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  1. Not much! To be honest the Boks did nothing exciting either. Lions were poor at best. Hope for changes, lots of changes. Edd
  2. As poor as the back 3 were they can't do anything without the ball. Wyn Jones, Ken Owens into front row. Maybe Burne in at 6? What's the other options at 7 and 8? I'd look at those too. That might give 9 and 10 a chance, I'd keep Biggar and maybe Ali Price. Welsh back 3? Basically I think apart from 4,5 and 10 every place should be up for grabs. Nobody has impressed. See what Gats does but I don't think he can be cautious. Edd
  3. The midweek game against the "A" side was a different thing all together. The 'boks fielded 522 full caps and about 15 world cup winners and the lions looked completely clueless. Today I feared the same as the first half progressed and the lions looked like they couldn't complete. But what a turn around. Straight into the swing after half time and always looked the more likely winners I thought. More so as the game went on and the the bok's discipline and fitness seemed to let them down. Few lucky calls with knock ons spotted etc and I thought HamishWatson was lucky not to get carded. But you play what's in front of you and I think all of the lions did well. I thought Manu was useless in his last game. Walking around, blowing out of his @££ and generally seeming to do nothing. I thought much the same today except he steadied the scrum and that gave a great platform. In fact i thought there could have been more penalties. Itoje had a huge game. Bigger ran things in a steady way. Centres made a few mistakes but we're ok and wingers weren't given much to do. Roll on next week. Series win and then the chance to go one better than '97 and get the whitewash. On today's performance I'm optimistic, I think the lions have what it takes to beat SA even if they do work on their discipline. Edd
  4. Can anyone name a company/business with good customer service? Lately I've had issues with Lloyds bank, Amazon, eBay, GP (this one was laughable, book an appointment and someone will call you back in 7 days to discuss!), various couriers who claim to have delivered but haven't (if you eventually manage to speak to anyone the answer is "these things happen sometimes") carphone warehouse ......the list goes on. Oh and solicitors. I get an email every few days saying "I have had an email from the sellers solicitor but am yet to review it". Read the bloody email instead of wasting time telling me you've not bloody read it! Don't think I've dealt with anyone in a long time that I would praise. Edd
  5. Funny that. Someone ill and it wasn't covid!!! Surely not. That would make at least 2 people in the world, me being the other. Negative result today. Who would ever believe it? Edd
  6. eddoakley

    Air rifle

    Few more details would be handy. Budget, location, spring/co2/pcp, kit including scope.... I'm currently selling a lot of he "Remington pest controller" and at something like £130 they seem to be decent value. Don't think I've had one back yet. Plenty of "cheap" options about. Edd
  7. Order a seal kit. Too many tiny variations in o rings not to mention the material they are made from. Correct kit will likely save you a lot of hassle and probably only a few quid. Edd
  8. My son and his mother have had a chest infection. My mother had a negative test 2 days ago after she's had the same symptoms as me for a few days. Doctors have prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection (telephone appointment). Not everything is covid! We are allowed to be ill with other things still. Edd
  9. Not had a jab. Nhs call suggests chest infection. Temp down to 38.5 but can't breathe this morning so that seems likely. Going to docs this morn for about the 3rd time in 15 years. Must be bad. Edd
  10. Woke up feeling ok. 10 minutes later aches, shivers, sweats.... Spent the whole day sleeping on the sofa and have just checked temp, 40.4 is apparently pretty warm!? Haven't been able to move all day and am only just coming around a bit having taken some strong pain killers. Hopefully that's passed as I don't fancy another day of that! Edd
  11. This would be correct IF your local RFD pays the first RFD for the gun. This is because your RFD has then become the seller (to you). The issue is that as the seller they are responsible for the warranty, tax and VAT. If your local is willing to take that on then it's fine. But I don't see many that would do that for nothing. Edd
  12. This topic has been done a million times before. Seller, and only the seller fills in the buyer's certificate. No ifs or buts. Buyer sends cert to seller. Seller, after ensuring correct authority, completes cert. Seller sends cert to buyer. Seller utilisises service of RFD to transfer to another RFD. Buyer collects from RFD who checks that entry on cert is correct. The end. Edd
  13. What are you looking for? I've a few of each and a drive to Suffolk to deliver would be a good excuse to get out stalking! Edd
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. As I've said I really hope it comes to nothing. Up until recently it's been amicable and 50/50. Now that I have a new partner and have stopped doing extra stuff for the ex she doesn't like it. Plenty of messages etc agreeing 50/50 is best. If anything comes of it I will update. Cheers Edd
  15. I booked mediation ages ago. She wouldn't attend. She's now said that she is booking as she knows she will get legal aid and I won't. We have hundreds of messages where we have agreed 50/50. She even signed for that in divorce paperwork. Now I'm moving on and not offering her loads of help (paying for things, sorting out a counsellor for her, generally offering loads of support) she has gone a bit nuts and keeps wanting a row. I'm not biting and realise that's winding her up But it's either argue or tell her I'm not going to. I'd rather the latter. I hope it settles down. I hope she gets on with her life and realises what's best for our son. I've never suggested that she has less than 50% custody even though I have had him more than half the time and I'd happily have him full time. But he needs his mother too and whatever happens I want the best for him. I'll wait for her to do something but hope that she doesn't. Edd
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