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  1. Turned it off after 10 minuets got better things to do utter rubbish!
  2. You have to put a price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Normally this time of year there is a fair amount of young birds about, but this year as of yet not seen one. Is it that this is the only area or has anyone else noticed this?
  4. dead eye alan


    To see the modern Turkey look on u tube for Mick & Trudy vids.
  5. One for sale on page 2 of private gun sales.
  6. It's just EU dogma. Thy hate us at the moment but just wait till thy need us for something.
  7. Well done Ben keep's them moving while PC is away.
  8. NOOOOOO not the tooth fairy, I've only got a few teeth left but am looking forward to my new found wealth after her visit!
  9. That's 70 more pigeons than I saw on my reconnaissance yesterday, alas no peas on my permission's. Well done and more to come.
  10. Nice post, growing old is a bitch but preferable to dyeing young.
  11. He's probably already a fully paid up, (by us) member.😎
  12. Spot on thy are just too good for us. I wonder weather its a bit of an own goal as the pigeons will not be thinned out before the peas germinate meaning that the young plants will have more pigeons to feed on them.
  13. He is about the right height.
  14. If I was you I'd watch what I eat!
  15. So I here, wasn't fat Sara there practice clime? That roosting wood is at Benwick international airport.
  16. NO HILLS how's the Lincolnshire mountain rescue team going to work?
  17. Well worth the effort, well done.
  18. Where about do thy roost I see no trees. Nice pictures and a lovely drive in too.
  19. Note as daft as folk, so the saying goes we will see later the result but I think it will be very very close.
  20. Same here did 47 miles on my search for pigeon finished up back at the first field that had any birds, shot !!!!! Well done, you had a good result.
  21. So that's cleared that up well done Dave.
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