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  1. Police approved 6 gun capacity cabinet , double locks one set of keys . Pick up only £70 ono Large dog kennel 6 x10 with mesh run , cost £600 when new . Buyer to collect and dismantle £100 Photos on request just send me your number. Worksop area . Regards Rob .
  2. I've got one I may sell .
  3. It scored my damascus barrel in a old gun, I used a fibre wad , with the inverted card cup system , soon kicked that into touch . Needs a wrap to protect your barrel like you would always with itm.
  4. Ah you do , had a old fox red lab , walks down from his house near the bus stop.
  5. I'm up at the weekend , chap up the lane from tarbat might be interested in that , you will know him 👍
  6. I had a really easy book to follow written by Eric begbie, think it was gundogs for beginners, really enjoyed training my dogs with the steps in the book .
  7. Go the full hog mate , they is a Browning waterfowl on guntrader , buy cheap buy twice as the saying goes . All the best for 2019
  8. Try Barton upon humber wildfowling club, that's run well I did join it a few years ago. I found them very friendly and a helpful club , only reason I dropped out was that I rented some duck flight ponds near my house.
  9. You can get the data off clay and game for £1 , easy transaction just pay through PayPal, and it comes as a PDF.
  10. My mate has just purchased a greener boxlock non ejector 8b from the states . He didn't have any problems , think he paid £1500 tax to import it into the UK. Had no issues at all and it came very fast .
  11. I tried it yrs ago in a very old 10b , I used the Winchester card cup system and wrapped it to protect my barrel , as I couldn't use plas wads nothing would fit down the barrel . Yeah it worked but I don't think I could get it going fast enough , maybe a plas wad might have helped .
  12. He is probably thinking a cold snap up north may fetch a few to his borders ?
  13. Most I've seen in a good few yrs on the northern firths , shores are black with them at high water .
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