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  1. I've a box of Eley paper carts that I will sort out later. Nothing special but there are some 12g and some .410 and there may be some other bits in there. Pm me with an email address. Edd
  2. I would think there are cheaper ways to me dog food. My guess would be export as I can't imagine demand for any number in this country. Edd
  3. I will pm you. Website gets edited out on here. To be honest it's poorly updated anyway and I always have loads more stock than is on there. Yes, I have a few smaller bore sxs. Had a look through a few earlier today. Sauer 16g, Baikal 20, AYA 20, AYA 16....probably a few more. Have a look at the website after the weekend as I will try to get some updates done. Edd
  4. Turns out nothing! I guess we sell more guns than I thought! Loads of sxs in all gauges but nothing steel proofed at the moment. Edd
  5. I think we have 1 (or 2) but we are not down West. I will check later today what's there and if RFD is an option for you then drop me a line and we will see if we can arrange something. Edd
  6. I looked at some "cheap" oak worktops on the weekend that we fitted two years ago. They had 2 coats of Danish oil when fitted. We were supposed to do more but never got around to it. Well 2 years on and with the worktops having had pretty heavy use and not much care taken with them they still look great. They 're just about ready for a little tlc. They will get a very fine rub down and a coat of osma. It bodes well as we have probably ordered from the same place (worktopexpress) 10 times since!! So basically if treated well the oak tops will last. They offer the possibility of re-finishing at low cost and (I think) add a definite character and warmth to a kitchen. Clear the room. Sheet everything up. Even tape over the gaps on the doors. Get a decent orbital sander and fine paper. (Depending on severity of marks maybe start at 180 grit and work through to finer). Take your time. Make sure you sand evenly. Clean. Apply a thinned down coat of the oil of you choice (osma is good but so are others) scotch pad. Oil again. Scotch again and final oil. Should be enough to give a long lasting finish with minimal maintenance required. Edd
  7. As well as the whole scrum going backwards, the mauls being driven back, the rucks being cleared out, the lineout being untidy, the passes going to ground, the kicks from hand going straight out or to nowhere dangerous, the half backs being tackled with the ball, the knock ons,....... Yep! Definitely lost because Sinckler went off. SA were better in every department. Trying to blame it on 1 injury is rubbish. Dallaglio said as Sinckler went off "what a great replacement. Dan Cole is world class and there was nothing to choose between then to see who would start this game. This won't be a problem" No excuses needed, SA were better (much better) Edd
  8. For the OP- I will see if I can dig out the details of the one I fitted over 2 years ago. It was cheap and has done the job with no problems. Possibly because it's very rarely used. 2 dogs in a small, insulated space will soon warm up. Mine have no bedding at all but are in a well protected area, out of the wind in a completely dry kennel(shed) If it's very cold the heater will kick in and I might even drop the small hatch door at night but that's rare. Unless its bitterly cold they are usually out in the run rather than the kennel so it must be ok? Edd
  9. My two have had nothing for the last 2 years. They are on a raised timber floor in the insulated kennel and an electric bar type heater if it's cold. They certainly don't seem bothered. Probably the cleanest and tidiest it's ever been. Previously had all sorts of beds and bedding but they just seemed a waste as they would sleep on the floor most of the time. Used to be torn up newspapers. Would spend a few hours every few weeks ripping up into strips all the papers that had been collected and bagging the strips. Come changing time it was easy to bag what was used and tip in a new bag or two. Recycling at its easiest. Edd
  10. I think I'd replace "pretty" with "very"!! Shocking skill levels from both sides with a slight improvement in the last 20. Not sure the Boks will play that badly again next week, although i dont think they have been particulary good in their other games either. Not sure if England will perform as well as they did against the blacks either. Very different opposition next week. I don't fancy Wales' chance against an AB side with something to prove!! Would need to check the 15/16 but it's not far wrong. I believe it was 13 in a row before the warm ups (hence the number 1 world ranking for a week or 2) and then we lost during the warm ups but we won all of our group games plus the quarter so somewhere near the 15/16 before today. I'm sure someone will have the exact details? Edd
  11. Care to elaborate? Today I couldn't see any differences which would mean one team was much better than the other. Recent performances have not been great from either but nobody remembers performances, they remember results and today it went the way of SA. If Wales had managed a score at around 70minutes when they were pressurising the boks line would that have meant they deserved the win? For me it would. Would it mean they were much better? Not for me. They were both very poor. Edd
  12. Much better team? All square with 5 minutes to go. 1 try apiece, 3 kicks, errors galore. Wales with 15 wins in the last 16 games, not sure SA were "much better". Both were very poor and 1 penalty was enough to get the result. No sour grapes or excuses but Wales were right in it until the last few minutes, that's why I'm gutted. Edd
  13. Awful game but it's all about the scoreboard at 80 minutes. Wales haven't played a decent game yet in the WC and this is no different. SA are just as bad today. 30 minutes. Come on Wales!!!! Edd
  14. I think there was a bit of both. England didn't allow NZ to play but NZ seemed to have changed their game plan so rather than their usual hard running and making breaks (from anywhere on the park!) they seemed unsettled with the little ball that they did have and kicked more than usual as well as trying to get to the wings quicker rather than creating space first. I'm not confident that Wales can beat SA tomorrow but it wouldn't surprise me. Looking forward to a huge game which, if things go well could lead to an awsome final. Edd
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