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  1. I'm never going to be of a size that fits into these again, so off they go. 2 still have the tags on and are unworn, no tags on the charcoal ones and they look like they might have been washed but are mint condition £50 collect or post at cost, that's three for the price of one or 1/3 of their retail value Thanks for looking
  2. What's the one in the first pic please?
  3. Can you pass me the number you contacted Browning on please? I'm having the dogs own job with them over that dura-touch coating that's gone sticky on an A bolt, they wont even respond to me and I'm getting extremely frustrated by their **** service
  4. I know someone who'll appreciate this, so if rapid pulls out I'll have it please. Where are you, I'm going to Sheffield tmrw
  5. Yes please, how do you want paying?
  6. That's a bargain, is it synthetic? Good value, but sounds like a wooden stock that might not stand the rigours? It would be a crime to abuse this
  7. Yep, but they make decent money and I dont want to pay a lot
  8. Thanks ****, but I've got 2 of those and an 1100, I need a S.1 What? :/( ****?
  9. last call and bump for a S.1 S/A 12 bore for the forthcoming rabbiting season before I capitulate and buy 'boshers pump action Benelli. Nothing posh, it will be kicked around in the back of a pick up which is what lead to the demise of my last one. A B80 would be nice, but anything considered except Hatsan Thanks
  10. Ermine St, Waddingham / Redbourne and Cleggy beach sometimes
  11. I will, thanks. Let me know how you want paying
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