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  1. have you got a pic or link for this cheers
  2. cheers i have ordered one and some cross poles ,so should be all good .thanks
  3. ok cheers , the reason for the post was i have read some of the reviews and some have said the bag is not tall enough poles fall out ?or might be my french lol
  4. poles closed are 1310mm most bags are 1200mm,
  5. anybody recommend a hide pole bag for the decathlon hide poles ,anyone use the one from decathlon cheers
  6. Daz65


    i think that about sums it up mate i have got the gun and its a pedretti with the gunsport hush on it..i have emailed Saddlery and Gunroom for more info but no reply as yet......update...Saddlery and Gunroom brought the company 20 yrs ago.so the gun is a least 20 yr old .cheers Daz
  7. Hi all quick question just seen a gunsport hushpower .410 at one of the local rfd (web site) are these the same as the pedretti. .. new to this hushpower stuff. thanks Daz
  8. Wanted. pigeon/crow./rabbit shooting /.crop protection. mature responsible person..( 50+ ) Wanting land to shoot on. Full, B.A.S.C member, insurance..Shotgun, Air rifle, Willing to travel Derby and surrounding area's. or just genuinely help others out ... Honest and reliable... ( Can shoot regular Tuesdays to help out )..Thanks Daz
  9. Daz65

    .410 Hushpower

    Hi any idea on prices.. new or used cannot see any on there website. cheers mate
  10. Daz65

    .410 Hushpower

    ones a bit to far and the other one has sold cheers mate
  11. Daz65

    .410 Hushpower

    Hi wanted. 410 hushpower Derby area .. but willing to travel thanks Daz
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