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  1. eddoakley

    16 Bore Ejector

    I have a Jp sauer 16 bore in the shop. I can't remember whether it's an ejector or not but will check tomorrow. Pm me an email address if you would like details. Edd
  2. I've a very nice Steyr in the shop. Pm me an email address if you're interested and I will get some details sent. Edd
  3. eddoakley

    Cheap SxS

    Drop me a pm with your number and I'll let you know tomorrow what we have. I'm sure there'll be something to fit the bill. Edd
  4. Reported a similar one yesterday for a mini digger listed on there. Had a few messages back and fore with seller saying things like "I will deliver for no extra cost as there's no travelling allowed", "we would have to use an escrow service" or "you would have 5 days to decide if you like it or PayPal won't release your money" and loads of other obvious scam lines. Sent me a pic of their passport too. Even a Google of the name of the seller shows it's a regular scammer. EBay don't care. Edd
  5. A lot of this seems to be exaggerated (again) I bought 2 shotguns last week and sold a rifle on Saturday as well as numerous air rifles. I don't expect to have to explain myself to the police. If you want to put it into perspective with distancing/lock down then the rifle was to someone losing livestock to foxes, the shotguns were from an elderly neighbour who was concerned about what might happen should he expire and the air rifles have been to people who have rat problems. If they were asked to justify their travelling then that's their issue not mine, I've not travelled. Edd
  6. I've not been open but have had people call and collect for the past few weeks as long as it's for pest control. It's amazing how many people see rats when they are spending time at home. I have taken a few guns in but only to help people out. Edd
  7. £450? Where are you?? Just make sure the calculations for the beam are correct and that the job is done correctly. If for any reason there should be a need to involve LABC in the future then you should have a good record of what was done. Decent builder should have no issues. Retrospective building control ( regularisation) costs 10% more than submitting beforehand. Edd
  8. We sell very basic ones (no seat) and for about 40 quid they are well worth it. What's even more fun is using one of those and a plastic thrower/launcher too- just like the things you can use to throw dog balls. Trap sends one in same direction every time and the thrower, well that depends on who's using it or if they are good then where you want it to go. Well worth the £7 or £8 they cost. Edd
  9. eddoakley


    I use PayPal as little as possible after they cancelled my card machine and wouldn't hand over the £6k that I had put through it! Took 3 months to get the money. I had been using the machine for almost a year and they carried on allowing payments into it until I contacted them asking why I hadn't recieved anything for 2 weeks. As for Hermes!!! Must have had at least 30 items not arrive and it's impossible to speak to anyone to complain. Driver was simply a liar. Would register as attempted delivery but not once did he ever enter our car park all evidenced on cctv. Found the local depot and had a few words. Different driver does my stuff now and calls me in advance to say he has stuff. So steveb- no help I'm afraid but just my bit of a rant at 2 things mentioned. Edd
  10. Meopta 7x50? Swarovski 6x42? Let me know if you would like details of either. Edd
  11. eddoakley

    Asbestos !

    Get a sample tested- literally a few quid. Depending on the results you may need to use a specialist or you may be able to do it yourself. Correct ppe, no cutting amd as few breakages as possible, double bag and seal and then dispose of easily. From that pic I would be surprised if there was no asbestos content. Better safe than sorry. Beware cowboys who will offer to dispose and then just dump it! Edd
  12. Definitely in need of new leather rather than repair. Won't take much to clean up the rest. Anyone fancy the job? Edd
  13. Same tool in similar condition. The handle in the vid is very good but I'd really like to get leather back on there. Will try to remember pics later and hopefully someone will want to do the job. Edd
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