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    I have a mint Howa with mod and scope for sale. Pm if you'd like details. Edd
  2. Possibly. I'll take a look on weekend and get back to you. Edd
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. It's all a learning curve. As soon as I move I'll have the rowing machine so that can take up a few hours one I build up again. Used to do 2 marathons a week (never under 3hrs) so will have that soon. Me and The Boy have loads to do when he's awake, it's the time he's sleeping that's killing me. I was described yesterday as a bit of a gypsy and not liking to be tied down. I have never really been one for spending time in the house. No garage or workshop here or at the next place so that takes a lot of the suggestions out of the equation. I
  4. Pms replied to and both still here at the moment. Any interest? Edd
  5. Anybody interested? I've got pics and details if anyone needs them. Edd
  6. Sportsman are not the importer. SMK are. I've had a few of the different models and they all seem good value. Edd
  7. 2 available. Good working order. Will get them cleaned up and greased before sale if needed. 6 stack Pedal and remote Can only find one battery at the moment but will look for the other. Np44 for collection or could put on a pallet for a courier. £500 each.
  8. I'm not really a just relaxing kind of person. I'm always doing something, knowing that I don't have that option is the hard bit. My boy is 3 so bikes and quads are all in the pipeline. Currently looking for a quad but seems everyone is out of stock. We have plenty to do together. He enjoys coming to work with me, we've a dog and plenty of places to walk her, he'll start fishing and shooting soon enough, he enjoys coming on the boat, I have friends and family that we can visit any time, we play rugby, we just enjoy doing the everyday stuff together. But it's the nights that I'm
  9. I already am! Well, maybe not quite. Yeah the rowing machine will likely reappear. I used to do a lot of that. I won't bring work home, no more than a few emails, and all the toys like chainsaws and stuff at at work. I'm sure it just takes a bit of getting used to. The summer will be better when we're not in the house at all. Sleeping on the boat or in the camper will be better I think. Edd
  10. The split is amicable. Mostly. I've plenty to do when I don't have him. Mostly work, which is ok, but plenty of other stuff too. It's mostly when he's asleep. It's literally only been a matter of days but I'm already finding that bit tough. And not being able to just put my boots on and go out at a moment's notice. Edd
  11. All good but I'm on top of that when I don't have him. I'm moving soon so will have a new house to sort but apart from a bit of decorating there won't be much that I can do while he's asleep. Its all new and I'm sure we'll figure it out. Edd
  12. My situation has very recently changed and now I'm single again. I'll be having my son at least half of the time. That's all good, we'll be very busy as soon as the weather breaks. But what do people do when the kids are in bed? It used to be easy. The (ex) wife would be home. We could talk or I could go out. I didn't always go out but I had the option. Now I put him to bed at 2000 and I'm twiddling my thumbs until he wakes. I've been up since 0430 and he's still snoring. I think I've completed the internet. I'm not much into tv. There's lots of things t
  13. That's a rather large hole in that muntjak! What did you make it with? Edd
  14. I have a few cheap. 243s if rfd is an option. Pm me if you want some details and I have a look through what we have. Edd
  15. I'd forgotten about this ad! Send me an email address and I'll get some details over. Edd
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