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  1. eddoakley

    Ruger 10/22 Target

    50th anniversary heavy barrel model any good? Edd
  2. eddoakley

    Hatsan ATI stock

    Pm me an email address and I will send some over. Edd
  3. eddoakley

    Hatsan ATI stock

    Just about to be taken off a hatsan. Know nothing about it but can send pics by email. Adjustable stock, forend, grip. In black. I'm told that this was £270 when new. Asking £150. Please pm with email address if interested. Edd
  4. eddoakley

    Stiper knives

    Anybody have any knowledge of Stiper Knives England? Been offered one and have never heard of them. A quick Google offered nothing. Thanks in advance for any info. Edd
  5. eddoakley

    Beretta A400 xtreme wanted

    Come and see me for a price. Edd
  6. eddoakley

    World Cup Song

    Referring to my comments? My perfectly reasonable and non offensive comments/opinions responded to by racist insults. Probably illustrates my point well. Just hearing in the media how England are now all set to win the next tournament. Genuine question here, what were the results? Played 5 ,Won 3 (1 on penalties?) lost 2? Hardly worth shouting about. Edd
  7. eddoakley

    World Cup Song

    Plenty of typical responses coming out here. Accept the guy's banter. "Your" team lost and he's pleased. If a team is "bigged up" and songs chanted etc then when they fail/lose/get knocked out that's always likely to come back to haunt them (or supporters) England are known for it the world over and that's why there is more of "I support anyone who plays against ingurland" than there is for any other country. Massive "it's coming home" campaigns for weeks as if they are the best team in the world when they have done nothing to show that. Expect some banter/ribbing/backlash when you lose. I really don't care about football but I did watch the end of last night's game and cheered for whoever was playing in black. Back to work and (hopefully) shooting now. Edd
  8. eddoakley

    Beretta A400 xtreme wanted

    I have a very nice xplor if that's close enough in terms of model? It's geographically close enough at its in Cwmbran..... Let me know if you want to take a look. Edd
  9. eddoakley

    Clay ground fall out

    Dodgy doesnt come close. They are without doubt acting illegally if all is as you have said. No exceptions to pellets leaving your boundary, clay shoot or not. I would make them aware of the situation and see how they respond. If they do not stop shooting immediately (and i do mean the very second that they are told) then I would call the police. An injury to someone using your ground would be yet another publicity nightmare for shootings sports. Watching with interest. Edd
  10. eddoakley

    .22 LR Bolt Action

    I have a couple of cz 455s for sale. One set up that might suit is a 455 in blue evo stock, swift mod, mamba liye scope, blood, sling and a few other bits. The gun is as new and was bought from me by a mate that now wants to seek as he only uses his hmr. If it's of interest drop me a pm and I will sort some pics. Cheers Edd
  11. eddoakley

    Patio cleaning/odour removal

    Any suggestions on how to freshen up the patio and dog run? It's all cleared washed down regularly but as an area of it is block paving the smell gets into the sand and with the recent warm weather it's not very pleasant. Usually use Jeyes and recently bought some "stable cleaner" which was ok. Looking at trying sodium hydrochloride but the data sheet says keep pets away for 2 days so maybe not. Any suggestions? Thanks Edd
  12. eddoakley

    Milwaukee 18v drill

    It's the drill/driver. Not the twin pack. PM me an email address for pics. The batteries and charger are worth me keeping if nobody wants the drill so will leave here until the weekend. Edd
  13. eddoakley

    Dewalt 18v sds

    Send me an email address. I can't add pics on here. Edd
  14. eddoakley

    Milwaukee 18v drill

    Model number 402c. No receipt unfortunately (If I did I would take it back for a refund) Was bought by one of the guys that works for me but as I supply kit for them it' not needed so I took it off him. Edd
  15. eddoakley

    something cheap . single barrel , sbs? any

    If you get as far as Cwmbran come to my shop with a packet of biscuits and there is a choice of guns! Edd