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  1. Try clamping a jump lead from the starter body straight back to the negative battery terminal. My van wouldn’t start, just clicking. Changed battery and starter, no better. Even bridging the terminals on the solenoid wouldn’t do anything. Turns out it was a dodgy earth strap.
  2. I shoot a benelli semi auto, I’ve had it for years, it’s got a 26” barrel and synthetic stock. Its recoil operated not gas, so no dirty gas parts to strip and clean or effect reliably. One word of advice, learned from experience. If your buying a cheap used semi auto, try before you buy with the weight of shells your going to use. They can be the most frustrating things on the planet when the won’t cycle, feed or eject shells. But you won’t go wrong with any of the recommendations on this thread 👍
  3. owain


    Nice shooting mate. It’s certainly a dead deer or fox in anybody’s book 👍
  4. Yeah definitely. I think they’re looking at putting a rifle range in also, which will be handy.
  5. Yeah we did thanks, it’s good fun up there. And only about 30 mins from home. It’ll be good when the new shop opens.
  6. I think we might have passed each other on that day, as we also saw the guy with the top break semi auto. Me and my mate had a crack with him and he showed us how it worked. There was 5 of us, me and my mrs and 2 boys and my mate. My eldest boy actually broke a couple on the second tower with his .410! Which I was very pleased about. And his younger brother managed to break a couple of easier ones. Here he is in action on the sporting compak.
  7. This is my gun,I’m open to reasonable offers. Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
  8. Ha, yeah probably. A bit on the expensive side if it wasn’t for him though.
  9. A few months ago my eldest boy (9) started showing a real interest in shooting. He’s always been around guns and shooting, and has been out with me a few times but until recently has not showed any keen interest. Anyway, a few months ago I took him for a lesson at a local clay ground, he was shooting a over and under 28 bore and broke the majority of clays sent his way with help from the instructor. After that he seems to have got the bug, and wanted to go shooting more often. I managed to pick him up a little cooey 84 .410 shotgun local to me with cleaning kit and 2 boxes of shells
  10. Looks like your just gonna have to walk mate. If you can, get some big waterproof barrels and pack your stuff into them and hide them on your shoot. Then all you need to take on the day is gun and cartridges, and a game bag. Which should easily go on your bike.
  11. Hi, is this the youth stock or full size? Cheers.
  12. I made a firing pin for a old 20 bore I had. Very easy to do, I used a old drill bit of the right diameter 👍
  13. I'll have the scope please.
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