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  1. For sale is a Buffalo river 3 gun safe. Never been fitted, still has fittings with it. Supplied with 2 sets of keys for each lock Cost £130 new looking for £80
  2. Great idea. Card or Vouchers If people are genuinly entitled to benefits why would it be degrading, i am sure if had rely on them to feed and cloth my family i would not care if it were buttons i was paying with. Saying it would be degrading is just a stupid statement. What they should do is review all benefit claimants more vigorously. They keep on saying there is a lack of jobs, so atleast reviewing all the benefits will create jobs. If the government are worried about the crime rate increasing, employ more police, build more prisons. So all in all the bigger picture = more jobs, less spongers.
  3. Hi all. Looking into doing a bit of metal detecting. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Not really sure what to buy, but looking for a cheapish one thats good quality, also any other things i need , that i might have over looked. Cheers Fletcher1234565
  4. What you need to do is just give a few notes of a song ot work or something, and then just sit back see how long it takes others to start others singing it. It weird how it gets subconciously ingrained in their heads,and before long you got them. Its sort of people fishing, see how long it takes to reel people in.
  5. I will ask at a local subcontract company i know who uses a chemical blacking set up. I used to work for a firm and used to work in the chemical blacking facility. It will give alot better finish than gun blue. Gun blue is very hard to get the finish even and free from streaks. Also some styles of gun blue are poisonous. See youtube link for process. If you can find a local company with a set up like this they may do it for you.
  6. Any one out there have a larsen trap they are willing to lend out for a week or so. I can collect and pay a rental fee. Midlands area if possible. Cheers all
  7. Great offer bud. unfortunately i have a been invited to a day target shooting Otherwise i would have joined you. Maybe next time
  8. Great write up col. I don't think i can top that. So i will just leave it to you for the main write up. Fenny i would just like to say a big thanks for a tremendous day out. If anyone gets the chance, don't hesitate to go. Superb groundwork and experience from Fenny put us right in the middle of the pigeons all day. Just to add it was the first time i had ever been roost shooting, i only managed to get one in the roost but the pigeons were coming in high and fast and made for a extremely exciting and hectic couple of hours All in all everyone was absolutely chuffed with the day. Great shooting and good company from fellow PW members. Col,Bluebar,Fenny, take it easy lads, maybe our paths may cross again in the near future. Cheers Fletch
  9. what about a centre pin fishing reel. I made one a few years ago, it was pretty good to. But left it in my car when i sold and never seen it since
  10. What do you want to use it on. Have a look on the internet for Chemical Blacking. Should find a few good places. Also its alot easier for bigger items and is good for preventing corrosion. May struggle with stainless though.
  11. Whats the sale price bud. Then you can possibly buy the combo you want. Cheers Fletcher1234565
  12. Nice one. what you reckon the postage will cost approx.
  13. Hi Joe. Do you have any pics. Is it a light weight one. Cheers fletcher1234565
  14. second dibs on the fuds if sale with colc08 falls through Pm sent
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