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  1. Thanks folk Not for competition as I am a **** shot but enjoy the 410 and 12g,have tried steel in 12g before and happy with it but hard to find locally and JC are £179 plus £15.00 carriage so just under the £5 per box "10 grams of steel will have more pellets than 14 grams of lead of the same size" does the 10 gram of steel take up the same volume of lead in 14 gram
  2. Thanks guy's you are all quite fast off the ball 4 answers in just over a hour or two Problem is I need to get well under a £5 to make it worth while, anyone loaded steel and seen much difference in price against lead for the 410
  3. Perhaps someone with experience can tell me if its possible to home load a 410 cartridge using 9 shot in 14 oz for skeet, cheaper than the cheapest 12 gauge cartridges i buy now at £5.00 per box If so would using the brass cartridges re-bored to take standard primers also make a big difference Quite honestly I am going through a tough financial period and £5.00 a box is limiting my shooting and it looks like all clay cartridges will soon be above that number soon If it can be done please say how
  4. Hi Nice car just sold my freelander 2 What MPG do you get
  5. Would they not have a larger area and therefore more air resistance and shorter range? I thought wile barrel length is part of speed its more to do with the length of burn of the powder and pressure so if the pressure drops of at say 25 inches the length of the barrel at 30 inches may actually slowed down by resistance of the barrel walls Just a thought
  6. That wood is to die for, how can you let it go, use it for sporting
  7. As a **** clay shooter myself I just buy the cheapest going and have no interest in competitions. But still cannot understand how people "say this is my favourite cartridge" apart from Recoil or pattern test how can you tell?. is it all a physiological thing, hit a couple of awkward birds or clays and forever after believe that that cartridge made the difference I can understand constancy to a certain level it must be better than variations, but if you pattern a gun you never get two identical patterns, so would things end up the same using the cheapest available
  8. With such a large variation on cartridge prices and people often quoting, the higher the price the more consistent the shot, I wonder if any individual has taken a good sample from many makes, to compare how consistent the loads are, or if its just perceived difference. after all apart from retail and sending many samples to a proof house to check velocity and pressure variations its hard to judge. Even patten testing has large variables like wind and temp to upset results
  9. with the potential of rough and tumble I think I would prefer a broken down shotgun pack with sturdy protection like poly light weight but strong, even a semi can be broken down to help with the lengh of the pack A slab is quite a heavy thing to carry any distance unless your a bootnick
  10. At the end of the day its all perceived value in most things, Are old masters better that todays best artists, or is Jaguar V12 worse than a Ferrari V12 of the same age If you are very rich a £200 a head meal is something you can buy and enjoy or a boss or Rolls Royce, you cannot spend all your money naturally to just live o,n so you buy high priced items which have a perceived value because you can, but nobody really knows what is the best The big question is are perceived values really worth the money, are they really built that much better and who are the valuer's, is a unmade b
  11. If you take the average AA scores from say the 40's, 5-'s, 60's, with SxS and compare them with say the 80-2017, o/u 32" how do the they compare
  12. Was it a trade secret as to how he filled in the pits? Great looking job
  13. As far as I understand it Browning's have never made a shotgun to sell themselves , they have designed shotguns ,but then licenced production to a number of companies
  14. As the tin states what sort of fibre is used in cartridges, and why cant you by fibre with sides to protect the barrels like plastic
  15. On the other hand just look at how well the cheap guns sold to farmers in the period say 1890 to 1950 have lasted without CNC and modern steels etc
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