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  1. shakin stevens

    Too warm ... ?

    Just come back from a week up north , weather was great ! Nice to wander out with no leggings on or big jackets . Geese must have felt the same , very late coming off the shore , and early back to the shore . Really nice steady flights , it will all change this weather can not last forever, clocks change soon, days will be shorter .
  2. shakin stevens

    Whitefronted Goose?

    I've seen them often over the years on your doorstep , never in numbers , seen a pair on loch fleet last year with the pinks . Only place I've known them shot by people I know is on the humber , both years when we had cold weather 2010,2011 seasons .
  3. shakin stevens

    They Are Returning

    Two good sized skeins flew by today over north Notts heading down to the wash , and a friend of mine has already bagged one today up north . Game on 👍
  4. shakin stevens

    10 bore tps wads

    That's what I thought , I can assure you he wasn't selling me any .
  5. shakin stevens

    10G Rhino steel

    Not done rhino , did half a dozen 12b mammoth, and they was spot on the published speed over a f1 chrono.
  6. shakin stevens

    10 bore tps wads

    Ah got some from some another place , had rate laugh with clay and game yesterday! They have nothing in stock these days , I was only an hr from the shop , and they had some powder I wanted . Told me I need my shotgun cert now to buy gunpowder , probably understandable these days in this country .?
  7. shakin stevens


    A lot of folk have with no joy, he blocked tarbat off with bales one year, the guys in campers ruined it shooting under the moon , I was their, that was the final straw. i just travel light these days and walk the extra miles , he is watching mind, I’ve seen him out , as he does shoot himself .
  8. shakin stevens


    Spot on that , his Mrs is crackers she stopped me on several occasions, but we are on talking terms , I still walk down so do alot of others .
  9. shakin stevens

    Sam 1 10 gauge

    Have you tried kev up your way mate? Gaep UK
  10. shakin stevens

    Sam 1 10 gauge

    Shotgun reloading .co.uk cheap as chips (even though chips might go up because of the drought ?)
  11. shakin stevens

    Wigtown bay

    Bit early for good numbers of geese on wigtown bay at that time of year, if that's what you are after .plenty of cottages at wigtown will take dogs and guns without any bother .
  12. shakin stevens

    ITM non toxic

    Only shoot 1 oz 7/8 of PowerShot in the 10b and that never fails on target , can't see the point of heavy payloads of over priced itm or any other non toxic shot.
  13. shakin stevens

    over and under for wildfowling

    Browning waterfowl for me had mine years, just keep up on the cleaning, as the bores are not chrome lined . One in a gun Shop down my way for £1200 at the moment , he will probably let it go for less he likes a deal ?
  14. shakin stevens

    ITM non toxic

    I've got around 3k of bb itm shot I used for an old 8 bore , I've now sold the gun. Anybody got any decent recipes for loading in a 10b ? I was never keen on clay and game data , found it way over the top using 63 gram of expensive itm in a 10b , 8 b data wasn't to bad .