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  1. Search this topic on here, it's been dine to death. There is only one correct way. The seller must enter the gun onto your certificate. No ifs buts or maybe's. When it's paid for is between buyer and seller. Once the gun' s details are on your certificate you take your certificate to you chosen RFD who will have recieved the gun from the seller's RFD. He does not enter it onto your certificate because he is not the seller. If the law is circumvented by the receiving RFD entering the gun onto your certificate he becomes the seller and pays tax on the sale amount and is legally responsible for a warranty. Edd
  2. I don't know the correct technical answer but sensibly it would be from when you collect the gun. Maybe add a note explaining when you send the notification. Most licensing departments wouldn't know if it was a month later. Edd
  3. I think I have a few (probably 50+ Beretta chokes in stock!) I will have a look tomorrow and get back to you. Edd
  4. If a pedestrian steps in front of a car that's doing 30mph (or the designated speed in the area) then the car driver is not, or should not be deemed to be at fault. Should the cyclist sue the pedestrian? Is there a clear right of way for either party or prohibition of either? If one party did not notice the other then surely it's their fault for negligence? However without knowing the facts it might be possible that it has been deemed that the cyclist had time to sound his air horn therefore had time to react to the obstacle in his path but decided not to avoid the pedestrian but instead to "teach her a lesson" and collide with her. Just a thought... Edd
  5. No they don't Steve. They may interpret the rules differently but they don't make them. If pushed they will,or at least should, all revert to the same home office guidance. The conditions that are often imposed are usually not in line with the HO guidelines and the more that people just accept what Feos say as gospel then the more they will get away with it and the sooner none of us will be allowed any guns at all. It's strict enough without stupid conditions being added. Edd
  6. eddoakley

    Home town

    That's the way I read it too. If they (users) were not muslim they didn't matter as the religion says that you should have no respect for any non muslim. Everyone seems too scared to suggest that any race or religion has different values which are different to those that used to be the majority in this country. I'm not suggesting for one second that anyone who isn't a christian is bad or that everyone who is is good, there are plenty of both in all religions. But I would find it difficult to be convinced that a large part of religious many of the problems in this country today are down to the fact that good old ''christian values'' for want of a better phrase are not as strongly upheld as they were. Has the world just changed and people have become less concerned about fellow man? Is it more noticeable in the UK? Does the average Joe just do as he likes without concern for the consequences more than before? Is any part of that down to the increase in other religions and values undoubtedly increased by immigration? Does anyone have a solution? With regards to the child marriage and the numbers in the States as above its considered a loophole as apposed to the norm (or at least perfectly acceptable) in other places/religions. Also marriage does not necessarily mean a sexual relationship (ask a few of my mates!!) I'm not naive enough to think that there are some very wrong things going on but I don't think that article has much relevance to this post as there are many other factors to that one. Edd
  7. Ask them to show you the law. Why should a letter from someone who simply holds an FAC be the deciding factor on whether you can have what you want? I'm afraid that I would not sign a letter for anyone to aid them with their FAC. In doing so I would effectively be approving thier application. That's not my job. Why should I be given that responsibility?! What if anything should ever go wrong?! No thanks, feos are paid to assess applicants and ensure that all of the rules/laws/guidelines and met. It's their responsibility and not mine. Edd
  8. eddoakley

    Home town

    Interesting read and raises many points. Easy to see how reporting of crime by a particular group can lead that group to focus on the reporting and not the crimes. There seems to be, in some areas, more concern that a section of society, in this case young Pakistani men, are being singled out and blamed for a rise in crime when in fact the reason it seems that way is that it's true, that group is the biggest percentage. The same story is true in lots of other places with London being a prime example. The drug culture of Britain is huge and will inevitably cause disputes amongst users and amongst dealers. They are clearly the type of people who, when faced with those situations will have no qualms about picking up a knife or increasingly a gun to resolve their problems. I don't know what the answer is. Jails Are full of drugs and an easy life for most. Jobs are scarce and times are hard and there doesn't seem to be a culture of "work harder to get what you need" in fact it's more "do whatever you can to make easy money". Whether that's the same the world over or more emphasised in Britain I do not know but I can see that in just one generation my in my home town my son will be growing up in a very different society to the one that I grew up in. Edd
  9. How is the free license funded?!?! There is no outlay! It's just a reduced income. It's not as thought there is a set cost to making the stuff that the BBC do, there is a continuous supply of cash robbed from every household in the UK and they waste (spend?) It however they like. I am a firm believer that the license should be scrapped completely, nevermind just for the over 70s. It's simple blackmail- want to own a tv? Either pay a tax for something you don't necessarily want or face a load of hassle while proving that you don't watch BBC. If I had more free time to argue it I would not pay the extortionists and would carry on watching other streamed stuff. Edd
  10. I'm a little confused here (and with other references to the same thing)... What is the cost of "funding free tv for over 75s"? They don't give them money, they just don't take it from them. Possibly something in admin but that's only the same as if they were charging so it's not a cost to the BBC, it's just less income and they get more than enough of that as it is. I don't watch much tv at all and would happily never watch anything BBC again if it meant that the tax forced upon everyone could be scrapped. Edd
  11. I have one that was fitted to a display gun. It's boxed and really is "as new" but I wouldn't sell it as new. A mate is also thinking of selling his. What mounts do you need? Edd
  12. Where in the country are you? I may be able to work out a deal if you are local enough? Edd
  13. As said earlier surely it's in the wording? "Fit for purpose" is fine if the gun is described as (something like) "Currently working but likely to need a service/attention soon". Would that not describe it's purpose accurately? Edd
  14. I'm not sure but I would think that with the correct wording the item would not need to be "fit for purpose" but rather "as described". "Currently working but no warranty given. Inspection and acceptance of condition and terms is essential" Or simply "sold as a collection of parts''. Maybe somethjng like that would cover it? Edd
  15. Easy enough to do yourself. Gauges on eBay or lots of online retailers. Edd
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