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  1. It’s always a topic of conversation between me and my friend when we go clay pigeon shooting, the sheer amount of plastic wads visible on the ground. Surely some kind of wad that is broken down by UV rays would be a viable solution in this day and age?
  2. They’re good prices, especially for the .410 stuff. What was the name of the shop again?
  3. These were the game bore 30 gram fibre wads. I couldn’t find them any cheaper, what’s your local shop called?
  4. If you look on the gardeners guns Facebook page they’re doing special offers on cartridges. Think today’s were 20 bore game loads for £8.70 a box cheapest available anywhere I can find.
  5. I phoned them today to get some cartridge prices. The cheddite ones I use are the same price. £51 per 250 28gr fibre wads 👍
  6. owain

    Youth 20 bore

    Think I’m sorted now, thanks.
  7. I think they may have gone up again, what’s your agri shop called?
  8. Have the cartridge prices increased by much? Because they were very reasonable before the new shop was built. I’ve noticed the prices are no longer on their website.
  9. owain

    Youth 20 bore

    Ok cheers, I’ll have a look 👍
  10. owain

    Youth 20 bore

    I’m after a 20 bore for my son. O/U multi choke preferably, not to expensive and reasonably close to Cumbria if possible. I know I’m asking a lot but if anybody has something tucked away I would be grateful. Cheers.
  11. Still the same really mate, it’s not like westlands where you can go off on your own. The fella was saying he does a simulated game day which sounds interesting though. Cheers mate 👍
  12. My mate and me and my two boys had a few hours out at green quarries today. Lovely day for it, my youngest had a couple of shots with the 28 bore, whereas my eldest had a go with a 20 bore. He’s been shooting a .410 for the past year but is ready for a step up I think. Here’s a couple of videos from today.
  13. Shame you weren’t closer or I would have had this for spares for mine.
  14. I bought a strip of land adjoining my plot off the council. Long story short, I paid 2.5k plus fees, for a 4x50m strip, no use to anybody else, and had been used as additional garden by previous occupiers since the 70s. The council wanted a lot more, but I got a independent valuation off a firm who told me I was in a “unique purchaser position” and therefore it was of no use to anybody else. We have since built an extension on the house that would have been impossible had we not bought the additional bit. I would say go for it, if it’s not massively overpriced (as ours was when the counci
  15. It’s probably a deact. These attention seekers are always posting rubbish with deacts, replicas, blank firers and air soft. Probably run a mile if they were on their own and somebody looked at them the wrong way.
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