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  1. Anyone interested? Edd
  2. 4 books as pictured. £15 posted. Edd
  3. 3 books as pictured. £15 posted? Edd
  4. eddoakley

    HEADS UP!!

    Had more than a few issues with Hermes. Absolute joke. Saying "attempted delivery" at times that my office was open. Just simply lies. Customer service non existent and trying to contact anyone is impossible. Paid a visit to the depot and explained my displeasure. There were no drivers there at the time just a manager but the message was obviously passed on as when I returned the following day the driver for my street apparently ran out of the back door. They call me now to tell me exactly what time they'll be there. Edd
  5. If it's not as described then return for full refund, distance selling doesn't come into it in the case that it isn't as described, it's statutory rights to refund in that case. Distance selling covers some of the same aspects but is also a kind of "cooling off". Complications may arise with the Brexit related transfer issues but that reply should be down to the seller to sort if it's not as described. If on the other hand it was described properly but you've now decided you don't like it then you would be relying on "distance selling". Decent dealer would accept the return
  6. Got a rem700 with an "interesting" camo paint job. T4 or t8 mod (can't remember, I'd need to check) and a think the scope is a barska (from cabella's). Decent set up despite the paint job and I'm sure I could work out a reasonable price. Let me know if interested. Edd
  7. Odd statement from a shooter. I'm guessing your further post was edited as it was along the same lines or more "anti". I'd not travel to hunt big game, doesn't float my boat but I don't see the difference between that and what we all do. Edd
  8. Gun shops are essential. At least according to trading standards here in Wales. All ships are also allowed to open for click and collect. A transfer would be just that. Edd
  9. True but still better than any bank. I've just bought one for 95k. Pays me £750 a month rent. A little bit of a refurb, some regular admin and then taxed on what's left. Hopefully some capital appreciation eventually. Never plan on selling so no risk to the invested amount if the market crashes. Find an account to match that. Edd
  10. It's work but can be rewarding. There are risks but depending on your situation it can be the best option by far. My most recent will return 18 times what it would in the bank pa. (depending on the type of account of course) Any issues that may arise will be more than covered!! Edd
  11. I won't sell the aircobra any more. Not worth the hassle. Make of that what you will. Edd
  12. eddoakley

    .17HMR wanted

    I have a couple if rfd is an option for you? Pm me an email address if you would like details. Edd
  13. eddoakley


    When I played rugby properly I was 16st maybe a little either at but looking back I must have been fitter than I realised. Skip several years and try to play again and at 17st plus I started rowing (realised running and rugby were out due to knackered knees). 9 weeks, one and a half stone and never felt better. Had always hated the gym but found rowing and became competitive. At least 2 half marathons each week plus other shorter bits and all in good times. All within a couple of months. Broken hand meant no rowing and loss of enthusiasm and never regained it. Tried a bit but n
  14. eddoakley


    I'm almost fit, just one letter out. Not done anything for so long and feel carp for it but just keep saying "too busy". Easiest excuse there is. To be honest it is often true but I should still make an effort. Have a rower and think this thread might prompt me to get an exercise bike and make a start. Edd
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