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  1. Hi for a b2 I would strip it down clean away all the hard brown gunk the Chinese call grease. Stand the leather piston seal in fish oil for a day. re grease and re assemble. Then I would fit a cheap 4x20 scope with mounts about £8 off Ebay.
  2. Fish oil can be used as an alternative to neatsfoot on the piston seal. Leave to soak for a day then dry with paper towels.
  3. Make sure the O ring in front of piston is in good condition. Clean out the two gas ports I use a pipe cleaner and only use 70mm cartridges.
  4. I would also look at a Gamo junior hunter Baikal MP60 or some of the lower priced SMK range B1 or xs15.
  5. Hi Teal, Badge received today. Thank you.
  6. Hi can I have the 1/4 please
  7. Price drop £300 ovno. Face to face only.
  8. I think Jane Parker now lives in Canada.
  9. Try this site http://www.champdogs.co.uk/breeds/border-terrier/breeders?pc=CV1 ​
  10. If there the same as B Rizzini or Mcnab try guns gb.com. Teague flush fit chokes £15.63.
  11. For sale 1996 Suzuki Vitara LWB 2L V6 auto red/silver MOT 15th March 2015 Fitted tow bar Low mileage for age, under 55000 miles Used as 2nd vehicle for last 9 years, very reliable, body work in reasonable condition but some rust around outside of the rear wheel arches behind doors. Genuine reason for sale £600 ono. Unable to upload pictures. Location Swinton Manchester.
  12. For that type of use I would consider a .25 Hatsan Striker about £125 new.
  13. Nice little air rifle .Just make sure the front stock screws are tight before you pull down the under lever if not you will split the stock.
  14. I think Caesar Guerini have recently bought quite a lot of shares in Fabarm.
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