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  1. eddoakley

    .17 hmr

    Any progress on this? I've followed up on our email conversation but no reply. Could you let me know if you still want the ruger. Thanks. Edd
  2. eddoakley

    Pard 007

    I have 2 pard 007s for sale. Both are less than a year old and both 16mm versions. I'm sure they are not the 007a but don't really know how to check. Come with adaptors etc. One has an eagle vision adaptor and one the standard pard. £330 each posted. Pics available by email. Please pm if interested or for further details. Edd
  3. I'll have a dig through the spares tomorrow but I don't think I do. I'll message if I find anything. Edd
  4. I have a couple of these I think. Drop me a pm with email address and I'll get some details over. Regards Edd
  5. eddoakley

    .17 hmr

    I have a very nice ruger in stainless/ laminate for sale. Pm me an email address if you would like some pics. Edd
  6. Get Keen's to ship them to me in one package and I'll do the transfer for free at my end. Edd
  7. Or he could just walk past any other house, use his equipment to let himself in and then shoot himself dead. Or alternatively he could do his work and shut the door behind him like thousands of other tradesmen every single day. Of course if the OP has made a point of telling him he has guns and the tradesman is a criminal then it could all go badly wrong. There are no rules and if you can't trust the tradesman to not rummage through your possessions and help himself then I'm sure you wouldn't be hiring him in the first place. Edd
  8. It's pretty common but not applied everywhere. I've known planners ask for extensions to be stepped back and down but have let it go after pressure from architects. I've also known it to be a condition of planning and for it to be enforced. Each case will be different and it could be as simple as asking them to allow it as you want it. If they like the way you approach them and are in a good mood then they could just approve what you want. Whatever you do try not to get into an arguement about it, that never goes well. Edd
  9. Yes. I can't get enough, new or used. During Lock down we sold more air rifles than ever and we are still struggling for stock. Bargains will always be snapped up. Edd
  10. Not 100% but I think I may have one. Definitely ringing a bell but I have quite a few different AYAs. Pm me an email address and I'll try to get back to you this evening. Edd
  11. It's your lucky day. 40 of them in trade sales. How lucky is that?!?@?! Don't see one for ages and then 40 come along just when you want one. Edd
  12. Possibly this as clicking on the dots only brings up the first 2 options. Any other ideas? Edd
  13. Has the edit button permanently disappeared? Need to go back to some old posts but the edit has gone and I can't find any info on how to delete anything. Anyone able to help? Edd
  14. If RFD is an option I'm sure I have a few to choose from. What's the budget? Edd
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