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  1. Sensible price that, don't imagine it will be around for long! Edd
  2. Head to Cwmbran for a deal. 😉 Pm me and I'll see what I can sort out. I've a couple in at the mo. Edd
  3. Quite possibly and he deserves to be punished but murdering him in that way is just not acceptable. As mentioned elsewhere a bully with a badge. Regardless of what he had done in the past the is no justification for what happened to him. And before anyone asks I think the whole blm thing is out of control and is racism of the highest order. Idiots like boxers calling for black people to boycott shops owned by white people! People being charged with criminal offences for displaying "white lives matter" banners while footballists kneel and display blm on every kit. Crazy world. Edd
  4. I don't see anything there that excuses the cops actions. Did I miss something? Sure, the guy was odd and seemed to have taken something and was resisting. Also he started complaining about not being able to breathe just before what appears to be the beginning of other footage that I have seen. How does any of that excuse kneeling on someone's neck while they begged for their life and bystanders pleaded with the cop to let him breathe. If he'd been armed and shot that's one thing, or hit his head while resisting and died maybe but from what I've seen he was tortured to death. Edd
  5. £270 and not a penny less. Some people are just so unrealistic. I quite liked it and would have paid a fair price. Edd
  6. Yes it is a sideplate knife/tool. A quick Google brought up one at £350!! Never seen one before but I like it. Waiting to find out What the owner wants for it. Edd
  7. Just been sent these pictures and asked if I want to buy this tool. No other info. Any ideas on what it is? And maybe value? Edd
  8. Fantastic job and I'm very grateful. The hatchet belonged to my grandfather, he gave it to me years ago and it was kept in my van and used occasionally in work. It had been lost for years but a few months after my grandfather died (last year) I found it in a pretty poor state. I posted on here and good old PW came good again with the offer to restore it. A lot of work and a great job and not only that, no charge! I stuck some money in a charity box as agreed and ordered a few knives too. I'll post pics when I remember. Once again I'd like to say what a great job and how grateful I am. Get ordering you Fatchap Blades Stickleback knives, you won't be disappointed. Edd
  9. eddoakley

    Boat wanted

    This one HAD the 5.7 but has been swapped out for a 7.4 (or maybe it's a 7.2 but I'd need yo check) It didn't get put in the water today as I'd hoped so does look like next weekend now. Edd
  10. eddoakley

    Boat wanted

    7.4 mercruiser!
  11. eddoakley

    Boat wanted

    I think that's attached. Edd
  12. eddoakley

    Boat wanted

    Haha. I've got the ones from the ad and a couple on my phone. I'll figure out how to post later. It's out of the water but the trailer doesn't come with it so it's being put back in hopefully tomorrow and I should be able to use it (her?) next weekend. Anyone know how to drive one?!?!? Seriously though I have no idea! A friend who has agreed to pay half has no idea either so we really are relying on some help from the (apparently very friendly) yacht club where we plan to keep it. Should be an interesting experience if nothing else. The question about life jackets may be serious.... Anyone have any more sensible advice? Edd
  13. eddoakley

    Boat wanted

    Just bought a Bayliner Ciera 2555! Let the fun begin. Or do I mean headaches? Edd
  14. eddoakley

    Boat wanted

    Well I'm off to look at something this morning so will update shortly..... Edd
  15. eddoakley

    z aim pro stalker

    I have loads in stock. Pm me some details and I'll confirm the price in the morning. Edd
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