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  1. Your last sentence is a dream for me. Treat tenants well and keep rent below market value and they still have no decency or loyalty as soon as they get a chance to screw you over. And renting becomes harder all the time with landlords seen as the enemy and poor old tenants just victims. But overall, in terms of being able to make a plan I completely agree. I guess its just something I've been mulling over while deciding what to do. I'm 43 and decided that I've had enough of doing all the work, dealing with all the (expletive) staff and sometimes clients and seeming to come out of it with less than anyone else so I've just packed it all in and retired. I've enough income to pay the bills but I can't be stupid. I don't have to do anything but I've worked hard for 25 years and it's only been a few months and I'm looking at what to do. I've a few options and once my son is in school full time I'm sure I'll do something. Property to develop is hard to find and getting more expensive and difficult to do plus I've completely fallen out of love with the building industry and see it going downhill very quickly soon. I still have a few staff in other businesses but this is the 1st time in 25 years that I've not employed anyone in construction yet I'm still asked every day to look at work. I'm thinking of building some camper vans but prices of vehicles are through the roof. I have the option of some surveying and consulting that isn't too bad a thought but hardly excites me. So at the moment I'm enjoying time with my son and step son (and the mrs) fishing, shooting, camping and generally taking life easy. But I'm sure it won't last and I'll need to do something and that's where the thoughts about selling property came in. Reality is as you said, plans aren't worth making as there's always something changing. Roll with it and hope for the best. Sit tight for now.
  2. At the risk of derailjng this thread even further (although it's still kind of on topic): I've a few cheaper rentals, 2 to 5 bed. Not great areas but all the amenities you could need and could rent them all out 10 times over, I'm asked at least once a week if anything is empty but they rarely are. In the main I've had decent tenants but when changing tenants there have been some issues with them not vacating. Dealing with one at the moment and waiting for a possession order in a week or so. Bought over the past 20 years so various mortgages from not to a recent interest only which was a favour for a mate. My thoughts are that the crash will start from the top and will push up demand for my level and we may never actually see a "crash" but more a levelling off and maybe a dip eventually.
  3. I feel another thread coming.... I've been contemplating my position with property having recently retired and debating whether to sell now, sit on the cash and wait for the crash before buying the same sort of thing. But as you say I don't think the bottom end will see the crash yet. It has to come soon at the top?!? Edd
  4. Afraid I've never shot any of them. You're welcome to try them if you're jn the area. Will be swapping them all soon though as I need the space. Edd
  5. BUMP Not got a story to add but hoping for more as these had me howilng. Edd
  6. This has been covered loads of times. It seems more sensible to do things the way you suggest but it is not the correct way and any rfd doing it that way could face issues. The only person allowed to enter the gun onto the buyer's certificate is the seller. If the rfd accepts that roll he is liable for tax and vat on the profit he makes but more importantly he is liable for the warranty on the gun. So while it is possible the first rfd would accept the gun as theirs and all that might entail. Sell it on to the second rfd who accepts the gun is theirs and they sell it to the end user. The second rfd is then responsible for the warranty on that gun (that they have only ever unwrapped and handed over). So in answer to the OP: YES, you must send your certificate to the seller for them to enter the gun onto it. They then ask their rfd to send it to yours and you collect from them with the gun already on your certificate. Edd
  7. I'd give it a good while before doing much because they will move, a lot. Any new boards I've had in the past few years have twisted, split, cracked, warped etc. A Ronseal Diamond varnish might give a decent finish if prepped suitably. Edd
  8. Still loads left. What do you call "decent trigger pull"? Edd
  9. I have quite a few (20+) single barrel 12 bore shotguns. Baikal, bsa, coey, argyle.....a mixed lot. Various lengths of barrel and pull, various chokes and various condition but all sounds. FREE to any members that can make use of them. Collection only. Np44 1dl. Drop me a message if you'd like to arrange to collect one. Might find a few slips too. Edd
  10. Another vote for rockdoor through gap. Catalogue on the kitchen table ready for me to order kne for myself in the morning. Edd
  11. In a strong Midlands accent; What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison?? You can't wash your hands in a buffalo..... Edd
  12. Lots of bargains about at the moment. I sell quite a few ATAs and they don't come back with problems. But there are lots of others that might suit and secondhand bargains. Edd
  13. Hi, the 501 doesn't have a mod but the fore site is removable and mod adaptors are £10 so you can add any 1/2" threaded mod then. Once that's done they're as good as the mod. There are several aftermarket bits available for them which I usually think shows that people think enough of them to go to the trouble of making the extras. No magazine option like the cr600 or pr900 but that's often better for kids as you are more in control. Edd I don't think there's anything tuned in at the moment. I'm off for a day or 2 but will get someone to check and message you if we have anything interesting. Edd
  14. The smk xs501 "rabbit destroyer" is good value from new. Sell loads of them and really like them for what they are. £150 ish. I like them more than the pr600 or 900. Edd
  15. Ah go on then. Pm inbound. Edd
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