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  1. CBC MAGTECH 7022 .22 LR

    Pm me with an email address as I think I have a few mags to fit this. Will try to have a look tomorrow. Edd
  2. Secret life of Owls

    Bloody owls! Almost caused me to fall out of a high seat on Friday night! Sat scanning a field with the thermal with the rifle across the arms of the seat when "something" caused me to turn around. I'm not sure whether me or the owl were more surprised. Had them land in the same tree before but never that close. Saw the clip of a grey taking over the nest and hope it encourages more people to get out and rid us of a few. Edd
  3. SMK M22

    Take no notice of the 2 comments above and read genuine reviews for people who are using them. SMK is a distributor- not a manufacturer. They supply remington so for someone to say Smk is rubbish but remington is good makes no sense. Yes, smk do supply some of the cheapest nastiest air rifles there are BUT they are very cheap for a reason. The new Artemis branded stuff is getting rave reviews everywhere, not just the magazine writers who are paid to say a product is good. I sell a lot of smk stuff and have very few returns, when I do have any smk are very good. They either send parts or replacement items quickly. Usually next day. The latest m16a is getting particularly good write ups from what I have seen. I have in stock probably every model of pcp that all supply and have no hesitation in selling them. There are perhaps nicer looking stocks around and some details could always be improved but on the whole I think they are very good and a world away from the cheap old springers that SMK are perhaps better known for. Put a review on here once you have given it some proper use. Edd
  4. Wanted Rapid .25 Barrel

    Could be tempted to break a .25 Fac rapid that I have. Pm with an offer and I will see if I can sell the stock and other bits. Edd
  5. Puppy hernia

    My springer x bavarian pup had the same. I honestly couldn't tell you if it's still there as it's never been an issue. I have a vague recollection of the vet sorting it with a few extra stitches when she went in for something else. Wouldn't let it stop you if the dog is the right one. Edd
  6. Wru National championship

    Just to add that the final score of 10- 54 secured the league. Now to finish to season unbeaten and prove yet another point to the WRU. Edd
  7. Wru National championship

    Anyone have any interest in the second tier of Welsh rugby (I suppose third if you count regional) I have followed and had involvement in one way or another with Pontypool Rfc for more years than I can remember and today it's great to see them secure the championship title for the 2nd year running. As I type they are beating Cardiff Met 14-0 and if that doesn't change Pontypool will secure the league title with a record of 19 unbeaten games this season so far, 16 of which have also yielded bonus points for scoring 4 or more tries. They only lost one league game last season one season with a surprise slip up to Cardiff Met. Runaway winners of the league and still no chance of promotion but that's a whole other story. Does anyone here follow this level of rugby? Edd
  8. Shipping container

    Looking for a 20ft shipping container. Anyone know of something for sale or a reasonably priced supplier? Must be able to deliver to South Wales. Condition is (to a degree) not too important. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Edd Sorry. Wrong place. Could a mod please move to the wanted section. Edd
  9. Paying a dissolved company?

    I know him and know the situation so there definitely isn't a scam. Not in that sense anyway. It turns out that we did actually pay one invoice into his old details and now he says he hasn't received it. I can only assume that bank account no longer exists as the company no longer exists. He supplies phone and internet to a couple of businesses in the same building and although some of the others have the same opinion of him they don't seem bothered by paying the new company for invoices issued to the old one. To be honest it's probably so much more hassle than it is worth that he will just get paid but I really would like to tell him where to go. Will update Edd
  10. Racist or not racist.

    Have to disagree. Just because they are of difference races does not make it a racist attack. If the attack is motivated by race then that defines racism. An example might be If football hooligans fight but happen to be of different race then the motivation is not racism. Kids get bullied and it' nothing to do with their or their attackers race. If the poor girl that dies had happened to be gay too would that make it a homophobic attack? I'm a firm believer that political correctness has gone mad and taken over common sense and decency. "Reverse racism" is definitely an issue too. Edd
  11. Lead flashing

    Any welding? Existing chases good? Any pointing? Slate or tile? Flashing and soakers? Width and code of lead required? All have an impact but none should mean that it's more than 1 days work for 2 men (h&s) I don't usually do anything that's less than a day unless it can wait until we have a few small bits to do to make up a full day. Lead is not cheap! Interesting to know what you have been quoted. Edd Just seen the price. Sounds fair. Edd
  12. Paying a dissolved company?

    Thanks guys. I was sure that it wasn't right and didn't want to pay him. I want to change to someone else but am dreading the hassle of getting my phone numbers from him and everything else that entails. I have no idea about the status of his old company or how it has been wound up/dissoved/ceased trading. I don't know if there is/was any debt. When he first emailed detailing his marriage break up and the new company info I was quite surprised that anyone would put into writing that they wanted a new company to be paid for debts owed to an old one. "Fraud" was the term used then. I will have a look into it, check the status' rec and see if I can add some more info on here for those interested. Thanks Edd
  13. Paying a dissolved company?

    Bit of a strange one this. My internet and phone supplier (small private company) has recently closed. The owner emailed to say that as a result of the breakdown of his marriage he had to close the company. Too much info and very unprofessional I thought. However he has asked that any outstanding payments be made to his new company......can this be right? If a company ceases to trade/exist then does money owed to them then become owed to their new incarnation? Normally I wouldn't care or argue buy I hate the guy with a passion. What's the thought? Not on my not liking him but the position of paying a new company money owed to an old one? It's only a few quid. Edd
  14. CZ 10 shot mag

    Only in 17hmr (and same size rounds) I believe. £26 for the .22 is about the best I can find. Added one to an order last week for you Wayne. Let me know if you get sorted elsewhere as I've put it to one side at the moment. Cheers Edd
  15. E Perand Hammer gun 16 gauge