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  1. Yeah sack her. But didn’t Boris also go to hospitals when mask wearing was mandatory during the pandemic? And have to repeatedly be told to put his mask on??
  2. Well, he’s been fined. And he’s apologised. And I’m assuming he’s going to pay the fine. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say yes, he has broken the law, and that he knows fine well he has.
  3. Well that’s ok then, it’s fine to break the law as long as you can afford it 🤷
  4. Hasn’t worked for him this time 😂😂
  5. Not really silly though is it? People die because of drink driving, people also died of Covid. If Covid was spread through one of those parties somebody could have died. Isn’t that what was being forced down our necks, week in week out during the pandemic? Boris and his mates clearly didn’t think those rules applied to them, and some people obviously agree with them. So if Boris decides he is ok to drive after 3 pints with his Sunday dinner are the same people going to say “oh it’s ok, it’s only a pint, there’s more to worry about”?
  6. If Boris gets caught drink driving next week are we going to see the same people give him a pass on that one also?
  7. I’m interested to know. If the prime minister of our country, breaking the law, then lying about it, isn’t worthy of news time. What exactly is?
  8. Seems to be a bit of low self esteem on some peoples behalf to be honest with you. Almost like they are our social betters so we don’t deserve to be treated the same as them. Quite sad really.
  9. It’s no wonder the country is in the state it’s in. People so happy to be rode rough shod over by the public school boy elite. I bet Boris and the boys are having a right giggle at all this, it’s proved beyond doubt, no matter what they do, people will lap it up and ask for more! Unbelievable.
  10. Terrible situation, and probably the same one thousands found themselves in during the pandemic. It seems the people defending him, or the ones who say they are “not bothered” by his actions. Are the people who can’t accept that the man they voted into power is wholly unfit for the role.
  11. He broke the law, he is being fined for it. He holds the people who voted for him in utter contempt, nothing to do with brexit, the guys a idiot.
  12. We’ll, after a trip up to ayr shooting ground today I’ve bought myself a caesar guerini tempio. I tried a silver pigeon and a 525 but the Caesar just fit and shot really nicely 👍
  13. Almax chain and a concreted in ground anchor will be about as much as you can do.
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