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  1. Depends on your budget. Above is obviously top choice but I bought 100 cheap Yale ones a good number of years ago and I know loads that are still going strong and in ever had any issues with the ones that we fitted. Cheap and cheerful. Edd
  2. Anyone? Before I have to buy one from a shop. Cheers Edd
  3. Nobody has ever thought a tx to be "twangy"? It "can't be"? Nobody has ever preferred a hw to a tx? Maybe another case of stating opinion as fact. Both good guns. Both will fulfil the op's stated requirements. Personal preference. Edd
  4. Anyone have one for sale? Not bothered what model or colour as long as it's at least a 7 and in very good to mint condition. It's for Mrs Edd as she's one of those iPhone wierdos and won't use a proper android thing. Please let me know what's available. Thanks Edd
  5. Hw97 The tx200 can be very twangy. Haha. Both good. Definitely comes down to personal preference. Edd
  6. Have you paid the plumber? If not don't. I wouldn't expect to be paid if I had done the job. If you had asked someone to come and change your boiler as you just wanted new then that's one thing but you asked him to fix a leak, accepted his solution and now it's now worked. He has fitted a boiler which is not working correctly and I would ask that it does before he is paid. You could maybe come to an agreement about extra costs of extra work but he really should have exhausted all possibilities before telling you that you needed a new boiler. I wouldn't add rad sealant. I'm not a fan, it's not fixing the problem, it's a last resort as far as I'm concerned. I would suggest that he should have pressure tested before suggesting a new boiler. Now he needs to isolate sections of pipework and test/eliminate each in turn until the problem is found. Taking down sections of ceiling and repairing may be a PITA but would have been cheaper than new boiler, now it has to be done anyway. Edd
  7. The vehicle in question is/was not on my fleet policy. The business pays the insurance but the van in question is my own and not the company's. Edd
  8. eddoakley

    Scope 8 x 56

    Just found a meopta 7x50 illuminated too if that's of any use. Edd
  9. eddoakley

    Scope 8 x 56

    As new S&b or a Hawke if you wanted cheaper. Both more than capable for a .223. Pm me if you need details. Edd
  10. I have a 32" mk38 trap in fair to good condition for sale. Pm me an email address if you would like some pics and details. Edd
  11. Breach of planning conditions is hopefully the big factor here. Has the developer already cut the roots? If it's not been done yet then get on to the planning department asap and may be even a solicitor. If it's already been done then maybe it's too late to save the trees so now you need to decide what it is that you want next. Replacing the trees with the largest possible? Compensation? Fence? All of the above? More? So, have they already done the damage? Edd
  12. This is the kind of thing that gives me some hope. He said he was insured. He genuinely thought he was. I believed him. I didn't assume. I didn't decide to take a chance. I thought that asking and being assured was enough, especially as he is a decent guy who pays insurance and has regulaurly driven vans in the past. We just got the small print wrong. BUT even if I was found to have allowed him to drive without insurance I would still be questioning why MY insurance company paid out instead of HIS. Mine absolutely did not cover him to drive. His did not due to specific exclusions. He was driving. Why has MINE paid out? I just don't get it. Surely MY insurance just pass it back to his and say "this is your clients accident, you deal with it" at which point they either pay the 3rd party and claim costs from their client, (my mate) or refuse the claim and the 3rd party claims from the uninsured drivers fund? If there are criminal charges for driving without insurance then that's a separate matter? As I have repeatedly said, if all procedures have been followed and I am in fact liable then it's down to lack of understanding of how insurance works, not because anybody didn't pay insurance. It's a real kick in the nuts getting landed with a bill, especially the amount that this one is, for someone else's crash. I will update again if anything changes but for now its back with my insurance company waiting for them to respond to the advice that the ombudsman has given me. Edd
  13. I'm well aware of the facts and from the outset I have said that I will deal with whatever the outcome is. I have also said that it seems that I will be held liable but I'm sure as hell going to look at every possible bit of advice (especially from the ombudsman ) which may help me get this bill to the person that had the accident. And as far as my insurance company claiming money from me that is exactly the point that I am arguing! I didn't crash and the driver that did was not covered by my insurance! Why did they pay out and why am I being handed the bill?!?! I don't insure my next door neighbour to drive and when he crashed I didn't expect the bill, that's between him and his insurance company. Edd
  14. But MY insurance has paid out and he wasn't coveted on that either. That's the bit I'm struggling with. Edd
  15. Certainly is messy and complicated. He isn't being prosecuted. If he was and I had to defend myself for lending him the vehicle I would just be honest and hope that my reasons for allowing him to drive would be seen as having taken reasonable steps to ensure that he ways legally allowed to drive the vehicle. I think I did. If all procedures are correct then I will pay, I'm not looking to "get out of paying" if I am liable and I will deal with whatever comes of it all but I'm struggling to understand how I am faced with this bill when I wasn't the driver that crashed, the driver that did has accepted blame and he had his own insurance. If his didn't cover him and wouldn't pay out why has mine paid? Why has his insurer not paid out and perused him for cost? Edd
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