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  1. eddoakley

    Yukon photon 6.5x50 RT

    Just so happens that I do! haha. Gunshop Uk in Cwmbran. NP44 1DL I have them in stock. Edd
  2. eddoakley

    Boot recommendations

    Spoken to a few people who have said that the Harkila boots (amongst other of their kit) are not up to much. Will have a read though. Thanks Edd
  3. eddoakley

    Boot recommendations

    Mid height, every day, walking, shooting, working boots? What can you guys recommend Looking at meindl but not 100% convinced. Not too bothered about price if they are worth it. Would rather buy quality and buy once. Prefer leather. What do you use? Edd
  4. eddoakley

    Tradesman rates

    Yeah, but make it look good too! Haha. A joiner could make the box without nails. I was lucky through my apprenticeship and early working life. I worked with some very good tradesmen as well as some really rough ones. Starting in the joiners shop where everything having to be mm perfect then being on site cutting on a roof where the guys would laugh at the measurements I would take/cut before pushing me out of the way and starting a chainsaw. Nothing wrong with that and was a good way to learn. I always like to think that I took the best bits of advice from 65 year old guys that had done it all their lives and also from those that were barely older or more experienced than me. Edd
  5. eddoakley

    Tradesman rates

    I am a "joiner and cabinet maker" by trade. I did my apprenticeship in the workshop making windows, door, cabinets (lots of changing room lockers for posh golf clubs), kitchens and other joinery items such as stairs, door frames and linings, skirting and architrave. - joiner I left the workshop and worked on site fitting windows, doors, kitchens etc. putting on roofs, joists and building studwork. - carpenter. Depending on their ability some will tell you that they are 1st or 2nd fix carpenters. 1st fix being joists, roofs, studwork, maybe shuttering (but that's another story), basically the rougher work that can be done with a chainsaw and a nailgun. 2nd fix being the finer aspects that require more finesse. Some will do both to the correct standard. In some parts carpenters are called joiners but not around here and I think not technically correct in dictionary definitions. Edd
  6. eddoakley

    17 hmr

    .22lr is very prone to ricochet because its a heavy lump traveling relatively slowly, the hmr tends to break up but not always so precations still need to be taken. I think the hmr has had its time of being flavour of the month. It's noisy, expensive to feed (getting on for £20/box now) and is limited in what it can do. It's not a foxing round. Sure, it will kill them but if you are foxing you really should be looking at .22 c.f. of some description. So that makes it a rabbit gun. I think .22lr is good to 80 yards for a reasonable shot, further if you are confident in pushing it. .17hmr reasonably 120? I know people will shoot it further but a rabbits head at more than that is very small. And hitting them in the front end with the hmr makes a mess. So if you have a lot of rabbits between 80 and 120 yards, you don't want to eat them or you are a very good shot, noise isn't a problem and you don't mind paying 3-4 times as much for ammo then it's a good tool. Oh, unless you are in a particularly windy area. Pretty limited as far as I'm concerned. Thoughts? Edd
  7. eddoakley

    Yukon photon 6.5x50 RT

    Atp66 I think is the number on a sportsmatch mount. They are windage and elevation adjustable. There are other options but that's one that I can remember. Shimming the rear money usually does it though. Edd
  8. eddoakley

    Left handed falcon FN19 .22 wanted

    I know for a left hand fn19 but it's pretty tatty and is in .177. Let me know if it's any usr and I will put you in touch with the owner. Edd
  9. eddoakley

    Tradesman rates

    I don't think being your own boss is all it's cracked up to be. When I think back to being on the tools and worrying about customers I think I cared more about the customer than I would have about a boss. Being solely responsible for the outcome of a job, whether it's on budget, whether other trades that you get involved have done a good job and other stuff is more stressful than any 9 to 5. Assuming you care enough. I might have been better taking a j9b with someone. Whether I would have stuck it who knows. Edd
  10. eddoakley

    Tradesman rates

    200m surely? Not 20? I'd expect at least 100m in a domestic setting. A house in a day is easy. I often find that "experienced tradesmen" have no idea and won't be told. I'm terrible for micro-managing jobs and often find myself telling people exactly how to do something. I come back later and they have done it differently and it's wrong! Why they can't just listen and follow instruction I will never know. Younger "tradesmen" have often done a college course rather than an apprenticeship and are "all the gear, no idea" types. And still demanding top rates! I don't know what the answer is. Edd
  11. eddoakley

    Tradesman rates

    There's some great work on display here and it makes me miss the kind of thing that I used to do. I'm a joiner and cabinet maker by trade. Moved onto site work and quickly onto general building working for myself. Used to do some nice work like the stuff on here but that got lost to "standard" kitchens and bathrooms, renovations and extensions and commercial type maintenance. Now we do anything from small domestic jobs like decoration or flooring to bigger new builds (currently have a nice community hall to build and a large pub to turn into 5 flats with a large restaurant extension) I just can't find decent tradesmen to take on the books or even subbies that I know will produce good work. Even when paying what I consider to be top rates I still seem to get messed about and get work that people just don't care about. Perhaps it's just me expecting too much but I base my expectation on what I would want to see in my own work. Maybe there is just a lack of tradesmen nowadays because from what I can see there is certainly not the lack of work to encourage people into the trades. Edd
  12. eddoakley

    Tradesman rates

    Sometimes I think that people see higher rates and think "they must be good" and people still get work even though they are more expensive than others. I don't think I charge enough for me or any of my guys but then I think that most subbies that quote to me for jobs are expensive. Perhaps I should put my rates up and then wouldn't always think that others charge too much. Edd
  13. eddoakley

    Yukon photon 6.5x50 RT

    Change the mounts to adjustable or shim the existing ones. Have this issue regularly and I'm surprised the shop didn't offer you this suggestion when you tried to take it back! Where did you get it? Edd
  14. eddoakley

    Renault Megane scenic

    Need this out of my way. £150 if someone wants to pick it up before I take it to the scrappy where I will get £120. Pm if interested Edd
  15. eddoakley

    Tradesman rates

    Following on from another thread what do tradesmen earn in your area? Bricky, chippy, plumber, spark, spread and any others that you can think of. Some rates seem incredible. I know it would vary massively but around here I know of people on £10 p/h and others on £25 but that's considered very high. I don't know anyone that's getting more than £200 a day. What's it like around the country? Edd