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  1. eddoakley

    410 Shotgun

    What's your location? I have a few sxs and o/u at various prices. Edd
  2. eddoakley

    Pellet prices

    Making "some profit" on pellets often comes at the expense of making profit on something else. If I had to spend £2000 on pellets and that returned £2500 over 6 months that's a bad investment when compared to (for example) £2000 on guns from private sellers. £2k could easily return £3k in a month or two. Having cash on hand to buy guns brought in is how we as a shop are able to buy guns at good prices and make a reasonable profit to keep the business alive. 50 pence a tin of pellets (often after people complaining that you charge 50p more than eBay!) is not good business. Of course we still do it. It's one of those things that keeps people coming through the door and maybe they will see our second hand guns. But it is impossible for us and many other small shops to stock all pellets at competitive prices. As far as why I put time and effort into my shop when I could make more money elsewhere then sometimes I really do wonder and question if I should close the doors. But if everyone thought like that there would be no gun shops. Selling guns is not an easy way to make a living but from my point of view it may be what I do if and when I retire from other things. It will never make a fortune but it may make a few pounds and keep me out of trouble. Edd Special offer on pellets at ####. Half price today. Hahahahaha Why does the filter stop me putting gun, shop and UK as one word?!?@?@?
  3. eddoakley

    Pellet prices

    This 5p and 7p is pretty extreme but there is indeed very little proffit in pellets or cartridges or many other things for that matter. My shop in small and as mentioned earlier there could be a huge outlay on pellets if you tried to please everyone. Some suppliers do indeed insist on a minimum of 50 tins but that's 50 of each......in .177 that could be 50 tins of 4.50, 50 tins of 4.51, and 50 of 4.52, I'm sure there a 4.53 too. Then the .22s with 2 or 3 sizes. That's just One type. Last count I think we had 40 odd types of pellet (brand, type, calibre and size) There are about 8 types of bisley . We are not "there anyway". We need to make a profit to keep the doors open. Rent, rates, insurance, alarms, utilities, advertising.....the list could go on. I could easily give up my shop tomorrow and make more money by concentrating on my other businesses. When someone says "it's just your time" then they don't realise that my time costs money that I could be making elsewhere. The money that's tied up in stock isn't making money elsewhere. The time I put into book keeping, tax and VAT returns and general day to day running of the shop means that every purchase of stock has to be very carefully considered. Some brands of pellet just aren't worth stocking. I try to but to do so means that I have to buy from suppliers like sgc and then the meagre margin becomes even less. Put it into perspective at all? Edd
  4. eddoakley

    Remington 1100

    Pm sent. I have a few. Edd
  5. And bigger still when released? Edd
  6. I'm always amazed that we (any shop) can sell cross bows to anyone. We have always asked for ID the same as buying an air rifle but there's no requirement for us to do so and they are incredibly powerful. I used to have one many years ago and used to shoot it into and old fridge at about 80 yards. It would go clean through one side and the bolt would be hanging out of the other side. That's more than enough to kill someone. We don't sell them anymore. Edd
  7. Never liked any of his stuff and now can't bring myself to watch anything that he has any involvement with. Three reasons: Firstly I just don't think it's funny. I can't abide "cringe" comedy. It's cringe worthy, not funny. Secondly and the biggest reason is that I saw an interview a long time ago where the interviewer asked "what about the negative press and comments about "th e office? Some people say it's just not funny" To which the p%!%@^ replied "It's not my fault if people aren't able to understand my genious " He genuinely said that!! What a complete tool!! And thirdly his hypocrital, insubstantiated and (hopefully) uneducated "anti" campaigns and activities. Edd Oh yeah, and the MIL loves him. That's reason on its own
  8. That would be a drilling rather than combination gun. Although both are "combinations" Generally combination would be single barrel shotgun and rifle, drilling double and rifle and veirling would be four barrels. More to it than that but a simplified explanation. Edd
  9. I have a couple of combination guns but in .22/20g not in .410, don't think I've ever actually owned a .410 one. Edd
  10. Will throw in a nice shotgun if anyone is interested?!?!?! (Not actually joking!) Edd
  11. I sold one for somebody a while ago and I let it go far too cheaply but the owner was happy and the new owner even more so. Not been able to pick up another since, certainly not at the right price anyway. Good luck with your search and have a bump. Edd
  12. I've a Marlin supergoose that I would let go for a little over your budget. Mag welded and proofed for SGC. Let me know if you want pics etc. Edd
  13. eddoakley

    243 setup

    Howas, tikkas, czs, Parker hales and probably a few others all in stock. What's the budget and what features are important? Edd
  14. Just gauging interest as I'm not sure whether to sell this and look for an auto... Ford ranger limited Raptor style body kit 2016 on a 65 3.2 manual 88k miles New clutch pack about 3000 miles ago. Ford performance blue Bought it quite recently as a standard limited model and had a few bits added: Brand new wheels and tyres from the latest model with wheel spacers to suit. Have now done about 1000 miles. New metallic grey grille, wide arches, light surrounds front and rear, wind deflectors, wing vent covers, de-chromed mirrors, door handles and bumper corners. Full body stripe (bonnet and tail gate) I'm sure a few more bits but I can't remember. Rear canopy is water tight and has 2 keys. Overall it's a very nice looking truck without being over the top with extra styling. Well i think so anyway. Drives is faultless. Few small marks around the body but hardly noticeable. Full service history from previous owner and if I still have it in a few weeks it will have another full service (although it isn't due yet) Photos on request. Located in South Wales (np44) Price £14495 + vat (17394 inc) Any test or inspection welcomed. Would consider a deal with an auto or possibly a different vehicle in an auto. Will try to add pics later. Please pm with any queries. Edd
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