . First recorded case this week, and the population is only 2k in the area. Folk know who you are, and they know who should be here . Lets hope it doesnt get worse, so folk can come and enjoy their shooting hobbies , first lock down left the place a ghost town .
  11. I've had a pair of gumleaf royals yrs , look after the zip, and that's about it , far better than chameau Wellingtons .
  12. I moved from the midlands very recently to the far north in the highlands , never seen so many cuckoos on the wing and calling, yet in the midlands they seem to be very few like they was.
  13. Might be easier to use a cheddite case and recipe ! I've always found new remmington cases hard to finish to a nice standard , I use cheddite cases . Cheddite cases are slightly smaller as well, 1 1/2 oz bb in a tps wad needs only one spacer . No over shot card is required neither, light crimp , then finish with a Gaep 10b rto finishing head . Perfect finish, cycles spot on , kills perfectly at my desired ranges!
  14. Seen the first ones up here last week in august , just two small groups some 30 mile apart. Never seen any since, but like your report and some on the west they are coming ! Slept with the window open last night hoping to hear them through the night , nothing just noisy owls!
  15. The weather up here has been really nice , it just didn't feel like shooting weather ! I'm more interested in push biking and sea fishing at scrabster! Went for a walk last night by our house it was nice to walk the shore and look at the places you like for an ambush on geese and duck . Watched a couple of osprey fishing in the shallow water, not be long before they leave for home with the swallows, that's when the fowling season will start for me ! It was looking like a late harvest , not much had been done last week , it's been mopped up big time over the past few days.
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