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  1. Come and try a few. I've all sorts and the ability to add moderators to suit. The p900 with weihrauch mod is VERY quiet. Edd
  2. Could RFD one if that's any help? Have a mint one sat on the shelf. All original box and paperwork etc. A job to tell it's been used at all. Not in work today to confirm but I think it's £299. Pm me if interested. Edd
  3. I'm in South Wales so a bit of a trek!!! I've all sorts of guns at all sorts of prices. S200, s400, s410, s510, ultras, scorpions, r10s, Daystates, brocock, Artemis, hatsan.........and lots more. In fact we had a quick count yesterday and have over 200 guns on display! There must easily be 30 different pcps. If you are interested drop me a pm with email address and I will send some pics and details. Edd
  4. Well I've probably 20 to chose from but there's "travelling" and then there's "travelling!!!" so mine would be a bit far. Edd
  5. This one has been done loads of times. Yes, the seller must complete the certicate of the buyer. This has always been the case but other methods were usually allowed/overlooked as long as the information was passed onto licensing. You can sell your gun to your local RFD and he could sell to the remote one who could sell to the next person but if the RFD becomes the "seller" it goes through their books and therefore has tax/vat implications. Far too complicated. As far as cost/charges it costs £20 odd to post and generally £25 for the paperwork at either end whether sending or receiving. If sending the gun is entered into our register (as we are required to record all guns coming into our possession) and copies/receipts given to owner. Takes a few minutes. Then we book the collection (parcel farce) after we have recieve, checked and filed the paperwork from the receiving RFD. Paper and electronic copies of all transactions. We also need to wrap/package the gun ready for sending. Fair amount of work for less than £20? If receiving then we are usually contacted by the sending rfd, exchange paperwork and agree to receive the gun. We book it in and record all details. Meet and deal with the new owner (who arrives with his cert already completed) usually spend time with them while the gun is checked over. £25. To be able to do this we have to be here, which isn't cheap. Edd
  6. eddoakley


    Not quite a serious as the op's encounter maybe but I was only thinking yesterday about posting a thread about smoking weed and how it seems to be completely accepted nowadays. I picked up some guns yesterday and as I left the guys house a neighbour was getting into his van and the stench from the joint he was smoking was incredible. I pulled out of the car park behind him and the smoke was billowing out of the windows. I get loads of people in my shop every week who absolutely stink of weed, so much so that the aircon and air freshener come out as I see them out of the door. I'm not shy about telling them either. I don't like going into town centre at the best of times (too many people!!) but last week I had to and I must have walked past a dozen separate people smoking weed. It's not limited to my area as I notice when I'm travelling. I'm sure it leads to "harder" drugs in many cases or even is used along side other drugs. I'm not knocking those that smoke weed, I've read plenty about how it's less harmful than drinking, less addictive than nicotine or even caffeine and how there are so many medical benefits, but as far as I am aware it's still illegal but completely accepted by many. I guess I'm just old!?!? Edd
  7. I have one in a synthetic archangel stock. If it's of interest drop me a pm. Edd
  8. Surely someone needs to put an article together accusing the rspb and/or other groups of heinous acts of vandalism and destruction of birds in order to create publicity for themselves and then, when the article is questioned and proof demanded simply reply that based on the rspb articles there seems to be no need for proof or evidence any more and assumptions are perfectly fine to quote as fact? Edd
  9. eddoakley


    Filters!?!?! It should have lumps of Apple, cores, seeds, bits of branches,leaves, bugs, feathers from the pigeons that dropped into it and probably a few bits of rats. Not had a decent coder in a while..... Edd
  10. Post a pic of the choke. I have a box full of hatsan chokes but as mentioned there are 2 types. Edd
  11. Will check out the specs. Pm me with the asking price. Edd
  12. Definitely interested so details would be good please. There's a David Clark set for sale at the club which might be just the job (and several on ebay) but I'm just checking out the options. The one at the club is £140 and advertised as "In as new condition" although I don't recall the model. Let me know the details of yours. Thanks Edd That's a great offer, thank you. Did you see my other thread about Hermes!?!?! The worst delivery service I have ever encountered because well, they just don't deliver! 15 parcels not delivered to my shop because "business closed" yet I have been there at the TIMES they claim to have attempted deliver and I've sent Hermes the cctv of the carpark and door!! Anyway, I digress. Great offer and I will drop you a message. Regards Edd
  13. eddoakley

    Pilot's headset

    Anyone have a pilot's headset for sale? Don't really know what I want but am open to suggestions. I don't think I would splash out on the Bose a20 at almost a grand as I don't think I would notice the benefits. Are the cheap Chinese ones worth buying? Anything considered. Edd
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