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  1. One on gunstar if you can stretch to £350 .
  2. They are treated like any other shotgun on your licence if you intend to use it . They are obsolete calibers mind other than a 3 1/2 10 bore , so if you want one you can buy the gun without a licence and hang it on the wall . Explosives licence required to buy and keep black powder is required.
  3. No mate , sold mine last year unfortunately. Had plenty of fun with it mind ! Would always use black powder over nitro .
  4. A chap I know shoots behind the sea wall in fields he has permission on and shoots lead at flighting geese (scotland) I always thought it's not legal for me take shots at these geese flighting from the shore over these fields as I dont have permission to discharge a firearm in the direction of the that land. Never mind lead or steel . I could be wrong but that's my take.
  5. Is they any guidance on when and where you can shoot on Findhorn bay ? Last time I read something on the bay the council was not prepared to spend money on consultations and the whole thing was dropped , and wildfowling below the water mark would continue as normal with no restrictions?
  6. Seen two different double man punts out past few weeks up north , looked really odd when they stood up in the boat in the middle of the firth ! Other than that you would find it hard to spot the boat, one crew had a shot when I was tide flighting other week . Just read a new Wildfolwing book called somerset wildfowler that also had some interesting punt gun stories in it .
  7. 1 oz 5/8 I use in the 10b works a treat for my shooting capabilities! Never used a 2 oz load couldn't afford it .
  8. If you buy the corn off him .....he might be nice to you and charge you very little . Depends on what's it worth to you ? I had one between 8 guns it cost £800 pound a yr . Then you had the cost of the corn on top, it was a big pond and shot very well so nobody complained.
  9. Love the power shot through the 10b but at £75 a kilo I'm out ! Still got a load of old itm and nice shot in bb , might move it on .
  10. Amazing birds how they evade you on the shore , but sit in a field next your house with people banging nails in and kids playing on a Sunday!! It's like russian roulette at the moment they get kicked off, or strip that many fields and they move on , then fly out a different way every morning off the shore . Never heard a goose move on the last moon , but they came in this week because the weather was bad and the tides high around 10pm .
  11. About sums it up , I've had a few and a single 4b , probably shot more with a 12b and a browning 10b , it's a shame the non toxic shot is cheaper to run an old gun . But as you stated the jobs far more advanced these days with steel and other types of shot .
  12. It might do , but the gun will still be to light for a double 8b . I've known folk bulge the barrels on them bored out 10s with fibre wads never mind plastic wads .
  13. Excellent duck round back in the day , half choke will do the trick nicely 🤙
  14. Thanks captain, look right enough at £15 a go 🤙
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