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  1. Hi Lee

    Do you ever speak to John (JRS ) who used to be a pigeon watch member?

    Unfortunately I have lost all his contact details. I called into the barn he had at Fosdyke some years back and wondered if he was still actively punt gunning or whether had has packed up wildfowing nowadays.

    If you do speak to him please give him my best wishes

    All the best and stay safe

    Andy Foxall

  2. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I’m sorry for not checking in on here for a while. I now have a Facebook page called Winbeck Gundogs or you can get in touch with me on Facebook directly if you search Lee Stockburn and you can also get in touch by leaving comments on the videos. All the best everyone and I hope you enjoy this season. Lee
  3. Thank you everyone for being kind with you comments. And thank you for holding me in such high esteem ?. It’s great to be able to help people enjoy there dogs.
  4. Hello all, Sorry for the 3month delay. Training will pick up and we’ll get a bit more momentum now there is more daylight. hope you enjoy. lee
  5. Ey up Lloyd90, If you pm me with what your looking for. I’ll try and help. I try and home a dog according to what I think it’s ability is, for example if it’s a bit soft at hunting but very keen and natural marking id say it’s more of a peg dog so look for someone who wants such a dog. The most important thing is to get the dog that works for the handlers needs. Next year the only planned mating I have is with my springer. I’ll try and help you where I can though. Thank you, Lee
  6. Thank you Labstaff, if you ever feel you can offer a suggestion or idea for another video demonstration please let me know. Thank you for your lovely feedback. I appreciate it. Lee
  7. Thank you Archie, he really is a fantastic dog. I’m not just saying this because he’s mine but he’s the best working Golden Retriever I’ve seen. I try to bring two pups on per year just to keep myself practiced at training from scratch and then move them on at around 10 months. My long term ambition is to be able to keep a litter back and bring them all on simply for the experience of observing how each pup develops from the same litter. I would also like to breed consistently high driven and biddable Goldies because the really good ones are few and far between and in my opinion some
  8. Thank you both. It good to feel like they help ?? Thank you. Lee
  9. Dogs certainly have a talent for flatulance haha ?
  10. I was asked on another forum about teaching a retriever to go through cover, straight to the retrieve without stopping short of the retrieve and hunting early. Hope it’s useful to someone. Lee (Sorry for the abrupt ending, my phon died but I think the video demonstrates the lesson)
  11. Brilliant thank you Mice. Where will I find your Yorkshire thread please? Lee
  12. Hello all, does anyone know of any mid-week picking up that’s available please in the Lancashire/West Yorkshire area? I’m not fussy about the formality of the shoot, small syndicates or larger shoots. Thank you in advance, Lee
  13. Ey up Ian, Once I’ve started steadiness training I keep to it. Generally speaking I think there is little to be gained from allowing a dog to free-run. At the end of the season around early spring the older dogs are given a period of “down time” of a month or so where we will go out and do no training just long walks. I think this is more to my benefit as it gives me a break from training and working them. Thank you for you compliments Ian and Loriusgarulus ??
  14. Video 8 Its been a few weeks since my last vid, just been busy with one thing and another. Anyway here is the next instalment on Flashes progress. I hope you enjoy.
  15. I like your cocker Ian, just been watching your videos and shes got a lovely sweet nature. It was nice to watch this one again 👍🏿
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