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  1. Not at all! I was just interested in you private explanation by PM to your public accusation on this forum, that johnphilip called/implied you were homosexual.....when In response he has reproduced the “offending posts” which as far as I can see say/imply nothing of the sort? If you are going to post anything contentious on a public forum, be prepared to answer on the same public forum when challenged by those that disagree with, or question the veracity of your postings!.......it’s cowardly to avoid public scrutiny by responding to a challenge by private message!
  2. Wrong again, I’m afraid! Zapp’s intervention, as all can see, was about unspecified “squabbling” on another thread.......and as far a I know it did not require anyone “to avoid oneanother” or forbid anyone responding/posting on another thread?
  3. You posted your accusations on a public forum, what wrong with clearing up the “misunderstanding” in public too? 😂
  4. Persecution is an emotive word, implying that the subject is systematically and relentlessly pursued.........that is not the case with raptors! Raptor mortality has been hijacked by anti shooting protectionists as a means to attack shooting! That is why they Immediately imply/accuse shooting interests as responsible for every raptor death, however it occurred! They use the word persecution, for maximum emotional effect! To gain support/backing from a naive general public and provide copy for a sensationalism hungry media, I accept there may be a few opportunists, even the odd keeper who would shoot something.........just because they wanted to, or the chance presented itself........but widespread, relentless and systematic persecution? Nah!....otherwise raptors wouldn’t be increasing in numbers, as they are! Similarly the word “bloodsport” is a label the antis put on fieldsports, deliberately intended to stimulate an emotional shock in order to maximise a supportive reaction from a naive general public, many who think Bambi and Peter Rabbit are real animals, and meat doesn’t come from animals but comes wrapped in plastic....from Tesco’s.
  5. Didn’t hear anyone interviewed (RSPB or Plod) asked to explain who found each of the dead raptors? And how and why the alleged finders were out and about during lockdown?
  6. Not really, but in the UK it gives the right on, woke, class warriors, professional protesters, left wing anarchists and troublemakers a chance to turn out on a sunny day, shout, act aggressively, damage property, cause chaos and if it escalates to looting...........maybe go home with a new 60 inch telly?
  7. Looting shows they are thieves and criminals operating under a cloak of solidarity with the oppressed!.....nothing but lawless, thieving scum!
  8. That’s the “rub”.....to “the satisfaction of the Chief officer of police“ can, if abused (and I believe it is being abused!) mean anything! That can mean that if an applicant does not comply, no matter how outlandish, with what they’re instructed, By and at the whim of some public employee (rather than the law!)......then they don’t get a licence! I agree with the first sentence in the second paragraph! Good luck with your renewal in November!
  9. As I understand it the chief constable association were involved in negotiations, and agreed the Home Office guidance? As did the GP’s......the GP’s then reneged on the agreement, because they wanted payment for their involvement, and wouldn’t comply if they didn’t, subsequently the police also reneged on the agreement, by supporting the GP’s blackmail...........because the police wanted GP’s involvement in the licensing process? The police weren’t going to stand the cost of GP involvement.........so they forced the financial responsibility on to gun owners! By using/misusing the “to the satisfaction of the chief officer of police” clause in the granting of gun licences! By introducing a rule stating “no GP’s letter, no licence” That is where we are now! Both the police and the GP’s reneged on the agreement that led to the Home Office Guidance.........it’s nothing to do with public safety it’s about who pays the money!
  10. My guess.......Giant Sequoia? Or Giant Redwood as derbyduck said?
  11. Thanks for the replies fellas, apparently BG is back in production, so I think I’ll just wait until supplies start to get more generally available again!
  12. I did, and immediately went on the B&Q website..........every store had a red x against multifinish plaster.......indicating no stock??....
  13. Every B&Q store countrywide, I look up on the net, comes up as no supply?.....how on earth did you manage to get them to part with 20 bags?
  14. If they have they ain’t releasing it.....at least not to me!
  15. Anyone in or around the midlands got 10/12, 25kg bags of in date, multifinish plaster, at a reasonable price?........ Genuine enquiry, but please don’t all laugh at once! 😂 Worth a try!
  16. Brilliant enfieldspares thanks for posting! They appear either small blokes.......or big guns? 😆 More photos if you have em?
  17. A nice bag with a beautiful gun........but please, I may be teaching my granny to suck eggs?..........remember blood takes the blacking off barrels!
  18. A short google search reveals Clay shooting in the Wirral at Stocks Farm, Puddington....run by one David Costain? Gordon R just beat me to it!
  19. Great! Wait for em to go, then block up the hole in the shed!
  20. I can see anywhere worth visiting in the UK being very busy with staycation holidaymakers this summer...........probably with significant local price hikes to visitors?
  21. I read Sir Ed Davey, the interim Lib Dem leader has introduced a private members bill into parliament, to try and sneak through a two year delay on Brexit! I imagine it will attract support from the other small, irrelevant political party’s in Westminster........but will still sink without trace! Another nail in the Lib Dem coffin!........I fervently hope!
  22. Yep shot the marsh behind the lighthouse many times!
  23. Do you mean Colin Willocks book!......“Kenzie the wild goose man”?
  24. If your decoys are “shiny” you’ll shoot nowt! 😂..........welcome to PW though.
  25. The remainers haven’t moved on.....look at the recent letter from the remainer leaders of Westminster opposition party’s to Barnier (and his response!) they want a two year delay for brexit......Barnier isn’t against the idea! There’s a surprise!
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