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  1. These are my tapes of choice and not to expensive when I break or loose them Decent read on them too http://www.toolstation.com/m/part.html?p=30863
  2. Looking good mate well done !!!!
  3. I can actually see the lines on my tape measure now I have my glasses (true story)
  4. Trend even make a hinge jig so you can do them all off site including the linings (on the flat) and just fit them all there. Even easier again
  5. Grind the bevel (this should already be done) and hone the micro bevel (cutting edge) I prefer water stones but oil stones are just as good. Grab yourself a honing guide although I do mine without. But I do it every day. Honing guides can be bought from Axminster tools for £10 Don't forget to remove the bur of the back when you have honed. Just push the back of chisel flat on the stone and take a few sideways passes to remove it. You should only have to re-grind periodically. Don't forget hinges can also be done with a router. Will need to square the ends with a chisel bu
  6. To be fair could have been anything, twichy birds etc.
  7. It was quite stiff at first but after loads of use its loosend a little. It is a supernova but does not have a fast action like the sxp does. On firing the sxp the slide moves back a bit which is what they call the "fast action" giving you less of a stroke to perform. The supernova doesn't do this. I didn't like the sxp much as it was quite short in the stock.
  8. I did yes but had shorts on and reckon the whites of my legs may have caused them to flair. Also the camera is on the side of my head and has some bright yellow bits too which may have caused it.
  9. I shoot 1/2 choke for everything and I was using game bore clear pigeon. All through my pump action
  10. There's actually a lot of swearing right after that shot because I hadn't bothered to drop them, then I start to call my self lazy for not standing up Hahahah cut those bits out. But you are right, totally in the way !!! Makes for some interesting shots though Can't fault him really, they are all pretty close retrieves wise but good to start getting him back into the swing of it for when the real hardcore stuff starts on the 1st Thanks for all your comments too
  11. Nice couple of hours out, nice start to hopefully a productive summer !!
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