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  1. Sorry about the mess in the garage. joe
  2. Sorry forgot to add pics ect. Joe
  3. Is she getting married in Norwitch? I may be able to help you with a classic car. It's just a matter of getting it there as the insurance limits me to 3000 miles a year and i don't really want to use 300 of those up driving it to yours. I have a trailer license but not a trailer suitable for the car. I've done 2 weddings for friends in it already and it worked really well. Just have to take the front passenger seat out se it's easy to get into the back. Joe
  4. Midwales clay centre have been stocking them for the last 6 months. Apparently they've ordered 750,000 of them last week due to cartridge prices rising £10 per thousand in march?? Joe
  5. joeainscow

    Golf GTI

    A friend of mine bought the gti pirelli second hand which is basically the same car as the edition 30 minus the horrible seats. Same engine and got it remapped by vw racing. still keeps the full warranty and its around the 300hp mark. Utterly insane to drive and very expensive to run due to it needing a new pair of front tires every 12,000 miles! Joe
  6. joeainscow

    Golf GTI

    The R32 is actually slower than the scirocco 2.0 tsi. (the same engine in the gti) and far more economical yet to mention cheaper to tax and insure. That is from a rolling start though. The 4motion is brilliant for grip though. After a in house remap by a vw dealership to 240hp has the same power but minus the weight of the 4 wheel drive and and 3.2 ltr engine. Joe
  7. Hi, I'm shooting Gamebore supergems at the moment. I get on really well with them and pattern better than Superbs through my gun, for £146 a thousand 28 gram also a bargain. i was wondering if anyone else shoots these or has any opinions on them? They don't seem to be widely available which surprises me? Joe
  8. I've been offered more than £1500 in cash by two gun shops for it. I would be willing to accept an offer closer to £2000 . many thanks Joe
  9. I've been advised that by using a mx2005 it will keep my head upright and therefore protect me be from a bad neck later in life? Also the elevated rib alows me to see the bird far earlier. Joe
  10. I am selling my much loved trap gun in order to help fund one with an adjustable stock. The top barrel is fixed full and the bottom barrel adjustable. It comes with three adjustable chokes for the bottom barrel. A 3,4 and 8. The gun has been well looked after and is in excellent condition considering it's age. I'm not entirely sure but i think it's 24 years old. It has Perazzi's pro rib. I am prepared to RFD the gun. £2000, Manchester Joe
  11. I know it's fine for it to be bought outright by a company and the bills thereafter paid by an individual. In regards to leasing i assume it's still ok if it's classed as a company car and in your contract. Tbh though i've never dealt with leasing due to you only being able to claim half the VAT on non commercial cars. Joe
  12. Just a quick addition we always buy ex demo's. You can still claim the VAT back on them and they're normally a thousand or so pounds cheeper. I'd stay away from leasing. Also since the touran isn't classed as "works or agricultural" you'd only be able to claim half the VAT back. Joe
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