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  1. eddoakley

    Thumbhole .223 suggestions

    Under a grand? Edd
  2. eddoakley

    Thumbhole .223 suggestions

    Hit me with it.... New or used .223 with thumbhole stock. Under £1000 X bolt Howa ....... What else can PW suggest?? Edd
  3. eddoakley

    Zeiss Victory HT 2.5-10x50 ir

  4. eddoakley

    Garmin VioFit Wristband

    Didn't mean the OP but the member "jayden" that I quoted. He posted a dodgy link to wristbands as his first post ...... .. Come TC, look at the TIMES! EDD
  5. eddoakley

    Garmin VioFit Wristband

    A new member that may need checking by mods? Edd
  6. eddoakley

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Absolutely, categorically 100% leave her where she is. Anything else would be ridiculous (so will probably happen). Edd
  7. eddoakley

    Bmw x5 2003

    Sold. Edd
  8. eddoakley

    Walk in fridge

    Just spotted these replies. Will get some more pics tomorrow. It was dismantled today but plenty of pics were taken of it all working. Can anyone interested please pm me with an email address. Thanks Edd
  9. eddoakley

    Aaron Ramsey

  10. eddoakley

    Doctor Refuses Medical Report

    Surely there is a cover letter somewhere online that someone with legal knowledge has prepared and worded correctly that your doctor could simply sign? "Medical conditions which may affect suitablity may include...x....y.....or z. I hereby confirm that...........has not been treated for any of the above mwntioned conditions and has nothing in his/her medical history that should prevent the issuing of a certificate" "No specific test has been carried out in relation to this statement and this statement does not reflect a personal (or professional) opinion or assessment and is simply a report on the documented medical history available to me...." It doesn't seem that would be hard to produce. The doctor is then stating facts and nothing more. I completely agree that licensing departments making up rules is simply not on but when it could be easily overcome then why hasn't it been? Or has it and I've not seen it? Edd
  11. eddoakley

    Walk in fridge

    Details hopefully in pics. Don't know much about it other than it's in good working order, looks clean and tidy and doesn't seem to be very old. Being dismantled tomorrow and delivery could be arranged at cost. Any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer. £1200.
  12. eddoakley

    Six nations

    Currently sat in a high seat waiting for a fallow or two, a dog walker parking right in front of me has meant that I've lost a bit of interest and I have been read I g about the game. Plenty of people saying France have been awful but also plenty saying that England have been very good. England have to be huge favourites for the title now but it ain't over til the fat chick gives a tune. Nobody else has put together any kind of performance yet. I still think there is a lot more to come from Wales and remain hopeful that we can choose the team and the tactics on the day to beat England which I think will be the decider. We still have to overcome Ireland and Scotland but don't think they pose the challenge that England do. Edd
  13. eddoakley

    SGC/FAC with cautions

    I'm probably in the minority here but I think you will be ok. The circumstances of the cautions will be considered and if they are as you say then they really are minor indiscretions. "Partying in houses that were due for demolition" - how many of us were didn't go somewhere we shouldn't when we were kids? Building sites, acquiring a pocket full of Apple's from someone's orchard, picking up golf balls from the local course.....All I my opinion similar to the OP's description. Caught with a work knife in your pocket would depend on how and why you were caught. I've been out and found stuff in my pockets loads of times but never had reason to be stopped or searched and then cautioned for it. Maybe a little more to this one. And rightly or wrongly, possession of cannabis is considered very minor these days, if the last time was 8? Years ago then maybe it will be considered as long enough ago not to affect an application Without knowing all of the details it's impossible to make an accurate assessment but from what I have read here I would say that 50/50 is pessimistic and to be honest and speak to the feo. Edd
  14. eddoakley

    Six nations

    I wouldn't be surprised if Wales stick with the same 9 and 10 starting against Italy. Yes they were absolutely clueless but I was quite surprised that they were changed at the time they were. Wales had just come back into the game and I thought they were just settling down. I guess the changes were already planned at that point. I think they will be given the start to try to give some confidence. If Wales play a decent attacking game next week and run in a few 1st half tries then Paris will be a distant memory and the confidence of a 10/11 game winning run will show through and plans will be made for the big challenges of the other two contenders. I still think Ireland will be the biggest test for Wales. Like I keep saying, I still think it's very open. Edd
  15. eddoakley

    Six nations

    I think I have to agree with Hambone. One decent performance and England are being touted as champions and World Cup contenders!! Wales were clueless in the 1st half but even with the French implosion, coming back from 16-0 at half time is quite some feat. To be that bad and still win shows a lot. I can't see Wales being so poor again. France did very little in the 1st half, still worth their lead but against a side that had no idea. That's in line with their form and for my money is unlikely to change. England played well and frustrated Ireland but Ireland were poor. Certainly not upto their recent form. I expect more from them in the coming games. England have won one game, admittedly against the odds and pretty convincingly but I didn't see an awful lot to start raving about. The press and England support will undoubtedly see it differently as usual. Scotland and Italy performed pretty much as expected and I don't think anyone ever expects either to contest for the title. England will look to build on a good performance. Ireland will look to come back from what is generally accepted as a shock and I'm sure their will be a backlash from them. Wales will have had a rocket up them and won't be as poor again, if they don't improve massively they have no hope against England or Ireland. For my money there are still 3 teams capable of winning the championship and as I said before I think bonus points might play a part. Edd