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  1. There certainly is a huge variety of Oaks, many non natives have been imported over the years and some people have large collections of the varieties.I saw an estimate of 600 species! Would be very interesting to see how this one develops.
  2. Hello fellow PW members. I am about to apply for my FAC- held shotguns for nearly 10 years now and been out shooting rifles with my friends for a few years so have have some FAC experience. I was going to apply for 22, 17HMR and either a 223/243 Land is about 500 acres - big hilly fields with plenty of safe shooting. Rabbit, fox, Chinese, Muntjac and Roe on the land and the farmer is more than happy to see all managed. My query is I realise the 243 is the only calibre for roe in the above quarry list but I see regularly on here people getting turned down on the 243 due to inexperience on first application, am I more likely to get an approval on the 223 which is fine for Muntjac and Chinese and the Foxes? Last thing I want is to be left without a fox suitable calibre or for the smaller deer (I know you can argue the 17 hmr at certain ranges for the fox) by over cooking the first application with the 243. To me the logic is that any rifle should be used safely so there shouldn't be much difference however I'm not an FEO and its not always viewed that way by them from the feedback on here. Can I put both on the form and write to discuss?! I don't want or need both. Can I write "or" on the form without looking like a plonker?! perhaps a covering letter? Any Guidance would be much appreciated- I realise my next move is probably just to have a good chat with the FEO
  3. c90club.co.uk a bit specific but you wont meet a nicer bunch
  4. 'I don’t mind the fact I face a ban on keeping squirrels - who wants to keep them any way? ' Classic line, he should have shot it properly though!
  5. I have a c100 from 1964 and a cd90z from the 70s both need work
  6. My granddad left me one, not his as he wasn't old enough to serve but it had a bible in and some medals, has anyone else got a bible in one? I'm sure its contemporary with the tin but also probably didn't come in it?
  7. imagine trying to explain your new hoby to her indoors!!
  8. Wood is the only choice, planning permission and a 1600s listed house and not wanting to ruin the character. we are replacing 1970s BnQ specials
  9. O and I dont need them fitted just deliver them! luckily the company didnt quote for that or I may have been a bit dizzy!
  10. The first local trades man quoted me over 1500 per window! 50k for windows! hoping some others will be a touch more realistic with their quotes!
  11. Hello, I have asked a few local companies to quote for some new windows for an old farm house I am renovating, I need 30 windows made, wooden single glazed in primer. They have to fit a specific spec for planning permissions etc so thought with the wealth of backgrounds on here I might ask about! I want someone reputable so an ideas or names that are not going to cost me a million billion pounds would be great! already had one company waste 2 weeks of my time and quote silly money! pm me for more info or if you can help or recommend! Thanks!!
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