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  1. Err yeh but look at the state that young jackdaw is in,like I say it will pull through or die as it’s at the stage it will take food from you or not..
  2. Young jackdaws are funny at this time of year they either survive or die mate hope you pull it through
  3. They are chance to be kestrels mate as sparrow hawks nest in woods and pretty high up.cracking pic
  4. lurchers

    Bird id

    Call yourselves countrymen you can see straight away it’s a peregrine I think most of yous want to start studying your wildlife before you start pulling a trigger just so you know what is what.I think it is shocking some muppet even come up with a mistle thrush JESUS
  5. I never bully never have and never will I’m offering him a bargain which you more or less say people are full of it so mine must be a lemon to then which is a 100% genuine case so don’t try and make it out I’m all for a sale as if that was true I would of put it up over a year ago pal.i couldn’t give a monkeys if it doesn’t sell for 20yrs as it will still be like brand new.
  6. I’ve got a brand new hw100 and it’s had about 40 pellets through it if that mate.i bought it about a year and a bit ago because I lost my guns because of my step son.i even bought the big diving bottle for it to which has about 3 1/2 yrs test left on it.if you are interested I will take £750 for the lot and come with the new scope I bought to.ive lost interest in shooting since I lost my guns if ya interested I’m in Durham and won’t take a penny less.i oiled the stock as when you get them new the stock looks plastic as it’s not treated with anything.pm me if you are interested if you want the 5 gun cabinet to which is brand new with locking safe inside give me £850 for the lot.i paid £750 for gun alone £70 for scope and £239 for diving bottle and £160 for cabinet.so you are getting a proper bargain.
  7. Ya full of it pal especially when you don’t know the guy.
  8. The bench seat fold up to act like the little bulkhead the vans have
  9. 13cdti 2011 reg full not till next April 2018 164500 miles and still sweat as a nut,I'm the second owner from new and is only done motorway miles.i have put new front and back springs and shocks on it,new steering rack,bottom arms,heavy duty droplinks,track rod ends,front discs and pads,Terraclean and full service every 8000 miles since I've owned it and heater plugs I'm only selling it as I'm getting a A4 off my mate for a bargain price so the van will need to go other wise it wouldn't be going anywhere.im wanting £1800 ovno pm me if interested and thanks for looking.based in Durham
  10. I lost my guns about a year ago because of my youngest stepson and the firearms woman said I couldn't keep the guns in the house because of what he had been charged with.i explained that nobody had access to the digital safe to get the keys for the gun cabinet,but she insisted that the guns could not stay in the house.i asked her where I should put them then and her reply was I don't know but not in your house.anyway I said ok I will sell them then and she replied I didn't have to do that but as she kept reply when I asked her where I should put them with the answer I don't know but not in your house this was the only resort I had.now I got a call on Friday saying off a different officer I could of kept them in the house because I had a key safe didn't go down well with me after getting rid of them as I had known where else to store them.she says the other girl should of told me this to start with and I told her I had lost a fortune on the guns as I knew off the officer who renewed my license would of took them if I hadn't sold 2 the same day the 1st call came,and explained I even bought a new cabinet 2wks before they went so I lost even more money.ive been told I would be able to claim some compensation off them because of them money I lost out on off my guns that I let go cheap to shift them as I could of kept them.does anyone know how this stands as I would like to have another bullet Gun and 1 shot gun as I've mist out on shooting for a year because of these.sorry to ramble on but I just want some advice many thanks.
  11. They come in to hibernate for the winter just open your window and spray around the seal where the window shuts with a good fly spray and check your loft as they like them to.as once the spring comes and the weather warms up you will see them gathering on your outside wall of your house in the sun to warm up and fly off.
  12. Get a ip camera off eBay only £25 and you can put it on your phone to see if anybody is in your house or put it outside so you can watch them.
  13. My friend is after a good working smooth haired dog to cover his bitch as he uses it to work with the Hawks,he is willing to travel for the right dog as he is wanting to keep a pup back for himself.this is his bitch and she has a good pedigree from good working stock.any help will be much appreciated
  14. Because a lot of them on here want to know the ins and outs of a **** instead of sending a pm or something but like you said they need spoon feeding.
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