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  1. Looking for a second hand Tikka 223 in stainless- lite or Varmint. would consider similar Whole package ideal with Mod etc.
  2. Same for me- I went SGC renewal and FAC grant, called within 3 days to book in interview, met 2 weeks later and all ok'd verbally then 4 months silence to get the cert- I was pretty pleased all in given the pandemic etc. Good luck and let us know how you get along.
  3. Just to add I recently renewed my shotgun licence and put in for FAC - November last year. Both sorted with no medical checks required so seems Suffolk are not jumping on that bandwagon yet!
  4. Thank you both- certainly sounds like a good route then as I can spend my budget on better glass and bits.
  5. I am looking for a 223 and it is my first centrefire rifle, I am leaning towards a Tikka T3X as I have the 17HMR. I have seen a few second hand come up and they seem good value packages with mod etc already, described in "like new" condition. Most seem to say low shot count - is it reasonable to assume I will get long term use out of one that's fired about 250 rounds already? Seems to save 40% on a new rifle. I am looking at the heavier barrelled versions like the Varmint which i guess would mean the barrel is likely to be longer lasting anyway? I don't expect to shoot more than 50 or so rounds a year foxing and the odd muntjac for the freezer. Advice welcomed as ever!
  6. Really appreciate the expert input here! I learn more each day.
  7. New to FAC and have a slot granted for a 223 which I intend to use for Fox (mainly) and Muntjac. I have the Tikka in 17HMR so for simplicity was going to go Tikka again but unsure on twist rate to select- I understand that a faster twist is needed for heavier bullets to stabilise them over greater distances? Looking at 223 ammunition in stock locally to me and recommendations I've seen for Fox control, I imagine 45-55gr will be mainly what I use -so this suggests 1:8 would work fine? I am not looking to reload. As I say I am new to this and welcome any advice.
  8. Had it at my shotgun renewal/FAC grant interview- was told if I wanted more than 2 rifles (have 3 shotguns) I would need more security- I have CCTV already but an alarm was mentioned. Was told if I keep to 5 or below my security was enough. Still waiting on Certificate, but that's a different topic!
  9. Awful things- I had my first at 20 (about 10 years back) floored me and ended up having it removed there and then as emergency as blocking bladder. About 4 years ago I had one broken up with ultrasound and passed it, though actually ended up in A+E as it got stuck.. about 6 months ago it flared up and I was very uncomfy again, tried ultrasound but it wont break up (8mm stone stuck just above my bladder) so this Sunday its back in to have it out- its not keyhole surgery, its the up and grab it and pull it out approach... fortunately a general anaesthetic. Hope you get yours sorted!
  10. I did think this may be the case! The interview was less than 2 weeks from sending the application in so got off to a flying start... I will wait a few more weeks then drop them a call and ask roughly what to expect- landowner was asking me when I would be heading out and I didn't know what to say other than similar things to the replies above!
  11. I realise this will vary like much of the application process seems to across the country but having had a very positive interview (FAC grant and shotgun renewal, The FEO ended our conversation by confirming she would recommend both calibres were granted etc.) 4 weeks ago I wondered how long the wait "normally" is to the certificate arriving?
  12. Afternoon, Had a successful conversation with FEO earlier this week and she is recommending I am granted both a 17HMR and 223. Result! Was only 10 days after I sent in the forms so hats off to Suffolk Police. I am looking at the Tikka T1x and T3x for both calibres- I figure being familiar with the action and feel of the rifle will really help consistency rather than swapping if I do not need too -my question is scope based but I welcome opinions on the Tikka choice too... I was planning on a S&B 8x56 or similar fix mag and a Digex nv450 or similar night scope- mainly going to be rabbits and fox, occasional muntjac. Is a fixed magnification scope generally usable/used on a 17hmr? circa 100 yard rabbits? I can see I will end up swapping the scopes between the rifles a bit, I cant see any way round this, unless I shoot the rabbits with the 223!
  13. Afternoon all, I have been a member for a number of years but just rediscovered the forum after a long gap- I have moved on from air rifles and had SGC for 10 years now (wild fowling, pigeons and pests!) and expecting my FAC in the post in the next few weeks with a slot for 17HMR and 223. hoping to go with Night vision on one but undecided! Imagine I will have lots of questions- it was my googling of 223 that lead me back to the Forum! Cheers!
  14. There certainly is a huge variety of Oaks, many non natives have been imported over the years and some people have large collections of the varieties.I saw an estimate of 600 species! Would be very interesting to see how this one develops.
  15. Hello fellow PW members. I am about to apply for my FAC- held shotguns for nearly 10 years now and been out shooting rifles with my friends for a few years so have have some FAC experience. I was going to apply for 22, 17HMR and either a 223/243 Land is about 500 acres - big hilly fields with plenty of safe shooting. Rabbit, fox, Chinese, Muntjac and Roe on the land and the farmer is more than happy to see all managed. My query is I realise the 243 is the only calibre for roe in the above quarry list but I see regularly on here people getting turned down on the 243 due to inexperience on first application, am I more likely to get an approval on the 223 which is fine for Muntjac and Chinese and the Foxes? Last thing I want is to be left without a fox suitable calibre or for the smaller deer (I know you can argue the 17 hmr at certain ranges for the fox) by over cooking the first application with the 243. To me the logic is that any rifle should be used safely so there shouldn't be much difference however I'm not an FEO and its not always viewed that way by them from the feedback on here. Can I put both on the form and write to discuss?! I don't want or need both. Can I write "or" on the form without looking like a plonker?! perhaps a covering letter? Any Guidance would be much appreciated- I realise my next move is probably just to have a good chat with the FEO
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