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  1. Sad to see that parklodge is up for sale it's my local clay ground and I have been going since the start. Be interesting to see what new owner does with the place.
  2. Just after abit of advice. I would like to get some sort of night vision for my air rifle for shooting a few rats. Could anyone recommend anything? Don't really want to spend a fortune as will only use a few times. Many thanks
  3. Evening all I am looking for either a Remington 1100 in a 410 or an old browning A5 in a 20 gauge. I know there aren't loads of these about but just thought it was worth an ask. Many thanks John
  4. May have some single pegs available on 100 bird days near Leeds if that's of any interest.
  5. Got a eell for sale if that's any good to you.
  6. I have a eell 20 bore. I too had the same itch you talk of and saved fora older model one. Love the gun to bits but just can't get on with it have gone back to my el and affraid the eell is going up for sale.
  7. john12

    Browning a5

    I am looking for a magnum fore end for the old browning a5 if anyone has one kicking about spare. many thanks
  8. Wingman could I please take these. If you pm me how you would like paying. many thanks John
  9. john12

    10bore wanted

    Have a tidy zabala sxs if that's of any interest.
  10. Evening all Has anyone got a older model 12g remington 3inch pump action preferably a fixed choke barrel ,for sale? many thanks John
  11. Yep he did a eell stock for me and it is stunning. Really easy to deal with, kept me informed with how it was going. Highly recommend.
  12. Have a side by side zabala if that's of any interest, I can email you some pictures.
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