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  1. eddoakley

    Oldish Scope

    Bought an old BSA Supersport this morning, I'm sure the scope is an "original". Not in the shop tomorrow but will have a look on Wednesday afternoon if you can wait. Edd
  2. eddoakley

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    Buying things isn't only "not bad" but essential. Money only works if it's kept moving. Accumulation of wealth helps nobody. Even those accumulating. A big pile of money (Just figures on a screen but that's a whole other discussion) is useless. Yes we need people to buy houses, have work done to them, buy things for those houses and buy new cars etc, if nobody spends then nobody earns. BUT things aren't made here any more and there isn't enough people doing the manual labour. Construction is often a first indicator of financial problems ahead. There isn't enough manufacturing for that to highlight spending patterns. If government spending in housing or infrastructure stops then construction workers move to independent contractors (big firms). If they stop then those builders move to small companies who rely on individuals and companies spending. Each time there is more labour available to a sector the value of that labour falls. If construction workers aren't earning they aren't spending and that sends the problems straight back to the beginning- spending slows down and the work isn't there. As others have said, there isn't anything that you can do about it but brace yourself and try not to be in a position that will leave you in the doodoo when interest rates go up. A wise man once told me " don't go to bed until you have a pound more than you got up with". A motto I have tried to remember. I'm 40 now and do ok but I was still on site with my guys doing the hard graft until 0200 this morning as it needed to be done. I will be back there as soon as I've done a few bits in the office this morning. I don't drive fancy new cars or live in a house I can't afford. I try to look after myself financially so that the crash won't hurt me as much. I think I'm in the minority by a very long way. Edd
  3. eddoakley

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    As above, everyone wants everything now and it's easy to have. For a long time credit has been thrown at people- mortgages they can't really afford, car finance, loans for holidays, remortgage for "home improvements" just because the "value" of their house has gone up. Houses aren't worth anything unless you sell and downsize or don't need to buy another. And not many people do that! Always looking for the next step and to borrow more. Many can barely afford their mortgage now and when interest rates go up (the only way they can go) they will be up the proverbial creek. Another housing crash/crisis and everything that that leads too. The only positive I can see at the moment is there is a lot of building work going on. Whether that's big developments or private work. That means that money is moving and that can keep things stable. Just my rambling thoughts after a 20 hour shift! Edd
  4. eddoakley

    54 reg L200 Warrior

    Bargain! Had mine (same spec) for 6 or 7 years, maybe more, and it's been the least troublesome of all of my vehicles. I have a few but would jump in the L200 for most things given the choice. Shooting, work, shopping or taking the dogs out. Good luck with the sale. Edd
  5. eddoakley

    Good van deals?

    Will have a look out of interest but ordered the boxer yesterday. Local supplier got me one for £14300 which is the best I could fund anywhere. Edd
  6. eddoakley

    Good van deals?

    Anyone? I have a Bristol company offering the boxer at £14995+ which I think is going to be hard to beat. Still like to know if there is anything out there though. Thanks Edd
  7. eddoakley

    Nitesite spotter extreme

    Try again Edd
  8. eddoakley

    WANTED CHEAP .22LR and 17HMR

    Location? I have a selection of both calibres... Edd
  9. eddoakley

    Good van deals?

    Anyone know of anyone doing particularly good deals on vans? Looking for a ducato/boxer/relay L3H2 in any spec. Been offered the "professional" spec, in white for £15,600 + Vat. Anyone go any suggestion of anywhere that can either better the price or that they know are good to deal with? Edd
  10. eddoakley

    Lintran dog cage for car transport

    Bargain! These can be very expensive. Looks like a Lintran one to me. Ninjaferret is looking for something like this although it might not be big enough. Worth dropping him an email though. Edd
  11. eddoakley

    TV License

    Just had a letter to the office telling me that they will be sending someone to investigate why we don't have a tv license there! Seems absurd. There are about 40 people working in the building, if they each have a tv license then they are allowed to watch whatever they want in the building. If one doesn't then we have to buy a licence. If a customer in the shop watches tv then we need a licence. We are already being harassed for the license (can't remember the name) to play music in the building. We don't play music or have any type of tv for staff or customers. I have an android box at home and if I ever watch the tv it would be showbox or the like. I have no interest in any BBC radio station. As others have said it's easy enough for Sky to turn off channels so why can the same system be used to mean that if we don't watch we don't have to pay. It's another tax that's very difficult to avoid even if you don't use the service. I often wish I had the energy to argue the case and not pay the rip off fee. Edd
  12. eddoakley

    Lintran or K9 Dog box

    Drop me a pm with some contact details. I'm sure ibstill have one in the yard that I no longer use. Edd
  13. eddoakley

    Nitesite spotter extreme

    Monday morning Bump. Offers considered. Edd
  14. eddoakley

    Scope experts? Swarovski?

    As above the 6 and 8 refer to the range of zoom. I went for the z8i 2.3-18 with the a400i reticule. If the zoom doesn't seem important then go for something in the z6 range. The illuminated ret is a very handy feature and although I rarely use it I know the option is there. I think not having it would have always left me wondering if it would have meant that buck that I couldn't take because the cross hair was just too difficult to make out might have been "the" buck. For me the z8 is the best scope I have looked through, possibly because I have seen it in more situations than other scope that I might try to compare it to. But, and it's possibly a big but, I have never found it the easiest to look through. Sounds odd maybe but I guess many will understand what I mean. It just seems a bit fussy. My 8x56s seem to be very natural. Head drops to stock and sight picture is instantly there (and clear). With the z8 I always seem to have to reposition or refocus. It's just not as easy. Maybe that's just me being odd. When I do get there the clarity, range of mag, reticule and fantastic illumination are as good as I have ever owned if not seen. "Buy the best scope you can afford and the rifle with the change".... Easy to say but how to decide which is the best is another matter. Doubt that helps. Lol Edd
  15. Picked up a falcon scope at the weekend which has a good spec for what I wanted but there are lots of small specs which must be inside. The scope is still usable but not what I want, I might stick it on an air rifle but I am co sidering having it sorted. My question: is it worth it on this scope? Edd