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  1. Another exhalant detailed report I enjoyed reading that.
  2. Nope its a first for me, although I have found snails in a crop before.
  3. Jacko would say "nowt as strange as pigeon" sometimes it just astounds you how so much easy pickings is totally ignored.
  4. Have you got post code could be well interested if close enough.
  5. Great place to celebrate another birthday and with the better half and dogs, not to mention the cake, corr I'm very envious.😃
  6. I will try to get a teck grandchild it to do a link. Thanks again. Alan.
  7. Over the last few weeks I have seen several coveys of greys and several pheasants brood's over a short time a lot of the young have disappeared, we have a very large number of Kites and buzzards in this area and I have had them attack my decoys on more than one occasion, I wonder if this is the reason for the lost young?
  8. Thanks old'un from your post I managed to get a motor of the bay for 8 quid fitted and working great. The watch at its best again.😃
  9. So nice to read a good report and farther and son 1st outing, one for the memory bank.
  10. Nice report and a good bag, as for car keys I put mine in the cartridge bag as soon as I return to the hide, never lost em yet!
  11. My A1 decoys turbo flapper has finally given up, the gear box has expired. Tried emailing them to see if a replacement motor is available and get no reply, looked on web site nothing listed! So to the bay of many parts and totally confused as to which motor I require, so to the PW massive I ask has anybody any idea what I need to order?
  12. Nice report pleased for you 20+ is a good day in my book, shame the Mystra JD couldn't make it but he would have run out of cartridges before the end anyway.
  13. Is the vicar coming round for tea?
  14. That's the 1st of many! I love mine that ditchy kindle did for me.
  15. Sorry OB not able to load photos, but will try an explanation. The wiper motor comes on a small frame with 2 arms that connect to spindles to work the wiper blades, removing the longest 1 leaves you with a short arm that moves the spindle back and fore. I welded a short bit of square metal with a wing bolt in on to the spindle then made a sort of bouncer bit of kit to hold a breasted out dead bird about 3 feet long to slot into the square bit. the electrics are mostly kit I already had to operate other equipment, 12volt 7amp battery, sped controller used on magnet for corvids, the remote control from eb-- about a £8. Forgot to mention a spike fitted to the frame to push into the ground to hold it upright. On operation the pigeon rises up 90 degrees and then drops to the ground like a landing bird, or you can stop it half way and have an angel this you can then drop to the ground if you see a bird that is loosing interest and some times brings it in. Hope you can understand this long winded explanation. Alan.
  16. Yes way beyond a joke but no ones laughing and we are about to get a load of Afghans too! although I do have sympathy for them.
  17. I very seldom shoot anything other than woodys, just because I can do nothing with corvids or ferrules. Nice report of a good days shooting.
  18. Exhalent report, and yes I too have found that the magnet no longer has the effect it used to have, and so have just made a riser a pigeon on a 3ft rod going up and down. I have a remote control that can do 3 rises and stop or 6 rises and stop, or stop and start as required, I've had this out twice now and find that combined with an ff5 it is deadly. Pigeons decoy from long distances strait in like thy did in the first days of magnets, I've just made a 4 ft long rod to try out today. No picnic required as will be too busy shooting. ----------------- I hope!
  19. Great picture but did you shoot any pigeons?
  20. Nice wright up Cat, and great picture JD, now the subject of a book how about someone on the forum make a book of the best posts and pictures on the watch.
  21. Nice bag just shows you never know when a good bag will come, and you didn't run out of cartridges.
  22. Ho so true been there done that got the T shirt.
  23. Well done 90 is good going for a man that usually runs out of cartridges, and a man that jumps up and down like a Jacko-in-a-box. 😎
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